September 22, 2014

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UPSC CAPF [11.11.2012] Exam Answer Key/Solutions

UPSC CAPF [11.11.2012] Exam Answer Key/Solutions,Scanned Question paper download,A,B,C,D question Booklet,UPSC Answers,official answers

UPSC CAPF [11.11.2012] Exam Answer Key/Solutions

UPSC Conducted CAPF-Central Armed Police Force Exam on 11th November (11.11.2012) for Recruitment of various Armed Forces in Various Exam Centres throughout India.
UPSC CAPF Exam Answer Key:

Shared By our Reader : Prem Kumar

  1. Land Revenue Policy introduced by British – Mahalwari Settlement
  2. Cold Current – Benguela Current\
  3. Irrigation in Punjab – All 3 are Correct
  4. Golden Quadrilateral – Delhi-Mumbai-Chennai-Kolkatta
  5. Agricultural Revolution in India – 2 & 3 Correct
  6. Curiosity Rover – 1 only (Curiosity is powered by NUCLEAR Power )
  7. Higgs Boson Discovery – 3 only
  8. new High Courts in North East States : Wrong ans: Arunachal Pradesh
  9. Ecomark – Both 1 & 2 are Correct
  10. Governor General & policy : (A-3 ;B-4;C-2;D-1)
  11. British Policy & Consequence: (A-3:B-1;C-4;D-2)
  12. State Tops Environment : Both Statement Wrong ,Its Uttarakhand & Not Himachal Pradesh
  13. Kulandhai Francis : Visiosnary Zeal & Service , Empowerment (A)
  14. Wi-Fi : Wireless Local Area N/W
  15. TV Remote : Infra Red rays
  16. heat trapped Inside car : Green House Effect
  17. Sayana : During Vijayananagar Kingdom
  18. Drain of Wealth : Dadabhai naroji
  19. S.K.Thorat Committee: Review Political cartoon in NCERT Books
  20. Jeet Tayil : 1 Only Right (Narcopolis is Based On Bombay & not Gujarat)
  21. Aung San Suu Kyi : B is Wrong option (She was elected to Lower House & not Upper house)
  22. Highest GDp 2010-11 : Construction
  23. Wrong Statement : South East islands has no Bio-Diversity
  24. Individual & Org : (A-2;B-4;C-1;D-3)

More Answers Coming Soon……. Please Comment in case of Wrong Answers & Share Your Answers in Comment Section Below


  1. political method by gandhi- b
    mahalwari settlement, punjab wala question – all r correct, golden quad.- b, curosity- a, high courts of 3 northeasten states- a, leap years- b, 10 coins – d, xyzp – c, race between a and b- d
    rajya sabha is never dissolved- c, match list containig lords- a, match list containing agarian settlement- c, planning commission of india – c, r walks 4 km straight- b, odd one out- c, missing no.- c, avg. of x y z – d, dice- c, basic str.- b, parlimentry committee- b
    fundamental duties- c, wi fi- b, tv remote- a, microwave oven- d, thin pin of iron- a, newton’s law- c, car in open parking- b, bandagan-i-khas- b, drain of wealth- c, sk throat- c, teaching through tv- d, lose after competing hard- c, trade union- a
    intelligence- incite & intent, national action plan- c, maximum boundaries with states- d, boundary wid 3 nations- arunachal, earth- c, bhagat singh- a, viceroy- b, total sanitation- a, investment summit- a, hurricanes- a, parallel and meridian- c, earth’s shape- a, sedimentary rocks- b, wimbeldon- a, pm changed- pakistan, histogram- ans is C (state) & 5, dice- c
    concurrent list- d, pil- d, marine animals- b, stomach pain- b or d, tamarind- c, green muffler- c, byssinosis- c, dormant volcano- a, asterpoid belt- a, fukoka prize- a, london oly- c, accurate clock- a, pie chart- 0%, 1000 tons, state reorg. act- d, territories after 15 aug 1947- c, oci- d, particle found at geneva- d, iron nail- c, bleachin powder- a, ballon- a, green house gas- d, hardness to water- a, statement about economy of india in 19 century- a, consider the foll statement- quit india movement

  2. silky pawar says:

    i agree wid al of ur ans except:-

    10 coins…ans is option A i.e.4.
    bleaching powder….ans c remove impurity.
    state shares boundaries… ans is a (M.P.)
    international boundaries…ans d assam

  3. highest gdp is not construction,infact tourism is the biggest industry in service sector,consult pratiyogita darpan of july 2012 where it is written that trade,hotels and restaurents are the biggest
    contributor to service industry.

  4. himanshu singh says:

    state with maximum boundary- maharastra (6)

  5. Bleaching is used as an disinfectant.

  6. State with maximum international boundary is Arunachal Pradesh.

  7. bhanu pratap says:

    sumer u r ryt

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