September 23, 2014

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TNPSC Group 4 [25.8.2013] Exam Analysis & Expected Cutoff Marks

TNPSC Group 4 [25.8.2013] Exam Analysis & Expected Cutoff Marks

TNPSC – Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Conducted Examination for Recruitment of Group IV Officers on 25th August 2013 . Nearly 16lakh Candidates applied for the Exam & the Exam Was Carried Out in Various Centres of Tamilnadu

TNPSC Group IV Exam Analysis :

TNPSC Group IV Exam held on 25th August Was a Typical Paper Neither Easy nor Tough . As Per the Serious Aspirants ( I Discussed) Exam Was Very Easy especially General Tamil Part was Easier than General English as Usual . Gk Questions were moderate

TNPSC Group IV Exam Expected Cutoff Marks:

Hope 150+ Correct Questions Wil Be a Safe Score to Clear the Exam

Your Cutoff out of 200

(Based on Number of Correct Answers Out of 200 Items)

Also Check : TNPSC Group IV Exam Answer Keys [Updated]


  1. general English is tougher than group3….
    wat about general tamil candidates..???

  2. general English is tough

  3. Hi,friends how was ur tnpsc group 4 exam????comment plsss

  4. under the new syllabus this year group 4 exam was not easy not tough, but time was not sufficient for most of the candidate to attend aptitude

    • prabaharan says:

      anybody pls tell me when will the result comes? anybody have any details about tnpsc group 4, pls kindly inform me

  5. Tamil was somewhat easy and Gk was moderate.Overall the question paper was good.

  6. manikandan says:

    what is the expected score for MBC general candidates guys. any idea?

  7. what will be the expected score ,needed definitely to get a job as JA in group4 held on today….
    I am belongs BC…reply anyone..

  8. last year question paper was tougher than this year , 10000 vacancies and cutoff went till 140 questions for bc….
    this year only 5500 vacancies,so cutoff may ne around 160+

  9. Ganesh Arumugam says:

    A majority of the candidates are new for group IV-2013. The real competitors are the one who already attended g4, g2, g3 etc. They know the format and covered the syllabus comparatively well than the new comers. An increase of 15 to 20 marks in each category is expected than the previous exam. Answering more than 155 questions will be regarded in the safe zone.

    This year’s G4 is somewhat easier and I think it will enable candidates without degree qualifications can enter easily and settle in a G4 job, unlike graduates who are ditching G4 if they are selected in G2. ( here I am not criticizing anybody, it is human nature (including myself), but the govt point of view is retaining a better qualified candidate is of paramount importance.)

    This G4 had many surprises, if you are able to correctly answer a question, that question will lead to some other questions to get bonus marks. Those who are skipped those initial questions could be guided by the question paper to answer the skipped questions, especially in English (“Caught Sneezing”) and some questions in GK. Consistency in the learning is checked.

    The Andy Murray question, G-20 question do have some doubts. I thoroughly enjoyed the exam. Expecting 160

    All the best for all the candidates.

  10. I was answered 160 questions as right , i am belongs to BC category , there is sure to get a job? please answer anybody……

  11. If you get 145 to 150 question out of 200 and belong to BC(General). You can expect a call.

  12. i got 171/200 based on N.R IAS Academy key.. BC Male..

    I score 152 questions,i am belongs to BC men,what about my chance,share me

  14. i am bc female i expect 155 for 200 i am pg tamil medium also can i get any chance i complete my tet exam i expect 96 marks in it but the tet chance will go buy cutoff this time please brothers anybody give me answer date of birth august 1975

  15. to check Gr 4 ans tentatively… Go to

    I Think Cut off will be (as a TNPSC EXAM coacher, its just my prediction)

    OC – 158 (+/- 3 Qns)
    BC – 155 (+/- 3 Qns)
    MBC – 153 (+/- 3 Qns)
    SC/ST – 146 (+/- 3 Qns)

    TYPIST – 132 (+/- 3 Qns)

  16. just some doubts on the nriasacademy answer keys….. is there a phosphorescence material in the poles that causes the auro borealis…. really???? Can soeme one show some link for evidence for this

  17. i got 145 to there any chance?

  18. cut off will more than 162+ because everyone did well dude….

  19. Ganesh Arumugam says:

    The cutoff will be based not only on communal category but also based on whether you are a SSLC,+2/Diploma,graduate, postgraduate.

  20. Last year,
    OC(general)- 155/200
    This year, since the the no. of post is less and the competition is more,

    NOTE: * + or – 3 marks would work out for the cut-off..

    Anyways, wait for the TNPSC official key, compare your answer with that and pls post your no.of questions here…. for a rough estimation of the expected cut-off

  21. My prediction.OC 150,BC 147,MBC 145,SC 142.

  22. any possible for bcm female 120/200

  23. Did anybody notice that the TNPSC website( is not accessible at the moment…

  24. Just a small discussion on the polls…. the number of people getting less than 130 has reached 37% and is the highest among others…. does it mean that there would be some change in the cut-off…
    (would it become lesser than most of the prediction)

  25. In radian website 165+ is safe score ….

  26. I expect to get 158/200(based on IR ias academy key) and belong to BC,graduate and female.. is there any chance of getting the job.???

    TYPIST 140 OC
    138 BC

  28. i expect 153/200 based on nr academy key. bc male

  29. Hi frnds,

    My sister wrote this exam, was expecting 140-145 belongs to BCM female . Is there any chance???


  30. i except 120/200. i am mbc . is there any chance to get a job????

  31. I expect 136 out of 200. I am BC, Completed UG Degree.Typewriting both higher. Is there chance to get typist post

  32. Quite not easy to say if you would get, but you can keep your fingers crossed…..

  33. what will be the expected cutoff for bcm female

  34. Taking last year’s cut-off into considering for the post other than typist and steno,the cut-off for the BC female— 138/200 or more… so this year, it should be more than 145/200, (because, number of post is lesser than last year and competition is more)

  35. surely i ll get 162+… any chance for me to get JA post…. pls reply krausur…

  36. Pls check your answers with the tnpsc official answer key. if you still get the the same number of correct answers(162+/200 questions), you have a high chance of getting the JApost if you are from BC category and even from OC there are chances.

  37. I was answered 102/200 questions right. I m belongs to BC category. Is there any chance to get a job?? please reply sir


  39. group 4 i got 158 question correct. any chance my community mbc

  40. MOHAMED ISMAIL says:

    i got 155 correct answer..belongs to BCM.. is it chance to get…
    pls reply me

  41. my marks is 158/200 BC,graduate and female…is there any chance???

  42. kalaiselvi says:

    i got 145 marks in group 4 answer key i am bc female pg and tamil medium can i get any chance for job one doubt any individual application for typist i completed my type writing both higher

  43. i got 153 bc female tamil medium can i have chance please tell me

  44. my mark is 152/200 based on tnpsc key. i am bc male. is there any chance???

  45. I got PG degree, 4 Higher and I scored 125 only. I am BC female. Is there any chance???

  46. my mark is 105/200 based on tnpsc key.i am bcm ,tamil mediam ,physically handicaped i there any chance??

  47. hai frds…i got yhe 150/200 ques…i am MBC male…i got any chance for this in group4

  48. Hi friends i got 142, BC. I got change for this group 4?


  50. Hi frnds… I got 145/200 ques.. I belong to BC.. I finished Degree and also finished typing in both higher…
    Is there any chances to get TYPIST post…
    Thanks for advance…

  51. Hi Frnds

    I got 153/200 and PG degree, MBC female. Can anyone suggest whether i will get


  52. hai frds.. i goy 121/200 ques. i am BC MALE . DEGREE. I got any chance to this in group 4 typist

  53. K. Selva rathna says:

    hai, I got 98/200 questions, I belonged to BC. I finished S.S.L.C and also finished typewriting in both higher. I am a widow, but i have not get a destitute widow certificate. I got any chance to this group 4 typist

  54. Sir im bc male 154 ques degree..any chance ?

  55. santhosh kumar says:

    I got 150 marks. I think above 155 BC above 160 OC above 150 SC/ST

  56. Hi I got 145+ in TNPSC GRUOP4 exam… I am BC,UG, is there any chance in JA post?….

  57. I got 115marks mbc based on IAS acadamy answer pg qualification is there any chance…?

  58. I got 157 marks belongs to sc category. Is there any chance? pls reply sir.

  59. cheers.surely u will get in 2nd or 3rd phase counselling

  60. i m telling u anand ji

  61. sorry.i meant sundar ji

  62. I got 95/200…I`m mbc and i have completed t/w tamil lower & t/w english higher and computer office automation can i able to get the job?

  63. vijayanand says:

    my mark is 113/200 SCA if any chance to me?

  64. 156/ degree. age 39. is there any chance

  65. Malaiyandi says:

    I am MBC community Both Higher tamil medium 127/200 questions correct.Cut off details plz

  66. All my dear Frds who have secured 140+ and have typist qualification can get that job…
    others in The general category surely u need atleast 155+ to compete.. 160+ u can be pretty sure… if u couldnt achieve this time… don’t worry definitely u can crack The nut in The upcoming exam.. ALL THE BEST


  68. I am a MBC female,post graduate holder with 158 right questions in Group4 2013(checked with TNPSC key).Would i get a chance of getting job?

  69. ARUN MOZHI says:


  70. i am MBC with B.E degree.I got 140 .There is any chance???

  71. I got 179/200 based on govt. key MBC any chance for me reply pls

  72. 150/200 BC PG DEGREE 31 YEARS OLD Is there any chance for me?

  73. I am SC Male , General english and my score is 155/200

  74. This is the first time am attempting TNPSC Gr-IV

  75. Dear Mr.Arunan,

    I got PG degree, 4 higher and I scored 125/200, BC Female. Is there any chance of getting?????

  76. wat will be the cut off for bc female.i got 146 questions correct.i got PG degree.can i get job?

  77. i got 136 is there any chance.negative marking is there for grp4 ah tell me


  79. i got 110 bc female is there any chance to get job for me…????

