August 22, 2014

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VAO Exam (30.9.2012) Expected Cutoff Marks & Exam Analysis

VAO Exam (30.9.2012) Expected Cutoff Marks & Exam Analysis,VAO Exam minimum Qualifying marks,Exma result date,Score,Cutoff for SC,ST,BC,OBC,General,last year Cutoff

TNPSC VAO Exam 2012:

TNPSC- Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Conducted VAO-Village Administrative Officers Exam on 30th September[30.9.2012] throughout Tamil Nadu

Update : Check TNPSC VAO 2012 Exam Results

TNPSC VAO Exam Analysis:

Exam is neither Easy Nor tough,The language Part is Very Easy As Usual & GK Part is Average

 VAO Exam Expected Cutoff Marks:
  • OC (GENERAL) 167 ± 2 Qns
  • OC (FEMALE) 164 ± 2 Qns
  • BC (GENERAL) 164 ± 2 Qns
  • BC (FEMALE) 160 ± 2 Qns
  • MBC (GENERAL) 163 ± 2 Qns
  • MBC (FEMALE) 159 ± 2 Qns
  • BCM (GENERAL) 152 ± 2 Qns
  • BCM (FEMALE) 147 ± 2 Qns
  • SC (GENERAL) 160 ± 2 Qns
  • SC (FEMALE) 154 ± 2 Qns
  • SC A (GENERAL) 150 ± 2 Qns
  • SC A (FEMALE) 145 ± 2 Qns
  • ST (GENERAL) 140 ± 2 Qns
  • ST (FEMALE) 135 ± 2 Qns


What is Your VAO Exam Score? (Out of 300)


  1. Ad

    • dear friend…. i secured 120/200 questions correct in vao exam 2012… i am BC male disabled person..and also having UG degree…enaku job kidaika vaipu iruka….

    • Sir, When is the VAO 2012 exam results will be published?
      If you know the date, please do reply.
      Exam which is held on september 30 2012.

  2. dear friend… i secured 120/200 questions correct in vao 2012… i am male BC disabled person….and also having UG degree…enaku job kidaika vaipu iruka….

  3. dear friend … i secured 120/200 questions correct in vao 2012..i am male BC disabled person… and also having UG degree.. enaku job kidaika vaipu iruka…

  4. TNPSC 4 Grout result eppo varum. Yaarukavathu thearincha sollunk plz.

  5. Saradharaj says:

    my cut off 143/200 any chance to get job.plz… send replay….

  6. U.maheswari says:

    Ilaiyaraja sir my mark i 147 i am bc female cut off 221 english medium i havecompleted whether its possible for me to get vao

  7. Hello sir.
    i m raji…i got 110/200 in that exam and also i m sc candidate pls tell me is there any chance to get job… thank you

  8. Hi! Illaiaraja sir,
    Unkaloda comments last 2 daysa illa. Y?

    • Hello Jansi,

      Due to DNS Problem ,our Website Lost the Reader’s Comments of Past 4 days,Sorry for the inconvenience !! Now the issue has been Resolved :)

  9. pls reply for my query friends…ilayaraja brother if u know it pls reply me…

  10. s.krishnamurthy says:

    Dear sir,

    My wife is secure 155/200 Marks at VAO Exam coducted on30.09.2012 and belongs to MBC.
    any chance to get the posting.kindly let me know.

    Thanks and regards

  11. hi sir i am passed group 2 exam .so when is counseling date please clarify my doubt sir

  12. prabakaran up says:

    sir im prabakaran up from erode bc 37 yrs old vao exam mark 112/200.u r idea pl sir

  13. Hi jansi how r u are u problem adhanala comentsa padikka 2 counselling meendum stay pottadhalay manasu sari illa.

  14. Hi yazi neenga innum oru 20 question correcta atten pani irundhal confirma vao kidakkum. Ippodykku konjam kastam dhan .next group 4 ku for anegma november endla varum.totala 8000 vaccant irukk of luck.

  15. Hi what is u re native place.vidiyal coaching centre cut off lam chance kidayadhu.adha vida cut off comiyadhan group 2 ku prepare panunga jansi application potu irukengala of luck

  16. Hi maheswari answer final panadhuku appuram ungaluday answer 150 ku mela vandha oralavukku result edhir of luck

    • Hi,sir…i am Nithi…na first time xam attend pana pora.epdi prepare pana pass agalam..pls reply thank u sir

  17. Jansi next varapora group 4 cal for kku nalla prepare panunga kandipa government post vangidalam

  18. Group 4 result may be 8 or 9 in this month

    • hello sir
      thank u for ur information.kavalapadathinga.court la group 2 pass panavangalaku atharavathan judgement varum.kastapatu padichavanga kataiyam jeypanga.
      nan group 4 la 152 questions right.mbc canditate.vao la 163 questions right. group 4 kidaika chance iruka.wait for ur reply. thank u.

    • hi ilayaraja
      am mbc female candidate…i got 151 correct answers as per radian key..but vidiyal coaching centre posted 159 for there any chance 4 me to getting post…

  19. i got 120/200 qns in vao i am belongs to sc female is there any chance to get job?

  20. I am BC Male Disabled person I got 156/200 I have chanse vao

  21. 112/200 bc tamil medi 37 yrs

  22. Hi……….i got 130/200 DNC physically handicaped…can i get the chance to stenographer?

  23. Hi Illaiyaraja sir,
    i am fine. Neenka eapadi irukinka. Group 2 counselling enna reasonla stay kuduthu irukanka. Manasuku kastama than irukum. But konja nalla saria poidum. Athiea ninaji feel panama, unkaloda comments ku, niria members wait panranka, rply kodunka, neenkalum relax aakivinka.

  24. Hi krishnamoorthy u re wife definately get vao post.RAMAR u will get vao post confirm.UMA u will get vao post confirm ok va.dont worry relax

  25. Hi manoj neenga group 4 select agi irupeenga.vao post confirm.

  26. Hi jansi i am selected group 4 exam.thanks for ure comment.ungalay madhri friendsaladhan nan konjam relaxa iruken.

  27. Hi uma radian cutoff vida oru -3 la dhan cut off pogum.

  28. Hi all of tnpsc canditates u re qualification pg ,ug cutoff will be decrease

  29. Hi thiru u will get post 80% chance irukku

  30. Group 4 next call for november or december 8000 vaccant confirm

  31. Jansi enna reply panaley

  32. All of group 4 selected canditates please upload your document in tnpsc website last date 15/10/2012 counselling starts 3rd week in this month

  33. Sorry Illayaraja sir, enakku net connect aakama, website open aakala. Unkaluku group 4 easya than irunthu irukum. Neenka vao exam kuda attend panni irukalamea. Group 4 la job kidacha porinkala.

  34. Hi jansi enakku group 2 dhan 4 lam oru safteykudhan eludhanen.vao enakku pudikatha post adhanaley eludhaley.neenga edana privatela work panreengla jansi.neenga endha ooru.i am from cheyyar

  35. Hi sundar final answer key 9or10 in this month

  36. Hi jansi neenga group 4 atten paningala illaiya.

  37. Jansi group 2 court case is disposed today .counselling date anounced 2or3 days.

  38. Hi Illayaraja sir,
    Naan group 4 attend paninean. But time keep up panna mudiama last 50 questionsku correct answersa miss panitean. So 104/200 answers than correct. Work panrathu illinka sir. En ooru Hosur.

  39. Jansi innum oru 35 question poturindha group 4 kidaithirukkum.time keep up panna practice panunga.

    • Hi, Ilayaraja Sir,
      Comedy pannadinga, Naan 141/200 BC Male, group 4 naan select agale. can you guess any reason.

      • Maniganda Sabari says:

        Sir, innoru information, naan matriculation la padichen, oru vela adhu reason aaga irukumo, sir pls if you can guess pls reply me. i will try to aviod or target some more in future exams.

  40. Hi Illaiaraja sir,
    vao exam konjam parava illa, time keep up panitean. Last 20 question uku 15 minits than irunthathu, nerveous aitean. Neenka enkaiavathu work panrinkala?

  41. illayaraja sir i got in grou-4 but unable to decide whether to join or not.i’m an graduate from madurai.whether it is respectful post ?how much salary?

  42. illayaraja sir tell me a gud book for group-2 pls.when will they call for group-1

  43. Hi jansi ipodhykku wiring work panittu 2 kku nalla panunga.all the best

  44. Hi Illaiaraja sir,
    Naan group 2 ku apply pannala. Group 4 & vao mattum apply panra ideavula irukean.

  45. Ok jansi

    • tanx ilayaraja…i also wrote group4..but konjam prepare panala…am preparing for group2.wat is the cutoff mark for group4?

    • good morning ilaiyaraja sir,
      inda v.a.o selection procedure eppadi. tnpsc website la oruthar select panra district , avar exam mark and then reservation pottu irukku.

      so pls tell me inda post overall marks cutt off or district wise mark cutt off

  46. Hello sir,
    I got 109/200 in VAO, 2012. enaku job kidaika chance iruka? plz reply me?

    The Rule of reservation of appointments applies to the post in District wise. The District wise Distribution of vacancies will be announced later as per the rule in force.

  48. Hello Sir,
    I got 109/200 in VAO, 2012. i am a BC female candidate. enaku job kidaika chances iruka?? plz reply me sir?

  49. 4. GENERAL INFORMATION:-from tnpsc website

    The Rule of reservation of appointments applies to the post in District wise. The District wise Distribution of vacancies will be announced later as per the rule in force.

  50. Hi uma group cutoff vandhu age educational qualification tamil medium quota poruthu vandirukku.typist general quota 140to 150,bc 140 to 130,mbc 128 to 140 sc 120 and above.general cut of etha vida 4 or 5 question +.junior assistan tamil medium general 150 to 155 .bc 138to150.mbc138to145 sc 135and above this cutoff various from qualification age prefarance

  51. Hi bala 500 waiting for staff committee aproval two weak agum.

  52. Hi salman endha posta irundhalum nama edukara mark poruthudhan nama kekara idam kidaikkum.mark adhigam edutha kekara edam kidaikkum.ilana avanga allot panra idam dhan kidaikkum

  53. Maniganda Sabari says:

    Hi, guys vao cutoff radian website release pannala. oru vela release panna ille therija pls BC Male ku ennanu update pannunga.

  54. My cut off 149 and my friend cut off 158 in Group4. But we failed. What is the cutoff for BC?

  55. i am tamil medium BC 125/200 i elgible for VAO

  56. Maniganda Sabari says:

    Hi Ilayaraja Sir,
    Congrats, neenga group 4 layum select anadukku. hard work pays. Sir, en score 151/200 VAO exam, BC Male, Matriculation la padichen. what might be the chances to get the job. pls reply me regarding this sir.

  57. thank u very much for the reply sir,

  58. sir, i got 140/200 in v.a.o exam. i m bc(muslim) category . edavuthu chance irukka.

  59. Hi salman tamil medium padithirundhal vao post kidaikkum

  60. i got 146/200 in v.a.o exam. sc category.
    any chance?

  61. Hi sathya neenga enna qualification.neenga edutha cut off ku kandipa group 4 kidaithirukanum.answer correcta key prakaram calculate paningala

    • sathiyamoorthy says:

      I am B.E. My friend qualification is M.S.C. I cross checked my answers today. I am sure my Score is 149. exam appave naan answers tick pannen. athan confidenta solren. enakku kooda para illa naan pass aavenu expect pannala. But en friend romaba nambikkiya irundhan avan 158 correcta pannirundhum avanukku varala.

  62. naan upto 10th tamilmedium
    after then PG varaikkum english medium

  63. Hi salman group 4 vao indha postukku sslc tamil medium padithirundhal 1&2 kku degree vary tamil medium padithirukanum

  64. Hi maniganda sabari comedylam pannaley indha rangela dhan cut of vandu irukku.neenga 141 question correcta panni irundha posting kandipaga friend only attend 140 question he got selected.

  65. Hi sujithra neenga group 4 la job vandhal group 2&1 examukku prepare panunga.group4 ku salary 15000 mela kidaikkum.

  66. Hi sujithra group 2 ku prepare panna 6 to +2 varikkum ulla science ,socialscience,indianneconomics,civiks,current affairs idhelam parunga.language paper nalla practice panunga

  67. Hi maniganda sabari 500 post result list innum 2 weaksla anounce panuvanga

  68. Radian cutoff for anounce vao tomorrow10/10/2012

  69. Hello, Ilayaraja sir, plz tell me a good book for group 4 & how i prepare it. Please rply me.

  70. Hello Ilayaraja sir, tell me a good book for 4 group & how i prepare the exam. Please rply me.

  71. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    unkaloda counselling date therinchatha?