  80. I got 155/200, BC MALE is there any chance atleast in II phase?????????????????????????

  81. M.Sulaiman says:

    I am belongs to BCM, I scored 133/200: can I select?

  82. im BC with B.E degree.I got 110.There is any chance to get job????

  83. M.Sulaiman says:

    In Railway A.S M main exam (18-08-2013) I scored 63 right answers out of 120. Can I pass?

  84. dear goms.i expect u 2 get 2nd or 3rd phase counselling.all the best

  85. arunan sir, I scored 156/200 bcm. any chance?

  86. i got 163 questions correct on tnpsc group 4 exam held on 25-08-2013. i got junior assistant posting

  87. hi sir,
    i got 121/200 and now only i am studying degree,is there any chance to get the job?

  88. Hi All,
    I got score 139/200……
    Can i have any chance get job????????????

  89. Hi Friends,

    I got score 134/200
    Typing English Junior
    Can I get any chance to have any job?

  90. Tamilselvan says:

    Answer key

  91. i got score127/200. sc male i complite typing both higher and dtp can i get jop

  92. Arunan Sir
    I got score 154/200 PG, MBC Female, Can i get any change to have job

  93. prabhakaran says:

    Hai frids
    I got score tnpsc : 177/200
    i get any chance for 4 th job in tnpsc and also i have typist and tamil medium MBC/DC

  94. muthukumar says:

    dear friends

    I got 157 / 200.BC Male.Can i have any chance get job ?


  96. Dear friends
    Dont waste ur tym in analysng the cut off and all be ready for
    Group 2 exam. Ennam uyarvaga vai think high reach high
    There is no substitute for hard work all the best for group 2 exam

  97. M.VIJAYAKUMAR says:

    I GET SCORE 135/200

  98. I answered 163 questions. bc male. any chance to get job. please reply anyone.

  99. vasudevan rajagopal says:

    Hai, there…….. this is vasu, completed SSLC and HSC, i got 130 corrected answers as per the tnpsc
    key.. also am an mbc candiate studied in english medium…….. tell me the feasiblity??????? for me in getting job??????? will any one help me????

  100. muthukumar says:

    I got 158/200. BC Male canditate.Can i get any chance to have any job ?

  101. sathiyapriya says:

    bc female have got 123/200.whether any possibilities???????

  102. loganathan says:

    my score 145 /200 tnpsc key i m bc any chance.

  103. My score 115/200 both higher female widow i am BC caste. Can I get any chance to have any job?

  104. My score 142 /200 male mbc any chance to get job

  105. expected cut off:o.oc-152,bc-149,mbc-147,sc-145.

  106. Sir,I got 147/300,is there any chance to get job in tnpsc group 4 services and also belongs to SC category nd a graduate in engineering.please reply me sir………

  107. My score 148/200 BC male any chance to get job

  108. SIR
    i got 180/300, is there any chance to get a post……

  109. saraswathi says:

    Sir I got 137/200 MBC PG female typing english higher tamil lower sir can I get any chance group 4 2013

    • saraswathi says:

      Sir I got 137 right answer MBC PG female typing english higher tamil lower sir can I get any chance group 4 2013

  110. From the above voting, %above 160 marks is 13%…

    Considering the above %, with 12lakh candidates, it will come around 1,56,000…This seems to be unrealistic…

    So how to arrive to cut off from the above voting….!

  111. this exam result is going to my life, it seems.. i got 155/200 BC General.. I know that i wont get it in 1st phase… i need it atleast in 2nd or 3rd.. Is there any chance????

  112. I have 2 wait for three more months for the results….

  113. Hai arunan sir any news about group2 non ot result sir

  114. hi to all. now i have a great doubt…actually i have done B.E and i have given in the application form in the prescribed qualification part as SSLC and in qualification qualification particulars table as Graduate…and if considered what will be taken as my qualification..if also what will the difference in marks??

    • JANAKIRAMAN says:

      All graduvates are treated equal.Arts,Commerce,science,engg.even mbbs are also graduvates. field is differ.thats all.

    • Actually prescribed qualfictn is sslc but in selection list if candidate
      Got same marks then they will giv preference higher qualification any
      BE treated as under gradute but u got strengthy marks dont worry select
      Best promotional chances department. Marks alone decide ur department if u got
      Low marks u will throw to dull department like library museum police department

  115. i got 142 correct answers bcmuslim any chance

  116. i belongs to sc and i scored 103/200 ans right.. is there any chances..??

  117. pls reply me..

  118. hi friends

    I am premkumar …I got 146/200 belongs to SC PG tamil medium….is there any chance to get 2nd or 3 phase

  119. NATESH SAYS says:

    162/200 BC MALE,ANY CHANCE

  120. i got 157 questions crct bc female i will get it or not the job

  121. hi, can anyone clarify my doubt? I completed both higher, but I did not mentioned typist post as the first preference; I choose this as a third one. If I got marks which enough for typist post, then will I consider for the typist post or not?

  122. its sure 160/200 to get the job for bc.
    And for candidates with type higher it may be 140/200 for bc.
    More over two answers given by tnpsc is wrong.

  123. kalaiselvi says:

    I got 140-145/200 bc female,tamil medium.Is there any chance?

  124. Respected sir,

    I am a orphan I have all certificates.I expect 140 marks .I am a SC .Can I expect any govt job?
    by mallika

  125. Respected sir,

    What is the cut off marks for SC in August 25.8.2013?.I have 93 answers 1/2 marks i will get 140 marks.

  126. i got 102 questions correct, Bc female, any chance to i get a job, i have finished with diplomo civil engineering

  127. hai i got 120/200 and both higher in typist exam any chance to get the job……

  128. i got 120/200 and both higher in the typing exam any chance for me…………

  129. Tamilselvan says:

    iam bc male both higher 134 score any chance for typost

  130. keerthana.c says:

    hi , i am sc female , gt 170 marks in tnpsc group 4 ,any chance of geting for job ?

  131. hi friends..,
    i got score 138

  132. Hello all,

    I answered 110/200 with english lower type writing. I am OC(Female) is there any chance to get post? pls reply me…

  133. hi I scored 102/200 ans correct.. and i’m sc is there any chances to get job..?? I completed B.E(ECE) reply me sir…

  134. Hi All,

    cut off mark is
    genral 155
    bc 148
    mbc 146

  135. am sc female .i will get 73 correct ans out 200.if any other chance for me?

  136. anyone have tamil ilakkiyam pdf or any link… pls mail me

  137. 145 questions correct. I’m sc male. Any chances friends

  138. visnu kumar says:

    Is there any chance for 146/200 . i am bc male . General tamil is tougher than general english. general tamil candidates not easy to score above 150. so cut off will be around 145-160. those who have got b/w 145-150 they will get only in second list.

  139. hi,i answered 160 out of 200 in ref with nri academy answer keys but in tnpsc official answer keys ,only i got 155…i think some of the answers are wrong in tnpsc answer keys… der any chance for a JA post…..

  140. selvakumar says:

    am 136 / mbc ,BE degree.i didnt had typewriting am going for classes to finish both higher.can I get a interview call.pls eagerly waiting

  141. I got 115 ques ryt….and I belongs to BC dw(ortho)…is der any chance…???

  142. Hi… I am disability person(above 60./.)…I am finish mca…my caste is mbc… I got 141/200.. Any chance …

  143. Hi..disabled person..igot 141/200.. Mbc caste..complete MCA..any chance..

  144. V.ANANDAVALLI says:

    i scored 110/200 i will get chance for this time

  145. Anyone plz tell wat ll be the final cutoff?


    I am BC Male. I Will get 134/200. Degree, and Type writing Both Higher. Can i get typist post


    I am BC male. I got 134 Out of 200 correct. I have completed typist both higer, Degree complete. I got typist job?

  148. Ganesh Arumugam says:

    Radian Academy

    After 10am-12 noon session

    Expected cutoff OC-160(+/-)3
    BC 155(+/-)3

  149. i am mbc and pg 145/200 is there any chance to select

  150. hi i got 150/200 questions are correct any chance to get a belongs to sc

  151. hi i got 115/200 questions are correct any chance to get a job.i belongs to sca.

  152. hi, frnds, i got 102/200 questions are correct, any chance to get a job. i am bc female, i hve done DCE. plz tell any friends. plzzz…

  153. arunan sir,

    i got 105/200 [tamil and english both higher], mbc , degree
    any change for me

  154. P.MANI MALA says:


    I got 95 /200 finished both tamil & english higher with junior grade short hand i am bc caste my age 36.. any chance for me

    regds/p mani mala

  155. within 30 days

  156. within 30 days grp 2 non ot result will be published

  157. mala next exam u will d best

  158. P.MANI MALA says:

    Dear Arunan sir

    I got 95/200 finished both tamil & english higher with junior grade in short hand .. finished diploma in steno graphy i am bc community. my age is 36 …any chance for me

  159. yoga jothi says:

    I got 165 questions are correct, I am BC Female. I got a beter department?

  160. yoga jothi says:

    I got 165 questions are correct. I am BC female. If i get better posting.

  161. can any one reply when group2 n group1 exams going to conduct

  162. RAMAMURTHY. E says:

    HI, I got 152 ques. correct how will be chance to me. BC catog.

  163. hi sir/madam,
    I got 140 ques, correct .I am mbc female & tamil medium is there any chance to get

    a job? plz reply me

  164. RAJESHKANNAN says:

    HI i got 122 correct,ST Category,any chance to me?

  165. i am bc male age 34 , + 2 tamil medium , 157/200 , if any chance ?

  166. i got 144 ques correct i am general &completed tamil medium in ug any chance


  168. sir. i got 148/200. I belong to bcm. age 40 .pg degree holder. is there any chance? pls tell me

  169. Praveen Kumar says:

    I belong to general category…in 2012 grp4 exam i got 146 and got JA post in 3rd phase…this time i have got 158 qns correct…in my opinion those who have prepared fr previous year exams ll score min 10 qns more…i expect cut off to be around 155-160 for general..152-155 for bc.