  72. When will group 1 call for panuvanga

  73. Illayraja sir pls tell us preparing method to clear group 2

  74. Hi jansi nethu night dhan group 2 interview list vitanga.but interview postuku nan select agalay.enakku non interview post dhan kidaikkum.wait pani 4 la dhan first join panra madhri 2 non interview post poda 4 months agum.

  75. Hi kokila neenga 6 to 10 Varikkum ulla science ,socialscience,current affairs,economics padinga.and thinking mind develop panunga.edhyum manapadam pannamal purinji padinga.ennoru mukkiyamana visayam language la maximum score panadhan cutoff increase panamudiyum

  76. Kokila kudavey oru latest guide vangey adil ulla model question paper practice panni time save panna practice panunga.tensionala neraya per answera mathi kurichiduvanga.nalla prepare panium justla vituduvanga.all the best

  77. Hi Ilayaraja sir, non interview postukum, interview select panrathukum enna difference. Ethanala neenka interviewuku select aakala.

  78. hi sir,

    i was preparing for group 2 exam for past 6 months. in vao exam ihave secured BC=150/200. is there any chance of getting job.

  79. Hi jansi interview postukku written mark plus interview mark serthu cut off poduvanga.non interview postukku only written mark mattum consider 2 la oru 500 person fraud panadhala interview post cutoff adhigamanadala engala madhri alunga select aga mudiyala.ana non interview post confirm konjam late agum jansi

  80. @ilayaraja

    will there be any reserve list in group 4 and when will that remaining 500 vacancies results will be declared!!!

  81. Rajesh neenga tamil medium plus degree qualification irundha selectaga vaippu uladhu

    • thanks for ur reply sir, nan english medium than but tamila or paper etuthu than padicherken.nan B.E
      ccomplete panirken

  82. sir,

    i would score 125/200 tamil medium U.G i have chance to select in VAO

  83. ilayaraja sir i got 216/300 in gr-2.marks tnpsc website la paathen,ippo etho posting increase panna poratha soldranga enaku non interview postla chance iruka sir,na bc.male.
    gr-4 la select aagiten ,neenga oru courier vela paathutu iruken

  84. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    Neenga Group 4 la, evlo score panninka. Group 4 la joint pannitu, Group 2 la job kidaicha join panna mudiuma?

  85. Thank you Ilayaraja sir.

  86. Hi jansi nan group 4 la 145 dhan potu irundhen.tamil medium quotavla enna select pani 4 la sernthutu group 2 la select ana endha problem kidaiadhu jansi.ok va

  87. Ok sir.

  88. RAJESHKUMAR says:

    HELLO ILAYARAJA SIR, GROUP 4 la 135 qns correct. But select aagala. I am from MBC. No typewriting skills and tamil medium. Only JA post. Is there is any chance in next list for me to get selected?

  89. Vao my mark 160/200 but ithu nan select aga pothuthu vao bc cutoff above 160 somebody told

  90. Karan group 4 la 10200 postukku list velituruganga.500 post uku government kita approved vankittu resulta 2 weaksla veli iduvanga.adhu mattum illama selectanavangalla oru 2000 person absent inelgible indha reasonla velieriduvanga.eppadi parthalum innum oru 2500 person edukka vendi varum.konjam late agum

  91. Hi saran tamil mediuma irundhal vao post confirm.general varvum chance irukku.ok

  92. Hi jaichithra group 1 call for in this month or next month ok

    • Hi Ilayaraja Sir,

      thanks for the reply, naan matriculation padichen, Group 4 la 141/200 BC Male. Sir endha range marku tamil medium kum english medium kum difference varum. next 500 list enaku change iruka.
      assume panna mudinja sollunga sir.
      apparam vao exam la 151/200 score panniken, adhe matric dhan. probability evalavu iruku sir select agaradhuku.

    • ok thank you ilayaraja sir

  93. Hi ilamaran group 2 la neenga 144 question pottadha solringa. interviewkku 6995 per select pani irundhanga.adhala oru 1000 perukku mela inelgible absent indha madhri reject vaccant 6695 oru adhanala 900 perukku mela non interview postukku result viduvanga.adhala varuvadharkku 80 %chance irukku.wait panunga oru 5months agum.neenga group 4 select andhukku valthukkal.

  94. Ilaya that exam august 4 2012 cooperative officer post

  95. Hi all, group II counselling schedule announced.

  96. Hi saran u will get a csse 2 post.but interviewla nalla performance pananum.

  97. Ilaya this is non interview post

  98. Hi maniganda sabari group 4 konjam vaipu irukku .conforma solla mudiyala.neenga tamil mediuma irundhal confirma 4 counsellingu evalavu per kalandhukuvanganu therialay oru 2000 perukku mela varamatanga.adhanala konjam edhir parkalam.cut off difference 5 or 7 question varalam.ok.vao konjam chance illa

  99. Hi saran neenga solradhu ok.irundhalum interview post vaccantta pola rendu madangu kupiduvanga.interview postukku select ana safe.non interview post kamiah irundhal konjam peru veliay vara vendi irukkum.adhukudhan interview nalla panna sonen.ok

  100. Hi jansi enna unga commenta kanom r u busy what happen

  101. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    Naan busy ellam onnum illinka sir. Neenka than busy pola iruku, comments ku ellam latea rply pannitu irukinka. Naan unkala keakalnu ninaichean, eapadi keakarathunu, silent aitean. Neenka keatutinka.

  102. rajendirababu says:


  103. Illayaraja Sir,
    I am Vasu
    I have 140/200 in group 4 female BC But i am not selected and now my vao will be 129/200 is there any chance of getting it?

  104. hello illayaraja sir
    group 4 select anavanga certificates tnpsc website la upload panna solli irukanga.atha pathi sollunga,enne certificate pannanum.athukana formate ethum website la iruka? contact certificate lasta padicha institition la vanakanuma.pls reply sir.unga mobile no kudutha c pani ungata ketukalam.

  105. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    rply kaanom.

  106. Hi jansi enna ipadi solitinga.neethu evalovo comment anipinen neenga dhan indha page kku varavey illa.ok jansi

  107. Hi manoj neenga tnpsc website open panni adhula apply online portalukku ponga.adhula group 4 apply panna idathukku vanga.anga certificate uploadunu irukkum.adhay click panna unga exam register number date of birth kudunga unga photo voda page open agum.ahula comunity,sslc,hsc,ug,pg,tc,latest contact certificate idha ellam original scan panni upload panunga.appuram unga file upload agum.innoru mukiamana visayam xerox eduthu upload panadhing origimal upload panunga.applicationla indicate panna certificate numberum ippa panra certificateum same ah irukkanum

  108. Hi manoj contact certificate last studied instiution kettu irupanga adhukku unga tc la chracter and contact unu irukkum.ahu podhum pudusa vanga devai illa.inoru latest contact certificate k panga ahukku neenga a or b officer or teacher kitta vangana podhum.certificatelam edhuvum attested vanga devai illa.ok

  109. illayaraja sir,i got 157/200 in vao.b.c category p.g mudichurken ethavathu chance irukanu sollunga sir

  110. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    Entha page uku adikadi vanthukitu than irukean. Latesta enna comments poitu irukunu thearinchinkarathukaka. Unka comments munna vida eppo slow aiduchu. Neenka busy thanu ninaikirean. Naan yesterday anupinathuku, neenka eppathan rply panrinka. Its ok.

  111. Hi Ilayaraja Sir,
    How many marks you have scored in Group 2 exams that conducted in 2011,

    Thank you

  112. no answer for me?

  113. hi ilayaraja sir, 156 marks varuthu vao la,bc male and 10 th tamil medium,degree finished.any chance to get the vao post

  114. hi sir
    i got 120/200 qus in group 4 belongs to sc tamil mediam female but kedaikala is there any chance to get job in next list?

  115. SELVADURAI says:

    Pls cut off mark yappo varum

  116. @ ilayaraja sir,

    I got 140 questions correct in group exam. I belong to BC Male Degree(Tamil Medium). Is there any chance in second list?

    Thanks in advance

  117. @ ilayaraja sir,

    I got 140 questions correct in group 4 exam. I belong to BC, Male & Degree(Tamil Medium). Is there any chance in the second list?

    Thanks in advance

  118. Hi ilayaraja, naan group 2 ku preapare pannikitu irukean. Unka email id kuduthinkana naan unkala contact panikirean or mobile number kudukirinkala. Please rply my post.

  119. Hi vanitha neenga type mudichirundha indha markukku post kidaithirukkum.junior assistantukku innum oru 5 question pottu irundha kidaithirukkum.wait panni listla vitta vara konjam chance irukku

  120. Hi jansi enna ipadi solitenga nan busy ellam illay neenga next calforkku prepare panringla illayh neenga enna pandringa

  121. Hi jansi yesterday nan dhan udaney reply paniteneyh neenga parkalaya

  122. Hi Ilayaraja sir,

    How many marks you have secured in group 2 that conducted in 2011
    thank u

  123. Gr IV selected candidates can upload their documents. Go to

  124. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    Enakku confusea iruku. Naan last group 4 & Vao ku, ethuvumea prepare pannala. Enakku enna theariumo atha vechi questions attend panninean. Entha page ku vantha pinadi than, eppadi ellam prepare pannuvankalanu think panrean. Naam panrathunu purialinka sir.

  125. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    Naan enna panrathu, eppadi prepare panrathu puriala sir.

  126. I secured 140/200 in group 4. iam bc male.. any chance for me in the second list?

  127. Hi Ilayaraja sir, Yesterday udanea reply varala sir. Konja neram wait panni paarthean. But appavum varala sir.

  128. Hi jansi kavalai padatheenga .prepare panradhukku konjam kastamathan irukkum.neenga tamil ilakkanam nalla prepare panunga.gk science social science economics current affairs idhallam 6 to 10 school booka parthu ungalay thayar panikunga.thanambikai romba mukiyam jansi

  129. Hi jansi edhuvmay prepare pannamay vao group 4 evalavu question atten panadhu peria vishyam jansi.ena idhukku munadi nadandha question pattern madhri ippo illa jansi .ippo romba kastama irukudhu .konjam hard work panna neenga vetri peralam jansi

  130. Hi Ilayaraja sir, Tamil ilakanam enakku konjam easy than sir. Last time tamil la 80/100. Gk vula than 50/100 aiduchu.

  131. hi sir,

  132. Hi jansi next time oru 150 question mela atten panunga confirma post kidaikkum

  133. selvakumar says:

    hello sir i gto 188 question correct in vao , but am other state..any chance to get job ah?

  134. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    Ok sir. 6 to 10 school booksla economics subject kidaiathea.

  135. Hi selvakumar 188 lam potten somma soladhinga.appadi pottu irundha neenga dhan first .select ana tnpsc language tamil paper 2 yearsla pass pananum

  136. hi sir,156 mark varuthu vao la.bc male,10 th tamil medium and degree finished.any chance sir

  137. Hi jansi economics samacheer booka irukkumnu paperla vara economics ,mukiyamana ulaga seithigal,ocean ,erimalaigal,mountain,palaivanam,important places idhelam therinchikinga

  138. reply me sir

  139. Hi Ilayaraja Sir,

    En neratha pathingala, Group 4 la Gk-71, Gt-70 (141/200), VAO la Gk-75, GT-76 (151/200), Sir konjam naan tamil la strong agarudhuku edhavadhu books illena websites therinja sollunga sir. Punniyama pogum …………..Tamil tension pannudu.

  140. Maniganda sabari neenga tamilukku nalla radianbooka vangi parunga.sslc plus two tamil ilakanam practice panunga.mostly candidate thappu panradhu language paperladhan.gk indha levela maintain panunga.tamil mattum oru 85 podara mathri parunga.kattayam tnpsc la posting vangalam.tension agathinga

  141. Hi balaji konjam chance irukku tamil mediathla.neenga application podum podhu qualificationla medium tamilnu pottu irundha confirma vao kidaikkum

  142. Hi vasu neenga sslc tamil medium plus degree mudithirundhal kandipaga group 4 next listla varum.konjam late agum .vao chance kidaiyathu

  143. Hi merlin my group 2 mark 157 plus interview mark 27/30 total 262.5

  144. thanks for reply apply panum pothu tamil medium than potan sir

  145. Hi tnpsc podhu tamil latest radianacademy guide contact radian academy number 9840400825

  146. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    Unka name venkata or ilayarajava.

  147. hi sir, vao key eppo update panuvaga?