  170. sir i got 142/200 iam sc .there is any change tell me sir please

  171. hai i have got 128/200 would i hhave an chance of gettng a job in group 4 pls anyone rply me….

  172. hi arunan sir, i got 102/200 questions correct. i have got any chance. i am bc, i have done dce. drafs men (or) any other post. plz reply sir

    • better luck next time….lot of competition….all over….so study well…… time surely u will achieve the job

  173. hi prem i got 120/200 correct answer and type writing both higher any chance to me….

  174. sasikumar k says:

    hai i got 142/200 any chance.i m bc male candidate

  175. gurumurugan says:

    Dear friends:

    cut of details group 4 :

    oc: 155 to 150

    bc 150 to 145

    sc 145 to 140

  176. Hai frnds i am 150/200 correct MBC eny chance?

  177. Mani kandan says:

    After all discussion it clearly seem that the cut off will be very difficult to determine .but to very best of my ability the cut off to those who really joining will be around for oc =150 For bc 145 for mbc140 for sc st 130 so please wait the candidates above 155 and above will aim for group 2 or higher .but below 130 please prepare well for next exam .best of luck.

  178. Final CUTOFF MARK PARTICULARS : Communal Categories Educational Qualifications Date of Birth Marks General Turn(General) DEGREE 09/29/90 234.00 General Turn(DW) DEGREE 05/17/79 195.00 Backward Class(OTM)(General) DEGREE 05/13/85 232.50 Backward Class(OTM) ‐Tamil Medium DEGREE 06/17/87 232.50 Backward Class(OTM)(Women) DEGREE 05/26/86 229.50 Backward Class(OTM) (Women) ‐ Tamil Medium DEGREE 05/01/88 229.50 Backward Class(OTM)(DW) DEGREE 06/02/80 195.00 Backward Class(OTM)(DW)‐Tamil Medium DEGREE 12/06/84 195.00 Most Backward Class/DC (General) PG DEGREE 04/10/85 232.50 Most Backward Class/DC (General)‐ Tamil Medium PG DEGREE 06/08/85 232.50 Most Backward Class/DC (Exser)‐Tamil Medium PG DEGREE 03/10/67 177.00 Most Backward Class/DC (Women) PG DEGREE 05/05/78 225.00 Most Backward Class/DC (Women)‐ Tamil Medium PG DEGREE 05/15/83 225.00 Most Backward Class/DC (Women)‐ DA‐Ortho DEGREE 06/17/91 205.50 Most Backward Class/DC (DW) DEGREE 02/19/83 192.00 Most Backward Class/DC (DW)‐Tamil Medium DEGREE 05/09/77 189.00 Backward Class (Muslim) (General) DEGREE 06/03/81 222.00 Backward Class (Muslim) (General)‐ Tamil Medium DEGREE 02/23/84 222.00 Backward Class (Muslim) (Women) PG DEGREE 08/19/82 217.50 Scheduled Caste (Arunthathiar) (General) ‐ TM DEGREE 05/30/87 223.50 Scheduled Caste (Arunthathiar) (Women) HSC 06/16/88 210.00 Scheduled Caste (General) ‐ TM PG DEGREE 05/13/82 228.00 Scheduled Caste (Women) PG DEGREE 05/20/87 220.50

  179. hi friends cut off in this time for group 4 is 150 and above only…

  180. already i will selected for 2011 group 2 exam and 2012 group 4 exams…now working in assistant in rural development department….please any doubt contact my mail id

  181. how to send our opinion to tnpsc about questions…. anyone knows contact id… pls reply ..

  182. Sir , my tnpsc group- 4 score , 157/200 , +2 – tamil medium , age ;34 if any chance , pls reply anyone

  183. Ganesh Arumugam says:

    Below 130 will be 60% (7,20,000 candidates) A
    130+ will be 25% (3,00,000 candidates) B
    140+ will be 14% (1,68,000) C
    150+ will be 0.75% (9000) D
    160+ will be 0.25% (3000) E

    A+B+C+D+E = 12,00,000 candidates

    Community, age and qualifications are going to be the deciding factors. Even your date of registration for Group IV will be a deciding factor.

    • Ganesh Arumugam says:

      The reasons for increase in the number of candidates appearing for this year’s group 4 exam are

      1. Impartial attitude of the govt in selecting candidates on merit base.
      2. Transparency in all stages of the examination.
      3. Heavy influx of D.T.Ed and B.Ed holders.
      4. Mushrooming of coaching centers all over Tamilnadu.
      5. Relatively low exam fees when compared to other type of exams.

  184. Sir,

    My mark is 155/200 based on TNPSC Key. i am bc there any chance.

  185. 128/200 bcmuslim female,if any chance to me? Please friends tel me anyone


  187. sir,tnpsc group 4 cut off marks SC WIDOW CATEGORY

  188. for cutoff details…please visit this site …….you may get some idea about that

    • sir i got 156/200… mbc,completed BE and my dob is 25/4/1990…. any possible for me to get job….

    • Mr.Praveen, thanks for the link. But I could not understand it. Can you please explain how to interpret it?

      For each category a year is given..and also a degree and PG degree. What are their significance?

      Please explain the following categories as an example…explaining each component…one by one. It will be useful for everyone who visits this site.

      1.General Turn(General) – Degree 09/29/90 – 234.00

      2.Scheduled Caste(Arunthathiyar)(General) – TM – Degree 05/30/87 – 223.50

      3.Scheduled Caste (General) – TM – PG Degree 05/13/82 – 228.00

      Please do it as a service.

      Advance Thanks!

      • These are all assumptions, the cut off is the mark of the last person qualified for attending counseling, the components are ed.qualification, DOB and mark, if you scored above the cut off mark in particular community reservation you will definitely get the call.

      • If candiates of same comunity got same marks
        Preference goes to pg then ug graduates if many of
        Candidates having same mark with pg then tnpsc
        Will consider their date of birth in this case elder one wil
        Get post

        For example

        Name mark comunty DOB qualification
        Raj 245 BC 14.12.76 Msc or MA or ME
        Ravi 245 Bc 13.1.78 BE or BA
        Raji 245 Bc 13.4.80 SSLC

        In above case raj is sucessor
        And cut for BC is BC /pg degree /14.12.76 /245

        Still if u not understand call me 9940868456

    • Ganesh Arumugam says:

      Dear Mr. Praveen, determining the cutoff of an exam could not be done before evaluating the answer script. I don’t know how it is possible to have a cutoff before scanning the answer scripts.

  189. sc 136/200 typewritting tamil lower and english higher any chance

  190. i have 131 out of 200 questions can i have any chance to get job i completed my english senior grade

  191. Dear frnds RADIAN g2 state first MR.PARTHASARTHY expected cut off g4- 140+ bc

  192. 132/200 BC Tamil medium PG degree any chance for me

  193. M.Mohideen Abubucker says:

    Please give the cut off marks for TYPIST POST For All Category.

  194. M.SASHTIKA ( சஷ்டிகா ) says:

    hi i am m.sashtika got 157 (+)/ 200 questions crt based on tnpsc key . category : DNC qualification: MCA and up to +2 medium of instruction in TAMIL .. any chance for me….

  195. i got 153 marks as per tnpsc key answer…i belongs to sc community…any chance for me….please reply…..

  196. Sir

    I got 154/200 in exam and Post Graduate, MBC female.
    What will be MBC female cutoff, is there any chance for JA post.

    Please suggest.

  197. why radian didnt publish expected cutoff?anybody know that expected cutoff?

  198. I was new for group4 exam …But questions are very simple &easy……If i prepared well., then definitely i hope for good result……

  199. sir i have 145/200 MBC +2[HSC] can i expect job

  200. sir plz answer me i have 145/200 as per tnpsc key iam MBC Male ,age30 ,HSC any chance sir please answer me.

  201. I got 145/200 and MBC is any chance …

  202. I getting 142 as per tnpsc ans key , is there any chance for me to get through group 4 exam,? I belong to sc community women , wt would be the expected cut off according to cateory wise ,if anyone knows pls send me.

    • Nivetha its hard to predict any cut off at this level, but for last year group 4 in sc category the least mark qualified is 210 in 4th phase, may be this year it may increase or decrease, but i hope there would not be huge differences in cut off with ref to last year, you have a chance, let us hope for best.

  203. Baranidharan says:

    I have 127/200 MBC Both Higher, Male, Degree
    May I get any chance?

  204. i got 148 according to tnpsc key and am bc is there any chance for me to get job sir?

  205. Hi friends i got 153 correct answer .am B.E candidate..if any chances for me……….

  206. Hai friends,
    MARK: 160/200,
    DEGREE : B.E
    DOB: 4.10.1991
    Enakku JA post conforma kidaikuma Pls rply any body


    I got 112/200 bc BOTH Higher, female, Degree May i get any chance?
    please replay anybody?

  208. I have finished 10th, diploma in engg, and B.B.A by correspondence. Am i eligible for writing GR-2 exams.

  209. Yes Shobana you are eligible to write G2 TNPSC examinations.




    MARK : 157/200
    DOB : 16.05.1975

  212. P.MANIKANDAN says:

    sir, i will correct 120/200 mbc any chance for me. typewriting both higher

  213. S.Muthukumar says:

    Hi Mr.Ganesh Arumugam sir

    My mark :156
    Community : BC
    Degree : Bsc
    Date of birth :05.04.1983

    may i get any chance.? please tell me sir

  214. hi friends pls help me am b.e mech how many mark will get for group 2 exam bc holder pls tell me……

  215. mr.ganesh arumugam Sir , i am bc , male , group 4 score 157/200 , +2 tamil medium , diploma , DCA , age 34 , if any chance

  216. Thanks for ur information

  217. Hello sir/madam,
    plz reply me i got 135/200 marks in group IV . am a BC candidate is there any chance to get any post…………

  218. I’m B.E degree holder and doing M.E now am I eligible to apply for group ii

  219. dear friends,
    i scored 145 marks in tnpsc group 4 i am bc female pg dob 1975 tamil medium can i get any chance please reply my answer i am also finished both higher in type writing

  220. You are most welcome to apply!

    The basic qualification to apply for Group 2 as well as Group -1 exam is “any graduation”. That is…B.A. or B.Sc. or B.Sc(Ag) or B.E. That’s all! Even if you are a PhD holder in Arts or Science or Engineering, You can apply.( You can also apply for Group-IV or V.A.O. For these posts the required qualification is S.S.L.C)
    Last year topper of Group-1 exam, Ms.Mathuranthagi (Deputy Collector) is an Engg Graduate (Computer Science). Please watch her interview in the following Youtube link

    Best of Luck!