  148. Ilaya pls reply

  149. Hi ilayaraja anna..last year group 2 la fail aanavanga marka tnpsc release panni iruku illa..athula enaku aparam innum konja peruku mark display aagala..Invalid Number..try again nu varuthu:)..Toll free number ku call pannaa attend panna u know any thing about tat?

  150. @ilayaraja sir,

    Nan group 4 la 140/200 eduthuruken.. BC male, degree Tamil medium.. Enakku second list la chance irukka?

    Pls reply panunga sir..

  151. hi frnd,
    nan vao exam attend pannirukane i got 120/200 qus sc female tamilmediam is there any chance?

  152. Hi Ilayaraja sir group 4 documents upload pandradhukku acknowledgement yedhuvum kidayaadhaa?Pls reply…

  153. when can get final vao answer key

  154. hi
    i attented 118/200 qestion are correct. my qualification is B.E,is thers any chance to get VAO exam?i m tamil medium upto 12th and BC FEmale category

  155. RANJITH KUMAR says:

    Hi sir i am score 144 in group4 any chance to get job on that 500 vacancies…. i am bc male

  156. Hi jansi enudaya peru ilayaraja dhan mail id enuday brother udayadhu nandhan use panren.ungalukku eppadiyellam doubt varudhu

  157. Manoj acknowledgement la edhuvum kidayadhu.succesfully nu varum

  158. Hi prithvi group 2mark invalidunu vandha avanga absent agi irupanga alladhu roll no olunga shade pani irukkamatanga.oral test atten panni irundha mark indha pagela varadhu

  159. sir
    thank u for ur information.enaku tc 2 page to upload it?

  160. Hi Sir,
    Yesterday fulla unka comments illa. What happen. Mail Id maximum own namela than use pannuvanka. Name different aanathala keatean.

  161. Hi jansi net work problem.ranjith kumar chace irukku neenga tamil mediuma irundha katayam select avinga plus degree irundha safe.vao final key 2 days munadi update pani irukanum.tnpsc romba busya irukarthala late agudhu.bc vao final cut off qualification poruthu marum.adhiga qualification irundha bc kku 145 varum

  162. hai ilayaraja sir nan group 4 selected aiten . vao la 162 qustion corect nan bc cantited enaku vaipu erukuma ply reply

  163. Hi saran kavalai padathinga.kandipa kidaikkum

  164. frnds,
    any guess for vao exam cutofff for sc female?


  166. hi iillaiyaraja sir all the best for you reply me plz can i get the job answer me

  167. Hi guys. I got 138/200 in group 4 but i was not selected. I belong to SC male general category. I studied in english medium. So i just want to know the cutoff of any selected persons here belonging to SC in group 4.

  168. sory i think your name is illaiyaraja i have some mistaken to read your name now only i saw your name ilavaraja reply me

  169. hi i have some doubt in your name. your name is illaiyaraja or illvaraja reply me

  170. hi ilayaraja,
    next list for group 4 eppa viduvaanga nu edhavadhu guess irukka?

  171. Hi bharathi u will get confirm vao post dont worry

  172. Hi bharathi en peru ilayaraja dhan type panum podhu mistake agiduchi sorry. hi vanitha next list anounced group 4 counselling mudindhaudan evalau peru varavillai poruthu two or three months agum.ok

  173. hello ilayaraja sir daily how many hours padikanum……….konjam tips thangalan……..

  174. Hi jaichitra daily tamil 2 hour practice panunga.gk poruthauarai current affairs,science ,tamilnadu history,indian history,indian economy, un amaippugal, sports, olympic, indian committes,union terities, census, gdp, sudandira porattad idhalam prepare panunga.vetri nichaim

  175. hi frieds
    i attended 118/200 questions are correct?can i get chance ein vao?i am BC female category.plz reply friends

  176. hi friends
    i attended 118/200 questions are correct.can i get a chance in vao?i am BC female category.plz reply friends

  177. manikandan says:

    hi ilayaraja sir.u are doing a great job here.then i am an MBC general candidate.scored 135/200 in group-4 exam(english medium)but not selected is there any chance for me in second list.i dont know typing.

    then i scored 151/200 in VAO exam .is there any chance for me.plz reply as soon as possible sir

  178. im BC female candidate… i hav got 150/200.. will i get vao? pls reply….

  179. Radian updated detailed VAO (2012) Key:
    No major corrections except 4 questions in GK.

  180. RAJESHKUMAR says:

    hello ilyaraja sir,
    135/200 correct in gr-4.any chance in 2nd list for junior assistant post? I am mbc/male.English medium. Pls reply. thk u.

  181. manikandan says:

    plz reply ilayaraja sir

  182. Good morning Elayaraja sir…..
    sir one doubt im having books from 6 -10..

  183. Elayaraja sir doing great help for the people……who s willing to go to government job…. Thaks a lot sir

  184. hi ilayaraja,
    thanks for ur reply..neenga group 2 non interview post kum,group 4 kum select aairukeenganu nenaikrane..congrats…group 2 la select aaga sc female tamilmediam ku enna range la cut off irukum?nan group 2 ku apply pannirukane..nan B.E 2012 passed out…am i eligible for group 2 exam 2012?apram group 2 tamil ku 6-10 tamil book padicha poadhuma?plz reply…

  185. Hi this is kavitha. i am working as heath assistant, PHC, Pondicherry . but i completed M.A B. Ed. Is it possible to change teacher post?

  186. how are you sir i am bharathi thank you sir. any other exams are going now pa. reply me

  187. hi ilaiya raja sir thank u for your reply. all the best for your great future.

  188. hi sir

  189. Hi kavitha u will get teafher p6st.what state u re native

  190. hi im new to tnpsc,i got 153/200 in vao bc candidate any chance for me

  191. ilayaraja sir what you think about vao cut off ,will it be less or high

    • senthilkumar says:

      God only decide , good hands, good fingers, good times, good shadings , plus good knowledge, No luck no life.

  192. @ ilayaraji

    sir, i am getting 137 questions correct in Group 4. BC, Degree tamil medium. Any chance in Group 4 second list?

  193. manikandan says:

    ilayaraja sir.enaku reply pannunga

  194. senthilkumar says:

    I hope chances are brighter between 162 – 165 , if one scored above 170 your appointment is confirmed………. but i scored 164 , i am also selected in group 4, in group 4 i got 153, …….. in vao the deciding factor is the no of persons who have scored above 170 is how much, ……… but some body tells got above 175 and above, thats the big prolem for the students between 150 – 165 , any way hard work never fails

  195. Rajivgandhi says:

    friends i am sc candidate i score in vao 143/200 any chance me pls anybody tel

  196. Rajivgandhi says:

    nan diploma padichi iruken nan group 2 elutha mudiuma

  197. Hi ilayaraja i am bc male i score 144 in group4 , 156 in vao balance 500 post group4 ,illanna vao la chance irukka? Balance 500 post group4 typewriting catagoryya illa junior assistanta?

  198. Hi harshini she will get group 4 post confirm next selection list

  199. Hi manikandan neenga tamil mediuma irundhal group4 confirma 4 less chance.vao kkum tamil mediuma irundal confirm.but no chance

  200. Hi maansi vao cutoff only decrease.165 mela poduvadhu romba kastam.

  201. If anyone says tat he will get above 175 in VAO ,then truly he is a lier…! or he may not verified the answer key properly..cut off for OC will be 165+or-3..for BC & MBC it will be above 158..

  202. vijayakumar says:


  203. Hi Ilayaraj sir, my Group 4 mark is 144/200 and VAO mark is 156/200. BC, Tamil medium. Enaku Gr-IV second list la chance irukuma, VAO Kidaika Chance iruka?

  204. Hi All,
    Would like to share few things with you all.

    1. Regarding VAO Cut Off:

    The selection procedure for VAO is slightly different from other posts such as Gr II or Gr IV. Your qualifying for the VAO depends upon two factors, namely your score in the written exam and the district you selected as your native district while applying.

    In simple words, its a district-wise selection. So your success depends on how the fellow competitors from your native district perform and the number of vacancies available in that particular district. All the existing reservation rules will be applied district-wise in this case. So do not bother about the over all cut off mark for the VAO position. Hence, until the results are announced, no body knows who is going to get through.

    2. For TNPSC Aspirants:

    Read Tamil, Science and Social Science from std III to X for Gr IV and VAO. Read Tamil, Science, Social Science and Economics from std III to XII for Gr II. Mathematics – Probability, Permutation, combination, Average, Percentage(common for Gr II, IV and VAO).

    You need six months a minimum to master these things. All the best.

    3. General Advice:

    You can expect a maximum of 160 correct answers(GT : 80-85 & GK : 70-75). And this is enough for you to secure a job(regardless of your community) if no fraudulent activities happen.

    • but sir,
      in vao exam that held in 2010 we can see cut off mark given in the tnpsc web site community wise but not district wise. but what u explained here is the fact which is also given in the tnpsc website.
      so which is true.

      • Dear Salman,

        What you see in the TNPSC web site is the over all cut-off mark; that is, how candidates performed all over Tamil Nadu. But VAO selection is made district-wise. So you need not bother about the over all cut-off mark such as the one you see in the TNPSC web site.

        Please remember that you have to work for and in your native district as a VAO(the purpose is that you have to mix-up with the local people, understand their problems and do the needful). You act as an IAS officer of that particular village(but, you do not have the power of a district collector, which you must be aware of).

  205. Hi sundar, Thanks for ur details. Ethu pola comments unkakita irunthu athikama ethir paarkirom.

  206. Hi sundar vao selection is state wide not district wide.tnpsc poruthavarai qualification,age,written mark iday ellam vaithu dhan select panuvanga.selection list is common.edupha mark poruthu counsellingla district allot panuvanga

    • Hi Mr. Ilayaraja,

      Firstly, my purpose is not to create panic among VAO aspirants or hurt anybody. So I need not give any wrong details. The details I have given about the district-wise selection is clearly mentioned in the notification itself (Selection Procedures). Please go through.

      Secondly, the counseling method applies to other posts such as Gr IV or Gr I or II. And this is not the case with VAO selection. The counseling session for the VAO position is basically for the purpose of certificate verification.

      Thirdly, I clearly mentioned that all the existing reservation rules are applied district wise in case of VAO. Though this is not clearly mentioned in VAO notification, you can get this information from Gr II notification 2012(Gr II notification – Section 4(general information) – sub section (a); this explains how vacancies allotted district-wise are filled up).

  207. Hi sundar thapana detail ellam dharatheenga.ungalukku idhalam yaru sonadhu.therincha solungu nalla vazhikattiya irunga.tnpsc padikaravanga manasu kastapadara madhri comments ellam vendom

    • Hi Ilayaraja,

      You are most welcome to ask me clarification if you have doubts. Also I am ready to apologize if I am wrong. In order to give “thapana detail”, I need not type a paragraph consisting 200 words. I put in that much efforts to educate the people over here. You are most welcome to correct my comments if they are wrong but with proof.

  208. Tnpsc endha posta irundhalum ida odhukeedu padi dhan natakkum.ur 31%,bc 26.%,BC MUSLIM3.5%,MBC/DC20%,SC18%,ST1% idhan padi dhan natakkum.female candidate 30% ul odukeedu

  209. hi ilayaraja i already posted my vao cutoff 153/200 ..but some of the magazines are published 160 for mbc…am only preparing for group2…but vao kidaikalana konjam kastama irukum..did u know the expected cutoff?

  210. hi sundar , can u explain me clearly about district wise selection

    • Hi Uma,

      Assume that district A has 100 vacancies. These vacancies are filled up with the candidates, who belong to district A (you must have selected this as your native district while applying). All reservation rules are applied for this 100 vacancies in district A. Like that district B, district C etc..etc…

      So don’t worry about the Tamilnadu topper. He/she has nothing to do with your success. But the performance of the candidates from your native district influences your success.

      Its little complicated procedure. That is why, TNPSC comes up with the final list, which consists of only registration numbers and not community or district information.

      The above mentioned procedure is applicable only for the VAO selection.

  211. ramachandaran says:

    Dear Mr.Sunder !
    Your opinion is wrong!
    selection is depends on Community wise cut off only not district wise.
    for example this time VAO total vacant is 1871.
    indha total 1871 posting oru particular district candidates vanga mudium Ex: ippo coimbatore districla mattum 500 MBC candidates 175 Questions correcta panni irundha other district candidatesku (MBC) posting kidaikadhu.& please try to give correct information.
    Dear All cut off is based on: 1.Educational Qualification.2.Age 3.Gender 5.First application sender also.