  221. Karthikeyaa says:

    Name : Karthikeyan
    Marks: 160 tamil ; 83 GK : 77
    Qualification: Diploma/HSC
    Catagary: DNC/MBC
    Any chance for me JA

    • Ganesh Arumugam says:

      Karthikeyaa, Chennai corporationla ungalukku JA post nicchayam. Sweet edunga kondadunga.

      • Tnpsc doesnot recruit JA for corporation. Corporation separate body
        Employment office ony select JA for corporation 1:5 ratio ok ganesh

      • kalirajkasinathan says:

        GANESH SIR

        My score is 169/200. This is my first appearance in TNPSC . MBC Male

        Virudhunagar dt

        which department is best

        Please guide me

  222. thank u ….

  223. Thank you so much :-):-).

  224. 115/200 typewriting both higher, MBC any chance to me typist

  225. Deepa, Engineering Graduates are eligible to write Group II examinations.. But I think that, they are eligible and compete for ALL GRADUATES CATEGORY postings only, which requires very high scores in competitive exams. Prepare hard to win from this limited-seat available category. Praying GOD always makes anything easy,easier,easiest..

  226. thank u for ur information Siva…..I was little confused because I’m studying p.g now……I don’t know the rules of tnpsc that’s y I asked am I eligible candidate to apply…….anyway thanks for all who respond to my query and all d best for all going to write group ii……prepare well….

  227. fathima rafiq says:

    i have 145 marks bc(muslim) tami mediam

  228. computer science engineering…..

    • Ok if other branch like civil ot mech can enter in engnrng service
      No problem apply group 2 prepare well do u know how to prepare
      For group 2

      • If u not aware on group 2 reply me i will give some tips

        • sure tell me…..I am new for the tnpsc exam…..did u write groub ii before what I have to study…..and is this interview post?

          • yes i attend 2009 group2 and selected for interview post and posted in tHighways and rural works department. Four years compltd.

          • Yes this is interview post ok first u read group 2 notification
            Then ask me doubt

            Very simple but u hav to much time for preparation thats all first
            You start from plus one and plus two history book
            And 6th to 10th samacheer kalvi maths book 25 question ask from
            6th to 10th book

          • Collect plus one plus two botony zoology history geography economics
            Tamil current events book manorama arihant sura year book
            Indian constitution important article and 6th to 10th all text book if you
            Start prepartion with in one year u will be appointed
            If u need further information matrial details mail me

          • 6th to 10th maths text books very important 25 questions from thr

      • thank u soo much…. I vl follow ur ideas… it hard to get select in first attempt?… many thanks times did u attempt tnpsc exams? I read the notification there are three exams to attempt is it?preliminary and main and oral test……I have syllabus for this first exam as u say….but what about 2nd & 3rd…..if I select how will be the interview?one again thanks for ur response……keep in touch…….

        • Deepa, you are confusing Civil Service Exam(UPSC) with TNPSC exams. There is no such things like number of attempts in TNPSC. There is only maximum age limit for each community. From the Advt you can know the maximum age limit for the community to which you belong. You can make any number of attempts for any number of posts till you attain that age limit. Thats all! Please don’t confuse yourself unnecessarily. Read the syllabus. Collect good materials. Plan & start your preparations. Its over!

          If you have not yet applied for Group -2 till now… First go for Permanent registration. Pay the fees. You will be sent an ID and password both by SMS and e-mail. Give a gap of two days( one day gap is enough. Still we need not rush). Then again log in to TNPSC website to apply for Gr-2. It will ask whether you have Permanent ID. Using your ID and password enter and fill the application again( only 50% need to be filled like Community and Qualification). Thats all! It will save your time for your future applications and is valid for 5 years. Best of Luck!

          • You might have taken the old syllabus. Revised syllabus is given in bold letters.I don’t know how any one can miss it. Revised syllabus is a single unit covering General studies and language papers for both Interview and non-interview Gr-2 Exams( the current notification is for Interview posts only). As for as language paper you can choose either English or Tamil. If you have studied in Tamil medium up to +2, there is additional reservation for you ( refer the instructions).

            Read the Notification and the relevant syllabus. You have enough time to apply with a free mind.

            It is basic that one has to clear preliminary exam first. After the result of preliminary exam is published, those who have qualified alone will be allowed for the main exam. Once you clear that too, you will be called for the interview.

            If you are doing 2nd year M.E., I would suggest you to forget about TNPSC and concentrate on your studies. Make sure that you get good percentage. After the course, clear JRF which will qualify you to work as lecturer anywhere in India. The Tamil Nadu Government is recruiting lecturers for the Government Engineering colleges, Polytechnics and ITI’s every year or so. You can join the government service with your Engineering qualification itself, majestically.

            If you are confident that you can do both well then go ahead and apply for TNPSC. It is not at all a tough exam once you have collected relevant good study materials. Best of Luck!

        • first atempt itself

          Same syllabus only but qustion will be analytical
          Two essay from each state and central current issue

          Oral test nothing its just interview to check ur personality and
          Presence of mind members ask quetions from ur subject
          Home town family details and current issue thats all if u get high
          Score in mail u wl gt post

        • Upsc too Can clear on first ATtempt everythng depnds upon ur hard work. I clerd grop 2 in first
          Attempt itself. This exam very comfortable for engnrng student. Read text book page to page corner to corner read news paper daily and take notes date wise for current issue hmmm start ur Preparation i will tell some important book

  229. I am 148/200 question.mbc

  230. tamilselvan says:

    iam bc male 134 typewrithing both higher any chance

  231. i got 152/200 in group4..bc …tamil medium…degree holder…any chance to clear the exam?

  232. Sir I got 134 Questions
    I am SC Candiadate female
    I am completed PG
    Typewriting Tamil Lower & Higher

    Any chance sir…..

  233. sir iam gr4 mark 127/200 femel, tamil medium,degree,bet, typeritying both higher,sc any chance. please

  234. hi ,when tnpsc group4 result will come

  235. i got 145 marks in group 4 i am pg tamil medium bc female 1975 type writing both higher can i get any chance to get the job please anyone answer me

  236. Hai friends,

    Anybody attend the 2012 Group IV counselling(fourth pahse) held on 04.09.2013 and 05.09.2013 ?. and how much absentees ?

  237. Need some information in regards to TNPSC Exams.


  239. Abdul Rahim says:


    GOT 118 QUESTION IN GR- 4.
    Any chances?

  240. sir
    I am ex- service (OC) TAMIL MEDIUM I GOT 117/200. ANY CHANCES ?

  241. s.venkatesan says:

    i got 143 in group 4 MBC ANY CHANCE TO GET JOB

  242. i got 143 as per tnpsc answr key.. sc female, any chance for ja


  244. i got 143as per tnpsc answr key …sc female ,any chance for ja..pls reply me

  245. i got 140 above mbc female is there chance to get job

  246. any idea about vao exam

  247. i got 153(BC) is there any chance to get job

  248. hi….i’m BC….female…159/200 right as per the TNPSC keys…..both higer in Tamil & English typing….born on 1985……hope a chance to get a post….is it possible to get atleast typist post….anybody plz clarify….

  249. I got 156 marks in TNPSC group 4 exam and also MBC candidate………….Completed BE in 2009 batch……Any chance to get the JA posting………

  250. murugesan r.p says:

    I am U.G Degree dob is 05-09-1962.Am I eligible for applying gr ii?

  251. how many mark take to + 2 , tamil medium qualified person in group 4 – ( 25.082013 ) minimum cutoff + 2 tamil medium qualified , without degree ? pls tell me

  252. i got 137/200 in group 4. MBC. any chance?

  253. PARAMESSWARI D says:

    I am 4 higher [i.e., tamil & english typing and shorthand] completed MBC Post Graduate women. How many marks should I get to get pass or to get the job [steno-grapher]

    • Dear Parameswari,

      How many questions are correct? that is the deciding factor to know the cut-off. Did you study schooling in Tamil medium?

  254. s.venkatesan says:

    i got 143 qs MBC. my qualification B.E. any chance

  255. hi, dudes i got 140 questions in group 4 am belongs to sc -adhidhravidar community can i get the job plz tell me friends…….

  256. 145 questeen corret

  257. 146queteencorretinbc

  258. SIR,my gr4 exam mark 140/ disabledperson .dob29.06.1979 any chance ja

  259. Hai friends,
    I am SCA.. Pg degree my group iv correct questions are 145/200..

    please ur comments….

  260. sivan says.sir gr4 25.08.2013.140/200 sca.dob 29.06.1979.male.disabld.hsc qulfyed.ja post any chance sir.

  261. sure sivan

  262. hi sangeetha u will get post confirmly….group 2 examla interview post la revenue assistantku engineering degree mudichavanga not elgible….other postuku elgible…..

  263. Hi, i had 136 Questions are correct in Gr IV exam in 2013.
    Am i selected ?

  264. khaan sir , good morning.
    sir, I m bcm male .148/200 questions in group 4.PG degree . is there any chance?

  265. i want to apply group2 xam in this application it ask UG certificate number but now only i finished degree so i don’t have degree certificate then what number i put in that place?? Pls reply arunan sir…. Or anyothers….