    • Hi Ramachandran,

      Please note that its not my opinion. This is the rule applied in the VAO selection procedure. Please go through the notifications mentioned in my previous comments. As you have different opinion, please provide me with the documental evidence. We will discuss about it. Thank you for your understanding.

  212. yes sir,
    this is true .but sir if we check a vao native , major of them are of the same district.
    how? so pls clear me this point.

  213. ramachandaran says:

    Dear Friends!
    my small opinion to all.
    Nam ellorum hard work than saikirom but mistake is exam hall tension.
    1.10.00 am exam 09.30 ku center reach agavendum.
    2.kadaisi neerathil padikarathai thavirkavum
    3.daily padikkum pothu oru subject mattum padikkather all subject mix panni padithal kastam theriyathu.4.daily revision compulsory saiyavendum.
    5.exam hallil questions padikka adhika neram edukavandam.6.first unga favourite subject shade pannunga mudalil nalla therintha questions shade pannunga Second round oralavukku therintha questions guss panni shade pannunga,finnala meethi irukkum questions onnu vidama shade pannunga.appuram next subject poinga ithe methode follow pannunga.
    Important:shade panna adhiga neram adukka vendam,shading romba accurita irrukka thevai illai
    ellathukum mela answera wronga shade pannita adhai appadiya vitturunga blade vaithu sorandavendam OMR sheet computer laser mulam correction seium pothu small hole or sheet thinna aanal laser other side ponal paper invalid akividum. appuram question booklet open panniiyathum padikka vendam enna question konjam tuffa irundhal tension adhigam aidum simple questionkum wronga answer pannivida vaippu undu.Best of luck.
    pizhaikal iruunthal mannikavendum.

  214. loganathan says:

    i am bc male disabled degreeholder i am 39 years old. i do 10th and 12th tamil mediam and degree in english mediam. i got 158/200 as per radian answer key. any chance to get vao

  215. Hi sundar vao post select anadhukku appuram dhan neenga solra district wise post allotmentukku varuvanga.nama edukkura marka poruthu kekara edam kidaikkum.last vao exam chennai candidates 275 person select ananga chennai district vaccant is only 5 .how can u will explain in the selection.

    • Hi Ilayaraja,

      The district you exercise during the application process play a vital role in the selection procedure and not at the time of counseling. Vacancies allotted-district wise are filled up district-wise only; because local people are preferred for this type of positions. The implied rule to serve as a VAO is that you have stay at the village and work for those people. So local candidates are selected for this position.

      If you are able to give me the details(from where you got this information) of “275 chennai candidates for 5 vacancies”, I will go through it and let you know about it.

  216. Hi sundar neenga enna panitu irukeenga.

  217. Hi sundar neenga solaradhu local people mattum dhan vao edukara madhri solreenga.vao selectanaldhan ungala posting podura village dhan permanenta thanganum pottu irupangaley thavira local district dhan nativa irukkanumnu avasiym illa

    • Hi

      I came across this site, where people were wandering around for VAO cut off. So just wanted to share the fact. Its upto you whether you accept. I reiterate that if you are able to give me the documental evidences, I will definitely look into the matter. I do not want mere opinion or cousin brother story…Please contact me at with documental evidences for any other clarification on this issue. Thank you.

    • Hi

      I came across this site, where people were wandering around for VAO cut off. So just wanted to share the fact. Its upto you whether you accept. I reiterate if you are able to give me the documental evidences, I will definitely look into the matter. I do not want mere opinion or cousin brother story…Please contact me at with documental evidences for any other clarification on this issue. Thank you.


  219. ada sanda podathinga pa

  220. Hi loganathan u will get port from ph of 4 ,vaokku sslc tamil medium of luck

  221. loganathan says:


  222. HI frds vao selection based only on written test mark…… community wise…… if they got merit then avanga tick panna district kidaikum otherwise avanga podrathu than…… becoz my cousin selected in vao…. tats y im saying….

  223. Hi frds vao selection based only on written test mark… community wise…… if they got merit then avanga tick panna district kidaikum otherwise avanga podrathu than…… becoz my cousin selected in vao…. tats y im saying….

  224. Hi jaichithra thanks for u re comments is truely. puriathavankalukku enna sonnalum puriadhu.namma enna panradhu .my friend native vellore district anal avarukku posting pottadhu cuddalore district.

  225. Hi friends vao selectionukku normala group4&2 procedure dhan.matha postukku department marum.vao kku orey department dhan.same procedure for tnpsc all recruitment.ok

  226. VAO selection will be made on the basis of general category,BC,MBC,SC,ST..Dont mislead people with wrong info.There are many people who are eagerly watching this page. District preference will happen only in counselling after the results published. I think due to very less number of vacancies cutoff is going to be above 160 for BC,MBC and also SC. No seperate selection policy is adopted for VAO. Its selection is done like other group exams.

  227. Hello ilayaraja pls answe me…

  228. Hi ranjith group 4 kku chance irukku.500 junior assistant vaccant 4 counselling mudindha piragu 2000 peru thevai paduvanga.ungalukku post confirm.konjam late agum.ok va

  229. Rajivgandhi says:

    sir pls tel i am sc candidate in vao 143 tamil medium chance iruka ,adutha group 4 eppo sir futurela vao callfer varuma

  230. AMMAIAPPAN says:

    vao exam i am168 questions correct(as per radian key),bc,english medium,degree any chance for selection

  231. Hi rajiv next group 4 calfor nov or dec.vao next callfor konjam kastamdhan.indha vao la neenga select aga vaippu vao callfor vara varikkum indha exam atten panavangala dhan edupanga.adhanala ungalukku vao post kidaikka vaippu irukku.1800 person illama innum 2 yearsukku oru 1500 per extra edupanga .dont worry best of luck

    • ramachandaran says:

      hello dear educational consultant Mr. Sundar
      Don’t confuse others, Neenga solvathu pola dist wise than select panninal annoda point clear pannunga! TNPSC cut off 32 District wise list podamal oru cutt off list mattum yan poduranga.
      next district wise select panninal callfor pannum pothu yathavadu districtla vacant illaina antha district aspirants exam attent panna mudiyatha???????
      Please avoid these type of comments idhukum mala puriyalina Please call TNPSC tollfree Number & they will explain.

    • good morning ilayaraja sir,
      unga comments romba useful and nambikkai koduppathu pola ulladu. pls continue ur message in future also

  232. vanakkam mr. ilaiyaraja sir,

    sir , i m bc(muslim). vao : 137/200 , tamil medium . any chance to me . also pls tell me upcoming group 4 vacancies .

  233. Hi ramachandran and salman thanks for your comments.sundar ippadi educational consultanta irunthitu indha madhri comment kudukurarunu puriala. avar sonadha vachi arum kulapikadheenga.hard work candidate get post.wish u all the best

  234. vanakkam ilaiyaraja sr,
    sir, i m bc(muslim) ,39 yrs, vao:137/200 : tamil medium. is there any chance for me in this group 4, 8000 nearly confirma sir

  235. Sir i want my VAO Exam mark sir. please sent it to me sir….

  236. Hi ilayaraja sir Good mrg………Your comments are useful for us..Pls continue

  237. Rajivgandhi says:

    thanks sir neenga sona piragu kojam nambika vanchi group 4 la 132 pannen sir neenga solara mari 2000 post eppadi sir

  238. Hi jaichithra thanks for u re comment

  239. Hi rajiv unga question enakku puriudu.ennana group 2 select anavanga group 4 layum oru 1500 select agi 2 la selectanavanga group 4 la join panna matanga.adhuvum illam group 4 inelgible candidates,certificate verification absent idhellam serthu 1500 perukkumela velieriduvanga.adhanala next listla irundhu devanadha fill panuvanga.relax ah irunga

  240. Ilayaraja sir romba thanks ippa konjam confidenta irukku….

    • hi Ilayaraja sir,

      The postings VAO and Group 4 from both of these which one is best one sir,and high salary package
      Thank You

  241. Rajivgandhi says:

    really very thanks sir from 2010 i am prepareing for tnpsc sir epadiyavathu government job vanganum aana tnpsc patri rombo news athavathu questions leak and 2010 vao illlegal movment like sir neenga sona piragu uyir vantha mari iruku sir nandri

  242. hi illayaraja sir
    group 4 councelling eppa nadakum.

  243. hi ilaya raja sir vao cut off 180/200 somebody saying like this.really its true or not pa plz reply me. i wrote 1st time so idont know pa.

  244. hi ilaya sir can u give ur mail id pa. because its very useful for my studies pa.because u r doing a great job for us.

  245. Hi bharathi 180 elam podamudiyadhu.maximum 50 person170 or 175 pottu irukkalam.normala 145 la irundhu 165 kula dhan irupanga.idhuvey adhigam.

  246. Hi manoj group 4 counselling next month nadakkum

    • HI Ilayaraja Sir,
      The postings VAO and Group 4 from both of these which one is best, and having good salary package
      Thank u

  247. Hi sundar tnpsc kku mail anupi douta clear paniachi.unga comments edhuvum usefulla illai.tnpsc told vao cutoff only merrit and community wise allotment and state level only not for district wide

  248. Hi tnpsc announce results of HR&CE GROUP 8 results today

  249. vanakkam mr. ilayaraja sir.
    i m bc(muslim). vao: 137/200 . tamil medium. 39 yrs. pls tell me is there any chance for me in this vao exam

  250. Hi sunil vao group 4 ku salary samedhan.vao va anal promotion 4 la ponal promotion undu

  251. Hi rahman konjam kastamdhan

  252. Hi tnpsc vao exam atten panavanga tnpsc answer key follow panunga.other coaching centre keya vachi calculate panadheenga.tnpsc key prakaram dhan omr sheet valuation panuvanga

    • hi anna…tnpsc key prakaram thaan paper value pannuvaanganaa, then why tnpsc asked us to send corrections in answer key within one week?so they wont correct that 4 wrong answers ah?

  253. Hi bharathi my mail id

  254. Hi tnpsc busy ah irukarthala answer key correct panala.innum one week poruthudhan key correct panuvanga.vao result december 1st week varalam

  255. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    eppadi irukeenga?

  256. Hi sundar nee yellam oru educationla consultant.poie adu, madu mey

  257. Hi jansi fine how r u.romba nala alai kanum.enna panittu irukenga

  258. Hi prithvi konjam doubt dhan

  259. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    i am fine sir. Daily entha pagela vanthu comments read pannikitu than sir irukean. Neenka ellarukum mail um rply panrinkala sir.

  260. Rajivgandhi says:

    KALAI VANAKAM illyaraja sir mugam theriyama neenga thara nambika innum urchagama iruku vara gr 4 ku hard work pananum ,chinna doubt sir nan samacher book follow panren aana tnpsc old booksla irunthu ques kekaranga sir etha follow pana nandri

  261. Hi rajiv neenga samacheer book follow panunga.mukiyama scince social science current affairs economics idhelam paper parthu therincikunga.language nalla practice panunga.maximum score in language get definately post.dont worry

  262. Hard work never fails

  263. hi all of tnpsc aspirants Group 2 november 4 examukku nalla prepare practice panunga.adula neengalum oruvara select aganum.advance vazthukkal

    • Thanks for ur motivation ilayarja sir……..
      concentration, hardworks, padichatha recall paninanum……. cell ah switch off pannanum padikum pothu…. say bye to tv…….. 12th
      public exam padikara mathiripadicha kandipa win pannalam

  264. Priyalakshmi says:

    Hi ilayaraja sir, PH Quota pathi details solrinkala?

  265. Rajivgandhi says:

    really thanks sir

  266. ramachandaran says:

    hai ilayaraja,
    I am selected in group IV (150 questions correct) I am belongs to BC. & VAO my correct questions 156.& Mr. Sundar Notification wronga understant pannitaru pola its O.K. my opinion VAO cut off may be 155-160 questions.
    thangs for all. best of luck for Nov 4th Exam.

  267. Hi priyalakshmi ph quota la total vaccantla 3 percent odhukeedu undu.indha odhukeedum community wise ah nadakum.endha postukku applicable irukko adhukellam ph 3 percent quota undu.40 percent mela ph ku elgible undu.

  268. Hi ramachandran unga commentsku nanri .group 4 selectanadukku vazthukkal.ungalukku vao post kidaikkum.analum group 4 la serunga.vao 2 la succes panunga.sundar adhigama padichitaru pola.mathavanga solaradhu avaarukku story pola thonudhu.

  269. Priyalakshmi says:

    Thanks ilayaraja sir.
    Ph quota vuku yaaru ellam eligible nu sollunka sir.