  266. i didn’t register in employment office….(10th also )… is it necessary for write tnpsc?? and i got 157 in group 4.. is registrations must for write tnpsc?? pls friends reply…

  267. 111/200, typewriting both higher,MBC, if any chance for typist post, Female

  268. Tnpsc Gr 4 Expected cutt off 2013?

  269. saranya devi says:

    I am bc and tamil medium. i got 155/200, Any chance to me?

  270. Ya u hav bright chance

  271. I’m BC category.. 160 correct answers.. U.G. Graduate

  272. I am BC female DOB 1973. I am +2 with diploma. I had 133 Questions are correct . Am I eligible for any post. Please reply Khann Sir.

  273. kavitha singam says:

    my score is 160,2 wrong keys given in tnpsc key.bc woman,22 age.
    while crossing the above rlys i got a relief that thr s some little chance for me.
    among (5000aprox)posts will it b filled by people more than my age?coz in last grp 2 my score was 155 but i dnt get.
    even i hav good chance to cont my pg i left it ,and hav a strong AIM & GOAL in doing service in govt.whaterver may b its level 2,4,1 anything.

    than a benefitable job its king of crown to every candidate who worked hard in genuine manner and wrote the exam.this feel can b experienced only by people tired much for days nd nights together,thinking of family,our self respect life etc.

    i think DESERVING candidates are those who scored 155+ and achieving candidates are those of 150+,coz., this 5 marks difference cannot b regarded as ur knowledge-less ness,its smething u hav to name it as “fate”or “accident”
    i am not well experienced in tis tnpsc family,but in my 1 year attempt experience i tell u tat tnpsc is not a lake to swim easily,not even a sail to b done in seas,its a VOYAGE that u have to start accordingly with all auspicious giving a good sign of start,and tired less effort u hav to continuosly put in,dnt care of frnds relatives,friendly enemies.even OUR PARENTS may seemed to b discouraging at times.
    TAKE ALL TIS DISCOURAGES TO UR BOOKS,wen u cover evry portion thoroughly, then
    “d” “i” “s” will change to did it successfuly…finally ul have tnpsc posting in ur hand.

    dnt think u r wasting time…all these times are ur INVESTMENT.investment for ur tnpsc dreams.the more u invest ur dream gradually changes to true in the form of cut off clear.

    even my parents scolded me more tat tnpsc wil not ut u food,but i had a determination tat i will eat my bread by seving my govt.

    guys tnpsc is a gud job than those of pvt ones.pls try once or twice with gud determind concious knowledgable effort…u l surely get it.

    krausar pls giv a confirmed cut off..
    any good heart who reads my post pls rly me…

    kavitha singam

  274. Mohanasundaram says:

    I got 131/ 200. I am BC male. Type both tamil & English higer. Degree. I got job?

  275. k.senthilmurugan says:

    senthilmurugan says
    i got 102/200 i am BC male.,b.ed.i got job pless tell me

  276. DNC cutt off?


  278. sir,i had a defective vision of minus 3.25 in both the eyes,am i eligible for group 2

  279. I am vanaraja BC 125 /200 Both Higher, Tamil Medium Certificate course in computer on office Automation completed. UG Degree I got job?

  280. I am sivenraj BC 156/200 HSC Tamil Medium, I got job?

  281. I am Vanaraja, BC 125/200 UG Degree Tamil Medium Both Higher, Computer on Office Automation, I got job?

  282. Attention please

    If people of u selected t counsling before
    Before qted ur option

  283. As a government servent am saying this

    Ennith thuniga karumam thuninthapin
    Ennuvam enbathu ezhuku

    So pls Check
    Whether the post having quick promotional chance or not
    And select tortureless post

    Ok brothers n sisters welcome to govt service and do ur performance
    Be punctual try to clear departmental exam as early as possible

    And Avoid CORRUPTION Pls be dont encourage corruption

    Clean hand always grand

    Ok bye everybody wish u all the best



  284. i am belongs to sc category i got 141 in group 4 can i expect job

  285. i got 123 in gr-4 iam sc any chance to get a job

  286. pls help to predict cutoff



  289. do analysis in will pass ias also..
    dont analysis wont pass anything..

  290. BALASUBRAMANI says:

    I got 155/200 bc is there any chance

  291. hi sir..
    I got 152 questions ctct.
    bc female. (it), english medium. 10th and 12th tamil medium.
    don: 1974.
    what abt my result?

  292. Hi I want to apply TNPSC GROUP 2..
    This year only i finished degree..
    In application, it asks UG certificate number
    But i don’t have degree certificate..
    and also provisional certificate not yet provided..
    I have only last sem marksheet…
    What can i do???

    Plz anybody help me…..

  293. I got 137/200 SC 10th is there any chance

  294. I am Esakkiappan, MBC 140/200 UG Degree i got job?

  295. PARAMESSWARI D says:

    I have qualification of 4 higher i.e. both shorthand and typing examination and I am a MBC women candidates. How many marks should I get in the group iv exam.

  296. hi sir…

    I got 152 questions correct.

    BC woman.

    M.Sc English medium, 10 and 12 Tamil medium.

    age : 38

    please tell me what about my result?

    • congrates u get the job

    • IF U want 2 utilize tamil medium quota u hav to obtain certificate from
      Ur school

      No problem good score

      • thanks a lot khaan.

        4 ur valuable advice and care.

        • welcome ok concentrate group 2 utlilize each and evry secnds
          Success is urs

          Simple formulla for success is thiyagam than unnai uyarthum

          Give importance to current affairs and tamil

          Plus one plus two history economics enough

          Go with text book for prelms

          +1, +2, maths group botony zoology not pure science
          6th to 10th maths

          (fundamental rights duties directive principls of state
          President governor parliament legislative assmbly high and suprme
          Court emergency preamble state centrl and concurnt list and constitutional
          Bodies ARE ENOUGH

          TAMIL INDIAN CONSTITUTION BY JEYARAJAN more help ful for both

          Prelms and main exam)

          U may know all thins things
          Its genrl informatn 4 all nw comrs

  297. Mr. Praveen, Defective vision in any eye whether plus(+) or minus (-) can easily bring back to normal condition without surgery by LASER advanced medical technology which are available in major cities in Tamil Nadu. Vasan Eye Care Hospital is the one among best have many eye care centres in Tamil Nadu. So you please apply for Group II exams. immediately and prepare well for the tough examinations which in three layers. Praying God is a good habit. Please follow. Good Luck.

  298. i got 150/200 MBC any chance to get job,,,

  299. i am graduate, Typhist 120 question true

  300. muthu krishnan says:

    last year oc cut off was 142
    so this year will it be 145?
    because i got 148
    can i get job

  301. chandrasekaran says:

    I got 140/200 I have completed diploma both higher type writing can i get typist post my community BC please reply me friends

  302. chandrasekaran says:


  303. friends pls visit they have published cut off for tnpsc group 4 today.

    OC(GENERAL)- 155 +/- 2
    OC(FEMALE)- 153 +/- 2
    BC(GENERAL)- 152+/- 2
    BC(FEMALE)- 150+/- 2
    BCM(GENERAL)- 145+/- 2
    BCM(FEMALE)- 143+/- 2
    MBC(GENERAL)- 151+/- 2
    MBC(FEMALE)- 149+/-2
    SC(GENERAL)- 149+/- 2
    SC(FEMALE)- 147+/- 2
    SCA(GENERAL) 145+/- 2
    SCA(FEMALE) 143+/- 2
    ST(GENERAL) 143+ /- 2
    ST(FEMALE) 140+/ -2

  304. Hai…sir..I got 150marks out of 200.My community is BC.There is any chance to me for get a job…..Pls reply me sir…I forgot one thing sir i was completed my UG degree,now i am pursuing my PG MCA degree sir.Upto 12th i was studied in Tamil medium.

  305. Pls say my result.It’s my mail id

  306. In group 2 application

    What date can be put in the place of date of result published for UG..???

    Either in the DEGREE CERTIFICATE or PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE or Last sem mark sheet…

    Plz anybody help me..


  308. Ganeshmurugan.P says:

    group 4 typist cut off marks ?

  309. i got 157 mbc completed BE…. is there any chance for me in second phase???

  310. i got 147 marks completed msw, typewriting both higher is there any chance for typist post

  311. Friends this s the cut off marks

    OC – 156
    BC – 151
    MBC – 149
    SC – 146

  312. N GURUMOORTHY says:

    I got 126 questions correct out of 200 as per TNPSC answers key. My qualification is HSC, I am also a BC Candidate and Ex Servicemen. Whether any chance to serve Tamilnadu Government.

  313. senthilkumar.R says:

    i am senthilkumar i got 158 in the last g 4 exam ,there is any chance…..????

  314. senthilkumar.R says:

    im bc male…….got 158

  315. senthilkumar.R says:

    my number 9092501700

  316. I got 143 Questions Correct.. Im BC-Muslim Category.. Wat is the cutoff for BCM.. Is there any chance? Plz anyone tell me..

  317. Hi,
    i am men in bc community. i am scored in goup 4 exam 122 questions is correct. iam complite in degree and both typing senior grade. any cut off marks ?

  318. I read various websites and I heard from various govt employees the cut off marks are:
    OC — 158
    BC — 156
    MBC — 155
    SC — 150
    These are correct Expected cut off…. ALL THE GUYS WAIT AND SEE

  319. Ramakrishnan says:

    IN TNPSC EXAM , FOR WRONG QUESTIONS … mark add pannuvangala ? or antha questna eliminate pannuvangala? pls ans friends……

  320. I secured 147.. and belong to BC FEMALE.. can i expect

  321. just 2 wrong questions are there….they will add marks

  322. dear friends, i wrote group 4 exam with more struggle in my life.. this my first attempt, but i scored only 146/200 questions. SC – MALE… can i expect result….