  270. Hi Ilayaraja..
    pls reply.. i hav got 150/200 in VAO.. tamil medium.. female BC candidate…… enakku chance irukka? pls sollunga..

  271. im waiting for ur reply sir.. give me a positive reply.. plzzzzzzzz

    • hi ilakkiya, u hv little bit chance to select .. i came to knw tat some more vacancy wil b included, if it happen means u hv good chance. group 2 exam priorty procedure is same like as vao exam. study wel for group 2 exam..

  272. tamil medium kku epdi priority kuduppanga? group 2 kku ithe mathiri dhana?

    • hi elakkiya,
      you hv little bit chance . if vacancy wil increase means u hv chance to select. as usual group 2 selection procedure is same like vao exam. study wel for group 2 exam..

  273. Hai, Ilaiyaraja sir. Naan gr 4 la select agi irukken. Endha department edukkalam. Edhula seekkiram promotion kidaikkum. Your suggestion please.

  274. hi frnds..

  275. Hi madhu cutoff porthu counselling ku kupiduvanga.adikama mark eduthirundal nalla department kidaikkum.ilana counselling anru irukara department dhan kidaikkum.maximum revenue, registration,rural development,commercial tax indha department promotion and safety ok madhu

  276. Hi elakiya vao selectaga 95 percentage chance irukku.sslc tamil medium padichirundha total vaccantla 20 percentage allotment 2 and group 1 kku ug varikkum tamil medium padithirundal 20 percen ida odhukedu undu.dont worry

  277. Hi priya ph 40 percentagekku mela irundha applicaple.

  278. Hi Ilayaraja. Unga comments ellame valuable. Nanum Group 4la select agi iruken. Counselling epanu theriuma. Physical fitness certificate epa thevapadum? Details a apapa update pannunga. Thanks.

  279. sir i am mbc female vao exam 162/200 yenaku vao chance irruka? i studied hsc

  280. i am studied tamil medium

  281. Thank you sir

  282. Hi siva group 4 la selectanadhukku certificate duty la join pannum podhu dhan devai padum.counselling next month start agum.anna universityla counselling

    • Thanks Ilayaraja. Yesterday High court stayed Group 2 counselling due to some incorrect answers in keys published by Tnpsc. Next hearing on 29.10.2012 only. Adhanala Group 4 counselling early ah start panna chance iruka?

  283. Hi siva next month la dhan group 4 counselling 2 counsellingu stay podala.appointment order dhan podakudathunu court soli irukku

  284. Hi,

    when will the VAO results be released?

  285. Rajivgandhi says:

    KALAI VANAKAM Illayaraja sir VAO keys plm epadi sir Radian 11 answer thapunu solranga radian sonarathuellam enathu corrct but nan TNPSC sona key follow pani 143 varuthu sir Q Art 24 & Acid rain,dispersion glass,green house effect CO2 is correct,mercury, antha climate kotru questions kolapama irku sir

  286. Saradharaj says:

    Hi Ilayaraja sir
    My vao cut off 143/200 BC Female.UG tamil medium. any chance to get select…answers me….

  287. ramachandaran says:

    dear all!
    group VIII result out

  288. hi rajiv nan koota article 24 nu than bookla pdichen pa

  289. Ilayaraja sir
    plz.. reply me.I’ll get post

  290. please answer me illyaraja sir?

    • hello gowri, definitly u vl get vao post. how long u prepared for tis exam pa? u studied only hsc, but u done great job.. keep it up.

  291. Hi rajiv tnpsc answer key final pannala.adhanalay update key vidathukku apuram unga cutoff ukku kidaikkumanu parkalam.143 ku kastam dhan. hi sarathraj vao ku group 4 ku indha cutoff podhum

    • hi ilayaraja sir, may i knw that why radian academy not giving vao exam expected cut off mark so far? always they update all tnpsc exam expected cut off marks within a week, but for tis vao exam they didnt update stil nw, may i knw y?

    • hi ilayaraja sir, may i knw that why radian academy not giving vao exam expected cut off mark so far? always they update all tnpsc exam expected cut off marks within a week.

  292. Hi ilayaraja sir,
    My vao exam mark is 128/200. I am studied only sslc, tamil medium. My age is 29, caste-BC. Now i am waiting for my hsc result. Naan select aaka chance iruka. Plz reply me sir.

  293. thanks rakesh

  294. Hi gowri u will get vao post. rakesh indha vatti radian academy vao cutoff analysis panradhukku kastama irukarthala podalai

  295. Hi trb tet exam answer key relese pani

    • Hi illayaraja sir, i m correct 120/200. i m sc female. And i have completed MSC, MBA, PGDCA. Is there any chance to get the job

  296. thank you very much mr.illyaraja

  297. how much cut off mark in mbc female

  298. hello frnds,. if anyone hv doubts regarding tnpsc exam , u can mail me to my mail id, and also u can sms to 9489592548

    thnk u


  300. hi illayaraja sir. i m correct 120/200 in vao exam. i m sc female. And i have completed MSC, MBA, PGDCA. Is there any chance to get the job

  301. hi illayaraja sir, everyday i ddn,t miss to see your comments. It is very useful to everybody. Thankyou so much

  302. hi illayaraja sir. i m correct 120/200 in vao exam. i m sc female. i have completed MSC, MBA, PGDCA. Is there any chance to the job

  303. hi illayaraja sir i m correct 120/200 i m sc female. And i have completed MSC, MBA, PGDCA. Is there any chance to get the job


  305. Hi kavimathi senkavi rendu perum orey ag mathi mathi commnentsla varinga.what problem ya.120 chance illa

  306. mr illyaraja , my vao question correct 157/200 i am mbc female studied hsc yenaku vao chance irruka?

  307. Hi ilayaraja sir your comments are very useful to us… When the results group4 500 posting.. And what is the procugere of group8 cutoff please explain me…

  308. Hi ranjith neraya peru group 4and 8 ku apply pannittu group 4 mattum attend pananga.adhanala group 4ku 150 ku mela attend paniyum kidaikalay.rendu examukkum aply panavanga oru exam mattum eludhuna avanga omr sheet not 8 ku procedure afternoon fornoon eludhuna exam marka vachi poduvanga.totala 600 markuku cutoff 8 interview post oru idathukku 2 pera kupuduvanga.

  309. Thank you ilayaraja sir….


  311. AMMAIAPPAN says:

    hi illayaraja sir, i am selected in group4, but i am not able to join in this immediately/or/with in a month so sir pls clear me whether i will permitt to join after 2/3 months, any provisions are there to extend joining period

  312. Hi ammaiyappan eppadium posting poduvatharkku 3 months agum dont worry

  313. anaivarukkum,
    aayutha poojai and vijayadasami vazthukkal.

  314. Hi sir,
    My cut off marks is 140/200
    and BC . Get a change vao ?

  315. Hi friends,
    Select ana ellarukkum valthukkal. Mr. Udayachandran IAS has been transferred. Ilayaraja sir, endha transfer endha alavukku tnpsc transparency ya badhikum. enaku ennana Nataraj Sirayum transfer/relieve pannama irukannum.

  316. hi ilayaraja sir,

    i applied for group2 nd noon exam also…nan ipa 2 exams um eludanuma?ilana invalid aiduma?

  317. Hi maniganda sabari tnpsc secretarya easya mathidalam government controla irukanga.but chairman membersa matha mudiyadhu athukku formalities niraya irukku.president dhan matha mudium .natraj ku march 2013 vari iruparu.aprila retirement.yaru vandhalum transparency problem kidayadhu.dont worry

  318. Hi kalai neenga two examukkum apply panni irundhal katayam two examsum attend pananum.

  319. panneerselvam says:

    hello friends, i,m panneerselvam MBC. male.. i got correct questions158(tnpsc keys),165(radian keys),is there any chance for me in VAO EXAM?

  320. Nivethitha says:

    will it affect the group2 marks, if we dont perform well in the noon exam?

  321. sir, my vao correct ans 152/200 mbc female canditate yenaku vao chance irrukka? i am studied only plus two tamil medium. please answer me friends

  322. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    nan two exam apply pani iruthan,but group 8 attend panula.nan group 2 (nov 4)exam attend panna omr sheet valuvation etuthuguvangala.
    please replay mee……..

  323. Hi arman tnpsc chairman appointment order only issue the governer.but chairmana neekanumna supreme court mulama president dhan neekamudium.governorukku state public service commission chairman membersa nekkara power kidaiyathu

    • good morning illayaraja sir,

      romba nanri sir, ennudaya doubt is now clear for which i have been confusing .
      actually sir i was confused as the article says governor is responsible for the removal of
      state public service commission but on the receipt of orders from supreme court cleared by president

      (Part XIV.—Services under the Union and the States.— article 317

      (2) The President, in the case of the Union Commission
      or a Joint Commission, and the Governor 1*** in the case
      of a State Commission, may suspend from office the
      Chairman or any other member of the Commission in
      respect of whom a reference has been made to the Supreme
      Court under clause (1) until the President has passed
      orders on receipt of the report of the Supreme Court on such reference

  324. Ilayaraja sir vao exam cut off unga personal openion enna?

  325. Saradharaj says:

    HI SIR

    • KUMARAGURU says:

      12.08.12 exam is cancelled.Candidates who appeared on 12.08.12 and absentees of the same will be allowed to appear in 04.11.12 exams both morning and afternoon sessions.


    500 pending group 4 result eppo varum?? counselling ku munnadi kandippa vandhurumaa?? group 4 bc ippo variyum final cut off evlo irukkum??

    • Hi Karan. Stafee committee approval kodutha pinbuthan 500 candidates result varum. neenga evlo mark.

      • hello shiva eppo aprrove pannuvanga kadippa counselling munnadi vanthurumla?? naan bc kandippa 140 mela eduthirupaen nenaikiraen!!!!

        • Hi Karan. Group 4 selection, phases padi nadakum. Adhavathu pirichu pirichu employes ah edupanga. Last group 4la 5 phases ah pirichu eduthanga. ovoru phasekum staff commitee approval tharanum. adhavathu andha deptsku vacant varumbothu approval vaangi candidates a edupanga. same like ipa vandhirukura result phase 1. next phase 2 varanum. epa approval varumnu therila. indha december month nirya retirement irukunu kelvipaten. so hope that phase 2 i.e 500 posting approval will be given soon.

          • shiva counselling mundinchavudana join pannama galiyaa irukurraa vacncies ku reserve list varum nu tnpsc site la padichaen aprom intha time single window counselling anna university la vachi nadakura naala udaney reserve list la irundhu candidates select pannuvanga nu padichaen reserve listum irukura naala neriyaa phases la pona group 4 la counselling nadanthucha?????

          • Hi Karan. Last time group 4 ku counselling yedhum nadakala. Tnpsc jobs a select panninanga. aana Natraj sir vandhathuku apuramthan counselling start aachu. Indha mari counselling naala yaaravathu posting vendamnu sonnangana adutha candidatesku chance kidaikum. adhanala reserve list la vara candidates count kammia than irukum. Last 2007 group 4 ku counselling yedhum nadakala. 5 phaseum staff committee approval vangitu ennanna postingnu commission appoint panniduchu. neenga 150plus thane. adhanala ungaluku nirayave chance iruku. All the best.

          • Hi siva sir,

            how long time will take for filling the postings of selected Group 4 candidates

  327. VAO ku 155-165 cut off irkalam enru ethirparka padukirathu.

  328. mr.illaiya raja sir mbc female 152/200 vao questions. i am studied only plus two yenaku vao chance irruka please tell me ? somebody told, cut off very high ,degree holdersukuthan post kidaikuma?school finaluku kedaiyatha? please clear my doubt

  329. Hi Ilayaraja Sir,

    TNPSC Members are appointed by the Governor for a term of 6 years or until the age of 62 years.but what is term of the TNPSC Chairman

    Thank u

    • hi ilayaraja sir

      i asked to radian director rajaboobathy sir…morning group4 eludna mattum pothumam…group8 eludalanalum valid agum nu he dont worry friends…

  330. please answer me illyaraja sir


  332. Hi kalpana ug pg mudichirundha cutoff kammia irukkum but tenth plus two mattum padichirundhal ug pg padithavankalai vida oru 4 or 5 questions adhigama podanum

  333. hi ilayaraja sir,radian expected cut off mark en sir podula

  334. group 2 re exam hallticket released

  335. Hi Ilayaraja sir,
    hw r u?

  336. @Sunil,
    Hi Sunil, If tnpsc starts counselling, the progress will be over in maximum ten days.

    • hi shiva sir
      when will start group 4 counselling?