    • Good effort let us wait for 2nd 3rd phase
      After non ot group2 post counsling u may hv chance

      Neeed more more struggle it s steps for achve t goal

  323. Hi friends…

    I expected 148… Both higher…

    Is there any chances to get TYPIST post…

  324. N.Sundararajan says:

    Hi Friends, My score is 158/200. BC. Male. Tamil Medium upto 12th std. I finished PG degree too.
    Is there any chance to get thru Group IV . Plz answer me.

    • Why people are asking i scored 158, 160 and do i have chance. Please understand there wont be more than 100 people who scored above 160. So why are you asking silly questions. There are 3000 vacancies and you have scored 158. Do you think you wont be selected.

      • But in the above voting result analysis implies 300+ in above 160…. how would u say like this..

        • Do you believe everyone who are voting as they are saying the truth. Think logically for the best score in GE/GT will be between 85 to 90. And for GK it will be between 70 to 75. So what will be the total best score, it will be between 155 to 165. But most best scores will be between 155 to 160. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistake. So the OC cutoff will be between 155 to 160. So the community cutoff will be below 155 for sure.

          • I dont know about this accurately… And no one can predict.. i think so…. any way thanks for ur response………

          • Ganesh Arumugam says:

            This is the most logical argument so far in this page. 155-165 range is the most possible Highest score according to the question paper. I concur with the comments of Tamil.

            Thanks for the conversation between Tamil and Dhanaraja.

  325. SENTHILKUMAR.R says:

    i got 158 bc male , tell me any one ………..

  326. expected cut off: oc-152,bc-149,mbc-148,sc-147,st-141.i can be contacted on 9994428499.

  327. Vinothini Manogaran says:

    My g 4 cut off is 145 coming under bc it any chance for +ve result?

  328. my g4 cutoff is 140.i am belong to sc female and also hsc.plz tell me anyone

  329. KHAAN SIR ,


    • doss did u mention about ur tamil medium status in application
      If s u go n obtain tamil medium certificate from ur school

      Nice attempt all the best

  330. Doss wel come to governmnt service

  331. Really amazing one ths much of questns, analys even for group 4 level exam

    Ths much of awarness, style of answers and responses wow superb

    Am very happy government going have such a brilliant candidates

    Welcome welcome all
    Kavitha singam u r most eligible for upsc exam u r comments itself says
    About urs attitude

    Maryln arunan and great krushar ganesh are real heros of this page they rendrng
    Great job for new comrs keep it up
    Maryln no chance really u r welwhisher and take carer of new comer
    Maryln i dnt know whtr u r male r female if u male na u r father of the best comments for newcomrs
    If fmale na u r mother of the comnts

    And thanks to admin for launching user friendly page

  332. Ganesh Arumugam says:

    I am really having the doubt that the top scorers of Group IV are very well known about IBPS exam portal because the polling shows that the majority of the posts are going to be grabbed by aspirants who visit IBPS exam portal very eagerly. I would like to see these tech savvy people, who are more informed and able to converse with people whom are unknown to each other, in govt services and change the system for the betterment of the people.

    • Ganesh Arumugam says:

      I am not saying that aspirants who are visiting IPBS Exam Portal are going to get the job. If the scores given by the aspirants are true then definitely we can expect at least 100 “I got placed in _____ as JA or Typist” comments here in IBPS EP. I am very eagerly waiting for that day.

      • I will arrange briyani for selectd candidats who going 2 attnd couns
        Becoz my office locates in front of tnpsc office only

        Be ready to taste the briyani

  333. I got 145.5 mark. I am completed in msc( computer science) And both higher in type writting. I am bc (female) please replay me

  334. i got 144 sc community, DOE 1990 ,IS THERE ANY CHANCE FOR ME TO GET JA…….

    • Depnds upon ur qualification u may have chance on 1st phase
      Because ur dob is 1990 so cat on wall
      Ths group 4 bright for elders with pg degree becoz cut off cut the youngers with
      Pg degree 100 of 100 candidts may score same mark
      So ur witten must be above 150+or-2 for safr zone

      God bls u all the best be cool and concentre 2 nxt exam just forgt abt
      Grp4 and cut off n all

      Next next ok

  335. SENTHILKUMAR.R says:

    sowmiya u will get , for more 9092501700

  336. mohanasundaram says:

    I got 132/200 BC male Type writing both higher, tamil medium Degree. If any change.

  337. Ths s the firsr time in tnpsc history tough to predict the cut off

    Elam padika arambichutangaya enna panrathu

  338. Hi Khaan sir..

    When will Group IV result November or December???

    When will be Group II Non-Interview announced???

  339. I scored 163/200…BC Male….any chances??????

    • No chance… Mr. Saravanan please understand there are many aspirants here, who have scored 145 above and hoping for a job. They are visiting this site regularly for knowing their chances. Don’t demoralise them. If you scored 163, you know that you are going to get selected for sure. Then why are you asking silly questions.

      • You don’t understand what iam saying.

      • Mr.Tamil…..He is not asking a silly question here man….In this site itself,it is gonna cross 400 votes for 160+…..he just checking thts it…..there is no point of demoralising here….dont take it too personal…..

  340. Dear Aspirants,

    Did anyone noticed the new erratum released by TNPSC on group II exam.
    In that they changed education qualification particularly for those who finished degree with diploma. it says like this (10th + Diploma (3 years)* + U.G. degree (Should have been
    obtained in the related subject of the Diploma).I finished diploma in electrical engineering and degree in BA Public Administration is that affect my qualification as per their requirement.Please anybody here to explain on this (if i am eligible for qualification or not).

  341. Ya its affect
    Highly irresponsible every one tensed
    But chennai aspirants going to file a case against ths erratum.
    They r going ask stay

    But changes may be come

    Dnt loose ur hope u study well

  342. khaan sir I got 151/200. will there any chance in second counseling sir?

  343. I’m BC male khaan sir

  344. Khaan sir,i got 150/200 …MBC/DC BE graduate,is there any chance..plzz tel me sir,eagerly waiting for your reply ASAP

    • 150 ok for mbc dont worry nearly 3 phase counslng are there
      In 1st or 2nd phase u wl gt post

      • Thank you sir,,

        • Sorry For the Inconvenience : Someone has Commented as Ganesh Arumugam / Sundar / Rani from the IP Address . I Deleted all Such Comments , The IP Address Was Marked Spam . Hope Such things Wont Happen In Future .

          Hello Mr/Ms/Mrs X From , Please Behave Yourself this is a Page for Aspirants ! MIND IT !

  345. Lakshmana Raja says:

    I answered 157 out of 200.BC Male.I completed BE(EEE). DOB-14.02.1992.

  346. Lakshmana Raja says:

    My group3 mark 164/200.
    BC male
    Can i get a chance?
    please reply me?

    • Ganesh Arumugam says:

      அப்படியே குரூப் 2வும் எழுதுங்க லக்ஷ்மண், யாரு கண்டது மூணுலயுமே உங்களுக்கு கிடைக்க வாய்ப்புள்ளது. வாழ்த்துகள்.

  347. what is the use of departmental exam in tnpsc??

    • department exam only for governnent servant
      If government servant not pass the departmnt exam they will not
      Get promotion

      This exam conducted by tnpsc

      If u r selected in group 2 u hav to clear department exam otherwise
      Government will surrender u and u will loss ur job
      Its purely eligiblity exam for secure our basic job after tht u hav to clear
      Another promotional exam. Both are deprtmntl exam only.

  348. i got 172,bc (female) i completed my b.e,if possiple to get job??????plz say anyone the correct position about my marks

  349. i am group scoreing -133 ques chancess eruka mbc vagupu

  350. i am group-4 scoreing 133 ques mbc chancess eruka please reply

  351. i got 141/200. graduated BC Female and both higher in typewriting… is there any chance to me?

  352. Dear Khaan sir,

    I hav many doubts sir,,
    I want to contact with you sir.. please ur mobile number

  353. I except 160+, MBC Category, Any chance in JA Post

  354. muthulakshmi says:

    Hello sir,

    I have scored 167/200 in group4 exam.
    My qualification is maths and am from BC.Is there any chance to get job

    Thank u.

  355. i am in oc i got 150 questions any chances are there???

  356. Ganesh Arumugam says:

    Facebook ல தான் Fake ID தொல்லைனா இங்கயுமா??? யாருப்பா அது என் பேருல கமென்ட் போடுறது.

  357. when publish result sir

  358. Hi frnds im complete 145/200 qns and both higher BC and UG graduate can i get typist job?

  359. updated cut off ???

  360. muthu krishnan says:

    result will come within oct?

  361. ESTIMATED(Rough) Cut-Off (No of Questions) Based on TNPSC Official Keys. Please Note that Cut-Off for 1st stage may go still higher. Depending on how many opt out, the cut-off may go down.
    OC MALES : 159 +3(or)–3 Qns. FEMALES : 156 +3(or)–3 Qns. BC MALES : 157 +3(or)–3 Qns. FEMALES : 155 +3(or)–3 Qns. BC-Muslims MALES : 146 +3(or)–3 Qns. FEMALES : 143 +3(or)–3 Qns. MBC MALES : 155 +3(or)–3 Qns. FEMALES : 153 +3(or)–3 Qns. SC MALES : 153 +3(or)–3 Qns. FEMALES : 150 +3(or)–3 Qns. SC(A) MALES : 149 +3(or)–3 Qns. FEMALES : 146 +3(or)–3 Qns. ST MALES : 136 +3(or)–3 Qns. FEMALES : 132 +3(or)–3 Qns.
    PREPARE well for group-2. Degree holder please don’t take group-4 as A career job, it should be a transit post to get higher post, ATLEAST GROUP-2.

  362. Thanx to Mr.Rajaboopathi sir Radian ias Chennai

  363. bc female dob 1983 tnpsc4 153/200 it is possible pls reply

  364. 153/200 tnpsc 4 female bc degree my date of birth 30.1.1983 it is possible sir pls reply fast

  365. Dear all Aspirants,
    Does any one gone through the Radian Expected Cutff Off. Im very much Disappointed.
    Its seems to be too High. the link is,


    • Ganesh Arumugam says:

      Dear Parthiban,

      Group-IV 2013 question is easier when compared to Group IV-2012.

      Many TET aspirants have attempted this exam. An aspirant who applied for both TET and Group IV and selected in both then he/she will automatically select teaching job, so there is still chance for further stages of counselling. Good preparation for TET certainly gives more marks in General Tamil. TET-Arts candidates are thorough with Social Science (Tamil, History, geography, Economics, and civics). TET-Science candidates are thorough with (Tamil, Science, maths) then they have to prepare for Current affairs and the remaining portions only.

      Textbook reading for TNPSC examinations is now a well-known secret. Many aspirants download the required books from Tamilnadu textbooks online as PDF and they store it in their mobile and read them whenever they got leisure (real fact – I myself witnessed many of the aspirants in my TET coaching center learn through this method).

      Increased awareness about TNPSC examinations, hassle-free online application format, easy access to study materials, and mushrooming coaching centres are the other factors made the competition very stiff in an easy scoring examination like this.

      There is no surprise that the cutoff for this examination is high.

      • Dear Ganesh,

        Thanks For your Comment.
        Im also Did the same things wat you have mentioned here.
        But i think i might did well.
        Any how, My mark is 148+ or – 1 in this GR 4 ( PSTM) Age 32 Yrs.
        Any chance for me?


        • Ganesh Arumugam says:

          Don’t worry Parthiban, if you are a graduate, then please please concentrate on Group-II. Don’t give hope. In the past 2 years I have written more than nine competitive examinations and I missed 2 or 3 in just a few marks, TET with just one mark.

          If you currently have a job then stick with it and plan your leisure well for competitive examinations.

          Chance favors the prepared mind.

        • In group 4 and vao PSTM won’t make a lot of difference only your category will help you. Also regarding Radian cutoff. They have gone a little safer this time as their cutoff prediction failed in group 2. So Rajaboopathy sir has increased the cutoff by 2 questions. He earlier told 155 for BC. Now its 157 but don’t need to worry. Everyone who has scored above 150 can expect a job.

          • Dear Ganesh & Tamil,

            Thanks for Your comments on Me.
            i was too reliable on GR4 to get a job. Thats why Im too Disappointed.
            I should have done well. Some silly Mistakes Make me suffers.
            Finally Im Belongs to MBC/DNC.

  366. Ganesh Arumugam says:

    TRB’s TET and TNPSC examinations are tried by at least a person from every home in Tamilnadu, whether the aspirants getting the job are not, they are now well aware of what their children (or future children) studying in schools under samacheer kalvi. They can guide their wards very well and they are more informed than other parents. Tamilnadu is marching fast to get the No.1 spot in Education.

    Thanks TNPSC and TRB.

  367. What us the cutoff marks for Typist MBc Female

  368. what is cutoff marks for Typist MBC female

  369. All these are predictions, don’t rely on them completely, wait for the official results,

  370. Hai friends. my group 4 cut off is 144/200. I am BC. UG DEGREE. And completed typing tamil Junior grade and english senior grade any chances for job?

  371. What about VAO notification???

  372. what about VAO notification??

  373. jayakandhan.j says:

    frnds.. i got 153/200…
    caste: mbc
    qualification: degree
    dob: 2/6/87

    any chance for me?

  374. Ramakrishnan says:

    Pls ans Khann sir,
    I was resigned my JRF post in 2012 end and fully studied for TNPSC exams nearly one year .
    I was answered 160 questns correct and 2 wrong questns in GK so 160+2,,D.O.B-1991,BC, B.E degree enakku JA post kidaikuma sir …

    I am complete B.E, then I will take JA in Revenue department? it is possible ?
    Then why B.E students Couldn’t enter into Revenue department in Group 2?

    • which category???definitely u will get…dont worry

    • Good. Professional COURSES like BE BDS BVSC LAW are not eligible
      For revenue post because of over qualification
      But group 4 qualification is sslc so they don’t care about professional
      Degree. If recruit professional graduate for revenue assistant
      They won’t stay for long time and shift to another higher post
      Then post will be vacant avoiding such situation they are not
      Accept professional graduates becoz revenue is public service
      Post. Sudden vacant will affect public but now a days
      BE degree…..just like arts and science so the old rule should be

      • Ya u r eligible for JA post become they are considering only
        Your salvation qualification

        U got nice marks u will be selected. I won’t recommend u
        For JA post in revenue department

        You give first impotence for registration department commercial
        Tax dept

        Revenue dept very busiest one u won’t get time for preparation
        for higher post.

        Better try to skip from J A post. JA post not at all nice one.
        Steady group 2 any 9.3 scale
        Study well achieve big.

  375. chandrasekaran says:

    Hai i am typewritting both higher completed i got questions 140/200 so i will got job plz forward any have information for my email id thanking you.

  376. karunakaran says:

    dear sir,

    my marks 145/200.and i am mbc if any chance pls send reply.

  377. BC(female)- got 135/200.. typewriting both higher,shorthand tamil higher & english lower… will i get steno job?

    • Rajalakshmi says:

      I have scored 141 mark, Special catacory DEAF rank 162, Community OBCM, any chance to Group iv exam II Phase result sir

  378. khan sir,

    pls reply, got 135/200… graduate,bc(female) typewriting both higher, shorthand tamil higher, english lower… can i have a chance to get steno job in tnpsc?

  379. kalaiyarasan says:

    I am a typist. MBC caste. My mark is 110/200. please cut off mark send me.

  380. Dear Mr.Khaan And other Aspirants,

    I have scored 148/200 in GR 4.
    Belongs to MBC/DNC. PSTM Age 32.
    Any chance to clear the GR 4 Exam in II or III Counselling if possible.
    Waiting for a reply.


    • 2nd or 3rd

    • Good atempt yeshwanth
      Study well aim shld b high

      • Dear Mr. Khann,
        Thanks for your reply with due respect.
        One more thing pls clarify.
        My Wife received a letter from TNPSC for document submission for the post of PUNCH OPERATOR which exam held in FEB 2013.
        When i ask TNPSC Grievance about this they said, they send the letter to all the candidates who appeared for the exam mentioned that for document submission .
        Is that possible that without clear the written exam, they call for documents submission.
        PLs clarify me.
        Waiting for u r reply.
        Thanks & Regards,

        • They collect documents before they relsd the result
          If tnpsc satisfy with ur certificates
          Then they prepard the merit list.

          If madam posses qualified certificate like office automtn
          Typewriting certificate and having good written marks she will
          Be selected.

          All the best both of u god bless u

  381. sir

    i have scroed 128/200 in group 4 2013

    i passed both higher typist and and office automachine

    community is MBC, female dob 10.05.1979

    any possible to get the tnpsc job

  382. jayakandhan.j says:

    dear frnds
    i got 153/200.. mbc, graduate, 10 and +2 tamil medium…. any chance for me… anyone plz reply…

  383. Ramakrishnan says:

    I was contacted TNPSC office tollfree number,,

  384. Karthihacim says:

    Dear Bro & Sis…
    This year group IV Result will be announced on November Last week!

  385. Rajivgandhi says:

    my gr 4 Mark 145
    sc community
    dob 24.5.1983
    sslc Tamil medium
    any chance for me friends
    vao announced eppo ?

  386. Hi…I am Arun…my score in group 4 is 162/200 ..GK with GE..anyone who wants to discuss General English can plz contact me at my mail…, hope we can revise good…thank u..all d best

  387. S VINAYAGA RAMAN says:

    Hai Friends I am group 4 marks 125 question, i am ST community my chancess?

  388. tnpsc ans key la ennq wrong iruku


  390. Hi friends,for me 1 doubt I belong to MBC/DNC while applyin for group 4,i have selected fee excemption,but at th tym of certificate verification we want to show any proof.i am confused,any kind hearts pls help me friends!!!

  391. i got a 120 questions correct out of 200,and i comes under b.c community,i have completed my B.E is thier any possible to get this job????????????????

  392. i got a 120 questions correct out of 200 ,i am comes under b.c communiti,i have completed B.E,is their any possible to get the job,say anyone about my current possition

  393. I have 110/200 , MBC female both higher am I get typist Post Reply anybody please.

  394. I got 143 Questions Correct.. Im BC-Muslim Category.. Wat is the cutoff for BCM.. Is there any chance? Plz anyone tell me..

  395. Hi Sir

    I have cleared my Assistant Statistical Investigator exam and called for Certificate upload by TNPSC on July and i have sent the certificate, still no news can anybody know about this post, please update sir.

  396. hi..anybody wrote group 7-B exam on 19th oct.please share your experience.

  397. Dear Aspirants,
    is that any possibilities for 2 nd or 3 rd counselling in gr4.
    why im asking is the total number of post would be around 3500 except TYPIST posts.
    Pls anyone clarify it.
    Becoz as far as the discussions, so many of them are waiting for furthermore counselling.

  398. pls aspirants any one reply


  399. Khan sir i got 148 male,MBC,+2 tamil,age 30/05/1983 any chances for me Mr.Khan sir???.iam waiting for ur ansr.

  400. saradharaj says:

    132/200 any chance bc female tamil mediam

  401. KHAN SIR I AM 150 MBC DOB-25-3-1988 ENY CHANCE ME SIR?

  402. please friends,
    I got 145 marks in tnpsc group 4 I am bc female pg 1975 tamil medium can I get any chance for atleast typist both higher passed please answer my request thank you

  403. Khaan sir,can u pls tel me y the cut off mark for vao is much higher than group 4?

    • Cut off marks deponds upon standard of question

      If question easy cut off will rise

      If tough it wil decrse thsts all

      Vao exam mostly easy only than group4

      Catch it

      • Dear Mr.Khaan,

        i got 148 + or -1 /200 in gr 4 . belongs to MBC age 32.PSTM.
        I know i cant get in first counselling.
        But pls clarify me weather their will be more counselling like last year or it will be restricted with only one,
        Because no of post is around 3500 for JA and others except typist.
        Thats why im asking you.
        if their is more than one counselling when can i expect my call.
        Kindly clarify me.