      • Most probably in november first week.

        • hi shiva sir
          thank you for ur information.counselling mudinju join panna late agum solurangale atha pathi solunga.nan group 4 la 152 question s corect.mbc.rank basisla than posting.enaku nan virumbra department kidaikuma.pis clarify.

          • Hi Manoj. Namaku Tnpsc appointment koduthalum naama select panna department a poruthu andha departmentla irundhu oru call letter varum. Apuramthan join panna mudium. Adhu romba late aagadhu. Tnpsc selection mudinjathum namaku seekiram departmentla irundhu letter vandhudum. 45 days training kodupanga. Apuramthan join panna mudium. For department selection, Naama eduthu irukura rank a poruthu naama departmenta choose pannikalam. Any doubts contact my mail id I will provide my contact number once you ping to my mail id.

  337. November modha vaarama shiva sir? veetuku letter anupuvangala?.ilana epadi namaku theriapaduthuvanga?.

    • Hi Arunan Sir, Tnpsc websitela counselling list poduvanga. Veetuku letter anupa matanga. So keep on checking tnpsc website and newspaper.

  338. Keerthivasan says:

    hi i am scored 120/200 in vao examination…..belongs to SC A community….and im a BE graduate…plz tell me if any chance i have…..

  339. hi im scored 135/200 in vao examination belongs to SCA community…plz anybody tell me have any chance

  340. Hi ilayaraja sir
    group 2 &group 8 all ticket vanthuruku. contipaka two exam attend pannanuma.replay mee.

    • If u want GROUP VII-B post u must attend afternoon session otherwise morning session exam is enoughi.e., for CSSE-I.your morning session exam paper is valid eventhough u r absent in afternoon session.

  341. ............. says:

    how to see cutoff marks fir vao exam ?? pls tel

  342. Keerthivasan says:

    hi…. plz plz plz tell me ….im scored 120/200 in vao examination …im sca ….

  343. my vao mark 145 for 200 any chance to i am female BC

  344. Rajivgandhi says:

    ilyaraja sir nan koda gr4 & gr8 apply pani gr4 mattum elthunen my mark is 132 onum puriyala sir

  345. hi…friends i got a information….vao exam result is coming november 12…. one day before diwali….

  346. Dear Sir, When the counselling for Group 4 selected candidates will be started?

    TNPSC Service Commission
    6:05 PM (1 hour ago)

    to me

    The date of counselling will be announced shortly.

  347. paanneerselvam says:

    hello! ilayaraja sir.. please reply me.. sir i’m mbc male with msc degree.. my correct questions in VAO (158 BY TNPSC KEY) and 165 by RADIAN key… will the TNPSC correct their keys.. is there any possible for me in this vao…..

  348. Anybody, Answer me…. I have written Group 4 exam for the post of Typist, The tnpsc has not published Backlog Vacancies, when they publish this???
    In Group 4 Advertisement the tnpsc says, The candidate have both higher and lower typing,,, I have chance for this job or not???? My mark is 162..

  349. hi friends i think cut off mark will be very high ma 17o above pa.

  350. hi friends i think cut off mark will be very high ma 17o above pa.

  351. Hi sir. My marks 153/200. I belongs to sc. Higher secondary. Will i get vao job?

  352. Maniganda Sabari says:

    Hi illayaraja sir,

    Radian la ella exam ukkum cutoff calculate panranga, anna vao la mudialaina enna solradhu. avvalu variations marks la irukka enna.

  353. Hi ilayaraja sir, i scored 153/200. Higher secondary tamil medium. Will i get a chance.

  354. mallikarjun says:

    two questions ilay ji, one neenga gr4 vacancies phaze 2 varumnu sonnenga, plz explain abt that.atharku cutoff enna irukum?
    vao enaku 150-154 correct.bc male,10th plus diploma?chances eppadi?
    mail me plz

  355. Hi Ilayaraja Sir, Any news about the Group 4 Counselling. Group 2 non interview case is to be held on Nov 19. Any chance of Group 4 counselling soon?

  356. K.Arul Amsa Pandian says:

    Sir, My wife(BC Female) got 158/200 in VAO exam. any chance for job?

  357. K.Amsa Pandian says:

    Illaya raja sir,
    my wife(BC Female) get 158/200 in vao exam. any chance for job?

  358. iam sc male . group 4 pass. vao 156/200. vao pass kidaikuma?. entha job best.

  359. Hi illayaraja Sir,

    How are you, Sir pls engaloda group 2 discussion la kalandukanga, romba pesavendi irukudhu.

  360. A.Amsa Rani says:

    hai friends,
    I am bc female. I have 158/200 in VAO exam. any chance for job?
    Pls reply me.

  361. manikandan says:

    neenga group-2la evlo cut -off expect panringa.i am 152/200 MBC general english medium

  362. A.Amsa Rani says:

    anybody pls reply me.

  363. Mani sir.152 nu confirma solla mudiuma?.confirmna unkalukku chance brighta irukku.

  364. hai janci what are u doindg mgs kanam pa

  365. dear sir,

    im sc community my mark 155. ethum chance irukka sir. VAO examla select agaa?


  367. A.Amsa Rani says:

    yaravuthu reply pannunga pa plz.


    i am BC FEMALE 10, 12th, MA MPHIL IN TAMIL i got 135 in group re exam can i get any chance
    please tell me sir,

  369. A.Rajesh kumar says:

    When will u release group-8 exam answer key pls send me my mail

    thanking you
    A.Rajesh kumar

  370. A.Amsa Rani says:

    Hai friends.

    I am bc female. I have got 158/200 in VAO Exam. I have finished HSC & D.T.Ed. any chance for job?
    pls reply me.

  371. A.Amsa Rani says:

    Thank you Manikandan sir

  372. Ramachandaran says:

    Dear IlayaRaja!

    What is Your score in group -2? & what is your opinion about cut off?
    My Score in group 2 GT-90 and GK 61 Total-151

  373. Dear All,
    According to media source TNPSC Group IV Counseling on 18th November 2012

  374. A.Amsa Rani says:

    Hai Friends, when will VAO Result?

  375. Hai friends, when will VAO @ csse-1 result

  376. vao results will be published after 17.11.2012

  377. steno typist grade 3 counselling details on tnpsc website.

  378. mallikarjunan says:

    any update about vao cutoff officially?results date?

  379. 19th group iv counselling for typist and shorten

  380. After 20th november Natraj sir said in facebook.

  381. hi ilayaraja sir my vao 154/200 galium,dissperson glass like wise 4 quest doubtful, i am bc male degree only eng medium, is there any chance.

  382. VAO RESULT EXPECTED ON 05.12.2012

    • hai subburaj how do u know the details .my mark 158/200 ,im bc 10th tamil dob 1988 any chance to get the job

    • R.ILANGOVAN says:

      My son group IV BC male school tamil medium Commerce graduate.159/200, his friend 162/200 correct. Both not selected for group IV posts. junior assistant only.
      In V.A.O. Exams. my son 168/200 correct., his friend (MBC) 169/200 correct.
      What are the chances for both posts for him and his friend.. reply ilayaraja sir

  383. balamurugan says:

    Hello sir,

    i am MBC male.i have 151/200 in vao exam. is there any chance to get job? pls reply.

  384. case filed today 27-11-12 against publish of vao result .

  385. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    TNPSC is officially announced that it is going to publish V.A.O. 2012 results on or before 2.12.2012 source news from website… .. 29 November 2012 … 11.15 IST

  386. Hi tnpsc group 4 counselling for typist post starts 06/12/12 .junior assiatant counselling starts after typist counselling.vao exam result published december first 2 results published december 3rd week.radian cutoffa va vida 4 or 7 decrease akalam.

  387. vanakkam ilayaraja sir
    romba naala ungalai parkka mudiya villai. i think u were busy in councelling . yes. endha department choose panneenga?

  388. Hi tnpsc next group 2 call for approximately january ,or february in next year exam will be may or june.5000 postukku mela calfor varalam.nalla padinga…language nalla practice panunga…

  389. Hi manikandan and group 2 november 4 exam attend panavanga cutoff near by bc 145 +or_3 bc(w)140,mbc 143 mbc (w) 140 ,sc 136 sc(w) 133 ,gt 150 gt (w) 148 indha range la cutoff varum .idhavida tamil medium stutentukku 2or3 questions decrease akalam.increase aka vaipilai.

    • Hi anna..but Radian academy predicted the cut off as per their answer mentioned 145,143,150 questions for each category under which answer key? pls reply na

  390. Hi indha thadava total vaccanta vida extra va group 2 ku oru 1500 person kuppuduvanga.eppadium oru 5000 perukku mela interviewkku allow panuvanga adanalay cutoff romba kamiya dhan varum.exam atten panavanga 2,93,000 person dhan.commona 135 question atten pani irundhal vara vaipu irukku.

  391. vanakkam ilayaraja sir.
    ungalai romba naala kanom. i think you r busy in counselling group 2. entha department choose pannenga. i got 130/200 in group 2 this time . i m bcm male. i know that this is not enough and i m preparing for next group 2 . thanks for ur infomation about next vacancy.

  392. Hi salman I will select rural development and panchayat department.salman neenga 130 atten pani irundal bc muslim quotavla vara chance irukku.

    Vao 2012 endha case um kidayadhu.2011 nadandha vao exam dhan case pending irukku.dont worry result published december first week confirm…

  393. Hi salman nan commona 135 sonadhu ella communitykum kidayadhu sc/st ,bc muslim ,sc arunthadhiyar ,commona womenukku cutt off decrease agum.indha murai oralavukku nalla atten pani irundal chance irukku..

  394. Hai ilayaraja sir
    vao cutoff evolo sir.i got 158/200 in vao exam and group2 151/200 nov 4 exam.enaku vao exam la chance iruka pls reply sir.MBC category eng medium.rpy sir anybody

  395. Ramachandran says:

    Dear All.
    VAO result any time.
    Get ready with hall ticket.
    Best of luck.

  396. vao result published

  397. Hi ilayaraja sir,
    Next group 4 and vao eppo call for pannuvanka.

  398. what is the cutoff marks for bc mbc oc and sc how we find the marks and final keys

  399. Hi Ilayaraja Sir,

    Eppadi irukinga, Valthukkal sir, Namma Discussionla irundhu silar select anadhu santhoshama iruku. Oru chinna doubt sir, paperla exam aten panninavanga 6.5 lakhs nu sonnanga, aana neenga 2,93,000 nu solreenga. idhula edhu correct sir.

    Sabari P.

    • what mr. illayaraja sir says is true . the number of applications were 6.5 lakhs but there were too many absentees and i also read in newspaper that only around 3,00,000 people write group2 this time

  400. hi ilayaraja sir
    nan group 4 la juniour assitanat select ayiruken.ipa vaola select ayirken.etha choose panna?pls reply

  401. Hi ilayaraja sir iam SC male scored 134/200 in group 2 any chance for Non interview post sir…

  402. Sir,

    What is the Exact Cutoff of V.A.O for Female BC candidates…Kindly reply

  403. Hi Manoj,
    congrats, neenka group 4 & vao exam uku eapadi padichinka, eapadi unkala marks score panna mudinchathunu, tips or idea kuduka mudiuma.

    • hi
      nan text books nala padichen.nan oru teacher.atunala subjects tharow panurathu easya irunthathu.job resign panitu padichen.tamil interest athigam.tamil nala concentrate panunga.exam calforkaka wait panama padinga.dailyum.understand pani padichu discuss panunga,vera ethavathu thagaval venumna en mail id ku contact panunga. my id

  404. selected canditates pls post your marks and catogry

  405. hi friends
    passed in vao tnpsc key 167 radian key-172.bc female.i passed in gp 4 also.anyway not joining both. waiting for gp 2 result score is 161 in radian key.i regularly see this discussion site.congrats to all those passed vao

  406. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    selected candidates for the post of V.A.O. 2012, please post your vao. marks,qualification,and which quota your selected for reference. Thank you

  407. Hi Ilayaraja anna..i got selected in VAO:) happy to inform you:)..I scored 166 as per Radian key and 161 as per TNPSC key..MBC male…B.E(2011).

  408. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    Dear Shreya, Please tell your score in group 4 tnpsc for reference. Waiting for your reply. Thanks

  409. Hi Sir I am Jeni next tnpsc Exam Yenna ?

  410. my score in group 4 is 158.i think cut off should have been vry low.

  411. my score in group 4 152 .vao 163 . 2 examum selected .mbc category.tamil medium

  412. hi vao select ana anaivarukkum vazthukkal..congratulations..
    manoj neenga group 4 la revenue ,registration,rural development,commercial tax idhala join panunga..vao vendam promotion kidayadhu..
    shreya neenga first group 4 counselling atten 2 result vandathukku appuram idhala join panunga…group 2 reslt 3rd weekla varalam..formalities mudinchi posting poda 2 or 3 months agum..first group 4 la join 2 selectaga advance vazthukkal…

  413. hi ram kandipaka group 4 next 2 nd list indha months kadaiseekula viduvanga…eppadium oru 2000 perukku mela select pana vaipirukku.
    ..hi prithvi tnpsc answer key dhan consider pananum…
    group 4&2 callfor next month confirm..
    vao select agadhavanga next vara examukku nalla prepare panunga…language kku important kudunga…kandipaga jaikkalam.thanambikai romba mukiyam…

  414. hi prithvi congratulations neenga vao va select anadhukku annanoda 2 select ana nalla irukum
    vao counselling january la start agum ma..
    group 4 &vao ku apply panum podhu sslc tamil mediumnu pottu irundheengna padicha school ah irundhu certificate vangi varanum..tnpsc web la andha form irukku..downlada pananumna group 4 counselling status ponga adhala group 4 register number entry paningana download formnu varum adha download pani school ah poi headmaster kita sign 4 vao ku sslc mattum tamil vazhi 2&1 ku sslc, +2,degree idhalam tamil medium padiithirundal certificate vanganu..

  415. hi illayaraja sir
    suppose nenga solura departmant kidaikalana vao join panalama sir.illa vera department options iruka?


  417. hi manoj group 4 maximum neenga kekara idam kidaikkum…vao vendom featurela shine aga 4 la poeengana endha deparrmenta irundhalum officer levelukku pogalam manoj…ungalukku edhu pidikuthoo adhula seerunga.unga safety ukku solran sir…

  418. hi vijayakumar vao certificate verification mudindha udan cutoff details and ellorudaya markum poduvanga..appo waiting listla vara vaipu irukkanu parkalam..resul vidum podhu 5%reserve list viduvanga…ana group 4 vao ku indha vatti vidala..ennanu theriala..

  419. hi vao cutoff 158 mela etha madhri vandhu ug ku cutoff 158+-2 indha rangela irukku ..diplamo plus two kku 160+-3 indha rangela irukku .sslc mattum irundhal 164+-2 indha rangela irukku..cutoff commumity age qualification etha madhri verupadum.

  420. group 1 exam date 27/01/13 ..apply panna last date 24/12/12 ….tnpsc announced…..

  421. thank u for your wishes Ilayaraja sir,i didnt upload my certificates for gp 4.i m vry particular in joining only gp 2 interview post or gp1.i want to aim high

  422. Hi Mr.ILAYARAJA sir,

    i GOT 141 / 200.
    BELONGS to MBC .
    ug & pg through eng medium.
    age 30 yrs.
    Is there is any chance for me to get a post in CSSE 2 .
    Pls reply me.

  423. Hi Ilayaraja Sir. Good Morning. Sir Group 4 JA counsellingku wait panren. Commercial tax deptla join panna promotions epadi irukum. KOnjam vivarama sollunga.

  424. hi illayaraja sir , how we can calculate that without the correct answer even the listed the result, how can we will assume that four to five questions answer like galium, dissperson glass,sahara desert,and tamil araigan kairu . for me 154 correct and 4to 5 answere if the corrected answer means i will be 158. bc male , ug , upto +2 tamil medium …please reply……is there any chance for waiting list..please reply….

  425. hi shiva commercial tax department select paneengana department exam pass panunga..assistanta promotion kidaikkum..aduthu assistan commercial tax officer ah promotion kidaikkum…ok vazthukkal..
    hi shreya ok group 2 &1 aga advance wishes..

  426. illayaraja sir,
    pls reply me.
    i got 141/200 sure. may be 143/200 will come
    belongs to MBC.
    schooling in tamil medium.
    UG & PG in eng med. AGE 30
    enaku csse 2 job kidaikuma.
    pls pls reply me.

  427. hi manoj appadi ellam illa pa..enga vendunalum poduvanga….check post la irundha nalla sambarikalam..andha idathukku compitation adhikama irukkum..

  428. hi mani ungalukku posting kandipa kidaikum..vazthukkal..

  429. hi dhilep ungalukku konjam kastam dhan .ug tamil medium padithirundal konjam vaipu irukkum..sorry next examukku prepare panunga sir…

  430. Hai elayaraja sir
    i am karthik pls rpy sir
    i got group2 in 151/200 tnpsc key and 155/200 in radian key.wt about my chance sir. And vao my score 158/200 second list la chance iruka sir.completed BE.belongs to MBC.pls reply sir

  431. hai ilayaraja sir i got 140/200 in TNPSC key but 145/200 in radian key.i am MBC ENGLISH medium finished B.E. in 2011.what about my chances in this november 4th group-2 exam sir .reply me sir

  432. illayaraja sir,
    i scored 142/200 in csse 2.
    caste mbc.
    UG & PG in eng med.

    is there is any chance for me to get at least a non interview post.

    pls waitnig for your reply.

  433. hi karthick ungalukku confirma posting undu..
    kathir ,manikandan ungalukku konjam kastam examukku prepare panunga….

  434. Hi ilayaraja eppadi irukkinga? I am bc male score 150 as per radian key 147 as per tnpsc key in group2 what about my chance? And what about group4 second list?

  435. Hi ilayaraja sir, i am bc male my score in 150 in VAO exam any chance for second list 10 th tamil medium ,diploma computer engg (3 years) what are the exam eligibility in tnpsc exams ……..Please reply me

    • Hi Ilayaraja Sir. Regarding Commercial tax dept informations ku nanri. Grp 4 la Revenue kidaikaatha patchathil commercial choose. Koduthu irukura vacancy distributionla endha jobs choose panna nalladhu.


  437. dear illayaraja sir,

    Thank you for your reply.
    If 142/200 is not enough score means, then what could be the Cutoff for MBC general?
    pls let me know. B’coz before you told cut off for MBC will be around 143/200.
    Pls kindly let me know sir.
    Thanks & Regards,

  438. hi illayaraja sir
    nan en ketana check post venam nenachen.athla pona coruption irukum than athu select pana vanam,office duty irukama therinjukalam ungata keten sir.nan TET PASS agiruken sir.public service pananum than department varanu nenaikiren 4 la jion panalam iruken sir.unga advice wait panren.


  440. dear friends
    the result for csse-2 has already out,but not published in website.i got letter that i got provisionally select for csse-2 as station officer in fire and rescue dept,they asked me to come for physical fitness test to chennai on 22 nov.but i was not interested in that job so i did not go.i got letter about 3 weeks dont wait for that result it is already over.

  441. csse exam held on aug 4th.

    • shreya how can you get information like that quickly can u explain me also coz its very useful for me and moreover i also want to know how to get qualify the exam conducted by tnpsc like you

  442. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    Dear Shreya, Thank your for your reply dt.1.12.12 in reply of my request. God bless.

  443. illayaraja sir,
    Group 2 Exam la MBC /DC Enna cut off varum.
    I got 142/200.
    Enaaku cahnce iruuka sir.
    Pls reply pannunga sir.

  444. hi manoj neenga tet pass pani irukeenga…vazthukkal romba periya vishyam sir…teacher velaila serunga 4 lam devai illa sir..konjam free ah irukkalam..salary adhigam…

    • hi sir
      nan D.T.Ed mudiju paper 1 tet la pass paniruken.athula free ya irukalam,high official porathu kastam sir.athan group 4 poratha ,vao jion panurathanu confuse irumthen.puplic service panunm high official post poganum virumpuren.en age 26 sir.salary kaminalum tnpscla ethavathu jion pannum prepare pannunalathan TET pass aga mudithathu.k sir neenga nalla niraya peruku thagaval thareenga.congrats sir.

  445. hi shreya neenga solra csse 2 examukku sfo ku oru edathukku 5 person physical fitness ku kupituirupanga..adhula selectanavangala seerthu result publish interwiew base pani final result viduvanga pa..
    csse 2 result kandipa veliduvanga ..

    EN SCORE 142/200 IN GR 2.
    31 YRS.

  447. hi neeraj general cutoff for mbc 149+-3varalam.tamil medium 145+-4varalam sir..

    • Illayaraja sir,
      But you told MBC 143 & it may be decrease agumnu.
      Now your r saying 149.
      Im belongs to MBC /DC

      Pls carify my doubt sir pls.


  448. hi manoj sir appa group 4 la join panunga…revenue edutheengana maximum dro vari pogalam sir..vazthukkal..

  449. hi ramar u will get group 2 interview post confirm…junior employement officer post kidaikalam…advance vazthukkal..

    • hai ilay one of my colegue selected as a BDO in group -2, and while he attend interview he told most of the persons who are selected in group-2 also selected in group4. so there may be nearly 5000 persons may be required for group4 second list is it true

  450. Rajivgandhi says:

    hi illaya sir nan sc in vao as per TNPSC key 142 any chance for me qus correction panama TNPSC result vitutanga epadi sir pls reply

  451. illyaraja sir non vao 162/200 tnpsc key correct mbc female yenaku result varala. i am studied only hsc that is the reason?


  453. CSSE – 132/200 , MBC

  454. my dear manoj brother ,

    i want to say you one thing you dont miss the teaching line it is very dedicative job as a teacher we make many doctors, engineers, scientists and so many it is also very nice job respectable job in village children parent. first you join it and work for one year after you dont want you resigned i also pg with bed but tet 2 paper i got only 87 marks i feel so sorry it is an small advice of your akka then your wish

    • selvi akka
      6 year teachiang feild la than iruken.2 years oru schoola free service panen.4 yearsa tutorial centrla work panen.tuition centre vachu yearly 100 students enta padikiranga.+2 varai ela subject naduthuren.district second ,school first students uruvakiruken.teachingla ithu varai thirupthiya work paniruken akka.first nadatha tet examla 89 marks.ipa tet la 96 marks.higher class students nadathitu second grade work panna mudiyumanu theriyala.teaching sariya seiyanum.china pasangalku pana mudiyuma theriyala.athan salery kamiya irunthalum group 4 polama vao polama yosikiren.unga idea consider panren akka.thank for ur command

  455. illayaraja sir,
    Pls reply me.
    you told for MBC 143 earlier.
    But now you told 149.
    Pls clarify my doubt sir.



  456. Group 4 Junior Asst counselling. Planning by Dec 15. Natraj Sir in facebook.

    • sir
      Group 4 Juniour Asst counselling dec 17 in puthiya thalaimurai news

      • Senthil Kumarposted toNatraj Ramachandran
        21 hours ago
        Respected sir,
        When will G4 JuniourAssistant Counselling starts
        Like ·
        3 people like this.

        Natraj Ramachandran: Planning by 15 th

      • Hi Manoj Sir. Me too saw in newspaper and other tv news that counselling will start on dec 17th.. At the same time Natraj sir also mentioned in facebook that planning by 15th. Lets hope for the best.

  457. hi ram neenga solra madhri group 4 ku eppadium 2000 to3000 person edukka vendi irukkum..wait and see..

  458. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    Dear Ilayaraja, Please tell. Any possibilities for V.A.O. 2nd merit list!!! h
    How many vaccancy and When it will come!!! Your are always correct and so give me exact answer. Thanking you…

  459. hi ilayaraja sir,,
    i scored 135 in group 2..i belong to SCA..male..can i able to get post sir?..please reply to me sir..thanking u..

  460. hi to all,
    i scored 135 in group 2..i belong to SCA..male..can i able to gt post sir?..please reply to me sir..thanking u..

  461. I would like to knw my VAO exam result ,, Bec i had missd my hall ticket aftr exam ,, so i could nt find my Reg numbr., ple shw me the future guide lines to knw

  462. dear manoj thambi,

    nehru kooda prime minister analum kooda children than like panninar oru unmai soldren nanum kooda higher secondary private teacher than but adikkadi substitution la lower class poven ange kidaikkum mariyathai anbu chinna kulanthaigal mazhalai periya students kitta kitta illai higher student neril mariyathaiyagavum pinnadi nick name vachum pesuvargal. govt school elementary school really very very nice experience neenga marubadium trb pg tet 2 paper pass pannal higher class edukkalam please enakkaga teaching line ponga pidakkalina resign pannunga. private school vida village primary school best all the best to any job thank you for your response.

  463. Vanakam ilyaraja sir.. thiz is divya from karur, i am a SC candidate, and i got 145 in group 2, is there any chance to get post? please help me, and i am expecting ur reply.

  464. vao couselling in this month end announced by natraj sir.


  466. Ur posting is conform…. Prepare well for interview…..



  469. hai ilayaraja sir. group 4 as per tnpsc marks i am 216 (144/200) .,i am bc male ,ug only eng medium, is there any chance for me.. in tnpsc cutt off list the cutt off for tamil med was 220 for bc tamil medium .,any chance for me. enukku junior asst chance irrukka sir, please reply, i am waiting ur reply,, pl reply.,

  470. Hi Ilayaraja Sir!
    my score in group-2 exam is 141/200. BC Male. DOB; 1964 UG in Tamil lit. PG in J & C. Is there any chance to get interview or non-interview post?
    Please reply. Thanks.

  471. sir what about groub iv not qualified candidates in groub iv counselling?will they reject the selection of those candidates.?

  472. Hi ilayaraja sir,

    pls unga mobile numbera ku forward pannunga sir. ungakitta konjam group 4 and 2 counselling doubts kekkanum. If you not having problem pls message me from your number to 8098329817.

  473. ilaya sir,

    i got 137 marks for 200 i am bc female tamil medium till degree dob 1975 can i get any chance for non interview post please reply

  474. Dear Ilayaraja,

    I have 156/200 in VAO, DOY: 1980, BC Tamil Medium, Can I expect in second round?
    Is there any possibility for waiting list?

  475. hi i am selected for group 4 junior assistant and vao my G4 cut off 223.5 and vao cutoff 238.5
    when will be the vao counselling


  477. When VAO councelling is going to start? I did n’t received any information about councelling date from TNPSC..if anyone knows means pls inform…

  478. Hi guys,

    I have a doubt pls try to clear it, tnpsc notification Group 4 tells about the vacancy of around 5700 (JA+Drafter+Bill Collector+Field Surveyor excluding backlog) and the shortlist candidates is around 5800.
    At the same time, the overall vacancy in tnpsc website for group 4 is having the vacancy of only 4030. what’s about the balance 1700 vacancy. whether this will be added or not.

    If anybody got some reliable information pls reply.

  479. friends..any latest news about VAO counselling???


  481. anybody know about vao second list..
    is there any opportunity for that?
    I have scored 148/200 bc female 1983 born tamil medium

  482. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    Dear Friends, About 2nd Phase of counselling for the post of V.A.O.2012.! ! !

    During bus journey one co-unknown passenger said that for the 1870 V.A.O. posts two-days counselling have started and completed. For 1870 vaccancies nearly around 1010 selected candiates attended the counselling and received their posting district order from the authorities. So there is some possibilities for 2nd Phase v.a.o. merit list which immediately followed by counselling at Chennai. So let all should look for Gods blessings. He alone knows the All. He is the decider and destroyer of all hopes of all now and then. The above statement is correct. ! ! !

  483. kotteeswari says:

    What is the 2nd list cut-off VAO? Kindly inform to me.

  484. uthaya surian says:

    how can i check 2nd list of vao which is not yet in tnpsc web

  485. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    Dear V.A.O. aspirants, As stated above the 2nd Phase vao 2012 merit list is published in TNPSC to-day ie..12.1.2013.. Out of 1870 seats 1004 seats only filled up in Ist counselling. So in 2nd counselling 866 seats to be filled up on 21.1.2013. For full details visit immediately. God is going to bless some.

    • Dear Ilango sir,

      VAO is very torture job sir… So, 40% did not attend counselling. There are 1900 vacancies already in Tamilnadu due to GR-2 2011 counselling. How can you tell it is a blessing?

  486. One VAO must take over 5 villages at a time… Proper training is not given by Govt… See, out of this 866, there will be another 500 vacancies will be not filled. This will take More Phases…. After GR-II 2012 result, More persons joined in VAO will be selected in CSSE-I 2012… So again there will be vacancies…

    • Manikandan M. says:

      Hi Yuvaraj,

      I agree with you. More VAO selected candidates will be selected to TNPSC Group II. So after result, we could expect more vacancies.

  487. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    Dear V.A.O. hesitaters, Nearly 19% of national income from agriculture. It provides livelihood to

    56% of the labour forces. Various important industries in India waiting for raw materials for their
    industrial development from agriculture. Villagers playing prime core role in food, milk
    poultry, live-stock production,fisheries etc.. who are powerful source of indian economy and
    employment generators. Food production in India has not kept pace with the annual increase in population. So Government has adopted various measures for production and welfare of our villagers. V.A.O. plays important role between government bodies and villagers. So you are a mini-king for the said 5 villages. Your mind is the deciding factor. It should be in the sathya path undoubtly. The need is simple. Service-oriented citizens is requiring for the upliftment of our nation.God-minded people only can serve as V.A.O. in our State.
    So I comment, The God is going to bless only SOME but not all. Be true to nation and serve. Become a govt. staff God decision is must which is deciding Factor. Serve to Govt. is serve to GOD.

  488. anybody got vao appointment order from collector office

  489. VAO III phase counselling will be on 24 jan 2013.. 450 only attended II phase counselling.. 416 absent…

  490. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    Dear VAO likers, 2nd Phase counselling completed.. Out of 866 450 candidates reported.. So, it goes to 3rd Phase counselling . Vaccancies..416… counselling at This is for information.
    News Source; dt.21.1.2013 14.31p.m.

  491. Sonamutthan says:

    Dear ilangosir,

    24 th counsellig… Ana ippave 21st.. Website layum ethum 3rd phase list podala… eppo poduvanaga 3rd list

  492. Hi ilayaraja sir, wat abt group 4 2nd list… Epo 2nd list publish panuvanga. Plz reply me.

  493. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    Dear Friends, Group IV 2012- 2nd Phase counselling will be expected to start after the completion of V,A.O. 2012 counselling.. Govt. is decided to give proper training to newly selected V.A.O.s. very soon after the completion of counselling.(Source news….Sun T,V.)

  494. R.ILANGOVAN says:

    Dear Friends, Latest news from website…. … dt. 22.1.2013 ..

    time..10.23am Unfilled posts Counselling for the year 2012 at Chennai. V.A.O. ON
    24.1.2013, Group Iv 2nd Phase counselling on 29.1.2013, Group ii 2011.. on 30.1.2013. No posta
    l communication from the TNPSC office for all.. 1) calling order to your Email Address if you
    furnish in your application 2) calling order to your mobile by S.M.S.service if you give your mobile
    number in your application 3) you should visit TNPSC website and watch the site now and then whether the Phase result is there.Thank you Good luck..

  495. VAO ku nalai oru nalthan iruku, 24 counselling na.. innum 3rd list varala.. vanatha conduct certificate, tamil medium certificate sign vangalam. Waiting list la nama iruntha epdi therium.. Epo 3rd list poduvanga?

  496. My vao result passa

  497. What is the secret beyond not releasing Final Answer Keys and Rank list for VAO and Group IV? If rank list be realeased, we can know our position for further phases of counselling…

  498. did anybody get 3rd phase interview call?

  499. 3rd phase list for vao is released


  501. Group 4 2nd list epo varum…

  502. Dear Friends, Much expected TNPSC Group II (doe..DEC.2012) results may be published on 6th Feb. 2013. Are you ready with register number..

  503. THILAGAVATHI says:

    i got 165 marks 30-09-2012 in tnpsc vao exam but i did’n’t get any reply from tnpsc .i am a disabled person

  504. balamurugan says:

    Any II phase of Group IV counseling? Mr. Ilangovan sir, please.

  505. Friends, There is possibilities of 2nd Phase counselling for TNPSC Group posts 2012.. But it is difficult to predict the number of unfilled vaccancies .

  506. Dear Balamurugan, TNPSC GROUP 4 IInd Phase counselling is sure. It will come within 15 days.
    Number of vaccancies I guess ..1000 to 1300 posts. God only Knows. Wait and see.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  508. Dear Friends, To-day (08.02.2013) TNPSC is conducting V.A.O. 2012 IIIrd Phase counselling. Anybody knows the vaccancy position at the end of 3rd Phase counselling. Please put the same immediately.

  509. manikandan says:

    still 185 vacancies are available……….

  510. got vao appointment order on jan 15th itself


  512. Hello,ilango sir:
    I am 136/200 in 2012 group 4 exam. Is there any possibility in 2nd list (mbc canditate).

  513. Mr. Bala, you have 50% chance.Pray God.

  514. I have been called for counselling on 29/01/2013 for typist but i only have English higher. They said they will call for junior assistant if any vacancy is there. What should i do to know whether i am selected or not or in waiting list.

  515. My mark is 192 and i am sc female.

  516. Shobana, There is no separate call I think.. You should wait and look for your chance in Group IV 2nd Phase counselling which is in expecting stage very shortly.

  517. Hai siva,

    I have 130/200 in group II 2012. any possibility (atleast non interview Post).

  518. hai siva,
    I have 141/200 in group II 2011.Any possibility for non interview post in 2nd list. i am in mbc.

  519. Am i have the chance of getting the junior assistant job and also in the application form there is a mistake. I have typed September instead of August, month and year are correct. While certificate verification they asked to write a letter abt this so i gave them. This will create a problem for me. Pls ans me.

  520. why no answer ya? Now they have announced GR-2 counselling. Is there is any chance of Gr-4 second phase counselling.

  521. Shobana, Group iv 2nd Phase Merit list is sure. Please wait…Now the turn is for G-2 oral test which is planned to start from 22.2.2013.

    • Thanks ya. But i also asked abt that dob problem. I typed September instead of August in the form everything else is correct. Pls answer to clear my doubt.

  522. You said that TNPSC officials pointed out the mistakes in your side, guided you for a letter and
    accepted the same immediately there.TNPSC is always in positive approach. So no problem.

  523. Thank u

  524. Dear ilango sir,

    When will be VAO remaing 185 vacancies councelling? Please clear this doubt.. phase IV…?

  525. Dear kasim, TNPSC VAO 2012 4th Phase counselling is sure as my inner says. But When!!! At present their concentration is on Group 2 Oral Test counselling. Also Group 4 2nd Phase is waiting for more than 2 months.Then Group 2 posting and Group 2 non o.t. merit list and counselling. There is a big queue. So Allah only knows when!!! You better ask for His reply and report the same here.

  526. Thanks Mr. Siva… I have got 231/300.. Last tamil medium cut-off (III phase) is 232.5/300… MY DOY is 1980.. So… I am in interest…

  527. I have got 146/200 for oc female in group 4. Will I get posting in second list for junior assistants. The cut off for list 1 was 151/200 for OC female. Kindly reply about my chances. They say the vacancies are 1000 nos.


  528. Lavanya, If vaccancies is 1000 posts,as per quota reservation (31%)… 310 posts goes to O.C.
    candidates. Out of these 310 posts, O.C. FEMALE (30%) has only 93 posts. You compete in this slot I think..Nearly 5 Questions difference is there So your chances are low.. If Phase is increasing continuously have a chance which is very rare.

  529. My marks is 192/300 in Gr-4 Jr asst. I am SC female English medium. They called me for certificate verification 29/1/2013 for typist and but i did not have Tamil typing so they said they will call if there is vacancy for junior asst. Now the second list is out my number is not in the provisional list and also in the reserve list. I do not know how to check whether my mark is up to the level or not of the selected SC candidates . what may be the reason for my rejection? Please answer as early as possible. Waiting for ur answer.

  530. What is cut off for IV phase VAO counselling? and What is the cut off in group IV II phase Counselling? Kindly inform me.

  531. thulasiraman says:

    i am thulasi . i am a bc categories i want bc cut off marks in all tnpsc exam’s

  532. sir’ i want tnpsc prepare method’s

  533. tnpsc group 4 result of 3rd phase are declared . my mark is 195. i am belongs to bc .is there any possible to select me in 4th phase ?

  534. no chance pa try next

  535. hemalatha says:

    Hi sir…

    Nan BCA padichi irukan… Yenaku VAO exam yeluthanum nu interest iruku.. but yeppadi prepare pannanum nu theriyala… yenna yenna subjects la padikanum nu sollunga please…

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  537. balamurugan says:

    when will declared group 4 & VAO 2013 notification?
    why so late?

  538. karunakaran says:

    hai this is karuna
    i have done my tenth,i am a sc candidate,is 150+ marks enough for me to get the job,please advise me.
    thanks and regards,

  539. braphakaran says:

    hi frds comands la pardhen super. Vao exam epdi prepar panuna select agala frds any idea

  540. samundeeswari says:

    whether other state candidates are eligible for tnpsc vao exam? if yes, is there any separate reservation for them?

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