        • Number of couslng depends upon non filling of vacancy. Only
          Not depnds upon number of vacancy

          After group 2 result number of candiate skip from grp4
          Previous group2 non oT too their to fill so we can expect two

          U got 148 so have chances
          There r one or two month gap between two phases

          My kind advise giv full concentration for grp 2 ot and non ot

          Group4 is statusless post
          Study planningly prepare time table utilize each every second
          Forget all pleasure things thats all u achiv the goal

          Group 2 is nothing very easiest exam
          Any way all the best for grp 4

          • Number of couslng depends upon non filling of vacancy. Only
            Not depnds upon number of vacancy

            After group 2 result number of candiate skip from grp4
            Previous group2 non oT too their to fill so we can expect two

            U got 148 so have chances
            There r one or two month gap between two phases

            My kind advise giv full concentration for grp 2 ot and non ot

            Group4 is statusless post
            Study planningly prepare time table utilize each every second
            Forget all pleasure things thats all u achiv the goal

            Group 2 is nothing very easiest exam
            Any way all the best for grp 4
            If u need any help for group 2 u can contact me
            Hav a bright future

          • Dear Mr.Khaan,
            Thanks for your advice with due respect.

  404. karunakaran says:

    khan sir, i got 146/200 and mbc age24 degree can i except

  405. sir,

    I am 146/200 in group 4 exam….I am MBC ,PG degree, DOB 1988, and GK with GE….is there any chance for me sir…


  406. saranya devi says:

    when will come group 4 result?

  407. senthilkumar says:

    g4 result coming 18.11.2013………….

  408. V.MURUGAIAH says:

    my mark is 158 out of 200 – MBC / PG / DOB – 10.06.1975
    any chance get the Job in group 4 – Ja

  409. JOTHI RAMAN says:

    khaan sir my mark 157/200 , +2 tamil medium + diploma pharmacy , age 34 ( 16.05.1979 ) any chance sir pls reply

  410. Murugaiah.V says:

    any reply

  411. In this group 4 above 153 with year of birth below 84 bright chance
    Deciding factors are higher qualification and year of birth

    Tight competition

  412. saranya devi says:

    khaan sir, i am belong to BC community, i got 155/200. year of birth 1992.upto 12th tamil medium and degree holder. can i have a chance?

    • Yes yes u hav a very very bright chance

      Concentrate group 2 DCTO very nice post for female
      Happy diwali

      • My advise for all aspirnts
        Pls forget about group 4 let it come

        Pls give atentin to group 2 and upcoming exams
        Shouldnt divert our mind 2 anything except upcoming exams

        It is secret of sucess
        Ask me ur doubts on group2 1 and other preparation material time management

        Dont waste ur time in group4 analysis like can i cant i wen result
        Wht cut off this that it wil spoil ur present preparation mood

        We finished our break fast na next we hav to ready for lunch

  413. ARUN MOZHI says:

    HI I’M ARUN, GOT 162/200 IN GRP 4..EVERYONE CAN SHARE UR THOUGHTS AT ANY TIME.. Be in touch..9566664100…sms me whenever u r free..

  414. ARUN MOZHI says:


  415. Plz clear my doubt Khaan sir,im completed 145/200 my age 34,UG and type both higher but not study computer automation 10’th tamil medium can i get typist job? Plz reply,thanks

    • mr.girish no need to worry
      Computer cource not essential for selection
      But… If u selected as typist u have to pass the computer course
      Within two year after joining the service otherwise u wil lose ur job status
      Two years mean probation period
      After joining in govt service two years probation preiod so dont worry

      If possible apply for computer automtn course by dictorate of technical
      Education and complete it.

      • Girish there is no typewritting machine in government office

        So learn computer ms office atleast otherwise u will suffer
        With computer so all typist join computer cource and learn
        MS word and MS exel and basic operation of comuter

        Dont forget u will be sitting before computer nor typewriting machine
        In government office

  416. Hello mr.khaan i got 136 question right sc male typewritting english higher ,tamil lower any chance for type writter post plz reply 8678910718

  417. Thank u for ur valuable answer Khan sir,but im already complete HDCA that course is equal to office autmn?

  418. khaan sir anything about result date ?

  419. Hi i got 155/200..MBC MALE DOB-15/06/1988,PG,TAMIL MEDIUM, Can i have a chance to clear the exam…

  420. Thank u Khaan sir,result success ana ungalukku party ready sir,dont miss it Khann sir.

  421. Khaan sir typist expected cut off theriyuma sir?

  422. I got 145 marks in group 4 I am bc female tamil medium pg tamil literature 1975 year of birth please anyone say can I get any chance to select I am also completed my both higher in type writing I am in very poor condition please answer my question

  423. Hi Selvi,dnt worry u r select typist job

  424. prabaharan says:

    frnds ….. my mark is 166 out of 200, mbc male tamil medium in 10 std, ug degree but english lit, my situation is going bad, pls inform me abt the result and cutoff pls frnds my num 9750580316

  425. any one know about the result date????

  426. Result will puplish nov last week or dec 2nd week or jan 14

  427. I got score group 4 127/200 questions, i have complete ug degree tamil medium, and type writting both higher, my caste for MBC , any chances

  428. Hi
    any one know about VAO exam 2013 ?

  429. I Got the group 4 marks 127/200 question, i have complete tamil medium and typewritting both higher , caste for MBC , any chances iruka

  430. pls sir,anyone know result date of group4

  431. jayakandhan.j says:

    dear khan sir and friends.. nan tet examla 88 marks eduthuruken.. pass panniduvenu nenaichen. but ? manasu kastama iruku.. grp 4 la 153 (mbc) .. idhavadhu kedaikumanu theriyala.. anywAy please friends enakaga konjam pray pannunga.. group 2 ku hard work pannanum.. so edhavadhu advise pannunga.. please…

    • Success is yours you will be selected we pray for ur succes

      What advise there is no substitute for hard work

      Un ovvoru cellaiyum sambal aaku antha sambalaiyum yerithu
      Sambalaku famous quote for hard work
      But prepare relaxly pleasently

      U love ur books and enjoy the each every lines of the page

    • jayakandhan sir , god bless you , do’nt worry ,

  432. dear khan na group4 exam first time pannierukan 110/200 ku vanthueruku enaku chance eruka na mbc 12th

    • U got 110 in firat atempt good but chances are very less
      But dont loose ur hope so many exams waiting for notificatn
      Just full and fully sacrifice ur life for tnpsc exams then post will be on
      Ur hand
      My friend attend interview 2 times for IAS upsc exams bur didnt
      Clear the stage but still he preparing with same sprit
      U can ask me any help for exam but u shuld be very very true
      With ur exams
      All the best revathy

      • Next year i’m also going to prepare for UPSC.. i wanna know about how many pages we hav to write for each questions in mains…. also need history,ethics question papers too.. can u do me this favour????

  433. kalaiselvi says:

    dear khan sir,

    I am 146/200, pg degree, dob: 1988, GK with GE….is there any chance for me plz update….

  434. Dear sir

    This is the first time i have took the TNPSC exam and how do we know our scored marks.

    Is there any official provision in TNPSC to check our marks

    Pls reply


  435. Dear khaan sir,typist cut off theriyuma sir?

  436. Dear Sir,
    I get 134/200 Questions are correct. I am BC. My age is 41. +2 & Diploma pass. I have completed in tamil medium. Am i get any chance sir.

  437. arivalagan says:

    mr. khaan , i am bc male 157/200 in g4 can i get job……??????

  438. Khaan sir and other aspirants pls help me,in application form I have mentioned ja,bill collector,typist,so on,but I dont have any typin skills and com skills,pls tel me wil it create any problem at th tym of counsellin.pls help me

  439. Dear Khan sir
    I got 140/200. UG graduate, BC female. My DOB: 1990. Finished Typewriting both higher. Can i have the chance for Typist?

  440. dear khan ,i am bc male and i got 157/200 can i get job…..???????

  441. dear khan sir, i am mbc male and i got 155/200 any chance to clear the exam pls reply

  442. Khaan Sir,

    I completed both higher, dob- 1983, Female, MBC marks 115/200 any chance for typist, pls tell me.

  443. Krishnamoorthi says:

    Dear Khaan sir, I am bc male, dob 05/1985 and i got 152+ have i any chance to got any one post.
    I completed PG but i did not mentioned in application and enter degree only. which category did I come ?

  444. paranthaman says:

    Dear Khaan sir
    I am BC male and I got 152+ any chance for me ?
    I completed PG, But I entered on UG degree only.
    do I come which categorey ?

  445. tnpscgroup4-153ok,mbc,10and12th tamilmedium any change

  446. dob-1984

  447. Hi khan Sir,
    When TNPSC Gr 4 Result Announce Sir,do u know any news abt Result date.plz answere my dought.this is use full to others also.

  448. reply sir

  449. Result is next month(Dec)
    told by Naveedham sir
    posted in dinathanthi(12.11.13)

  450. sir
    i have 144/200 correct i belong to bc with degree any possibility to get this job

  451. Hi khan sir,i got 153 questions correct.i finished M.SC.,M.PHIL.i belongs bc male.can i get JA post.ur comments is very nice and it will be give energy to all tnpsc aspirants

    • Hi Umesh Sir,
      y sir intha kolaveri.u will get more secure job than this one.u try to get more respective job than this.yenga polappa yen sir kedukkareenga????

      • yaru sir job kodukuranga ,pg mudichappa m.phil mudichutu vara sonnanga ,adhayum mudichappo ph.d ketanga ippo adhayum pannitiruken .adhu mudikurappo enna solvanganu theriyala ,so final tnpsc la irangiyiruken ennanga sir panradhu polappa pakanumla ,152/200 question potiruken chance iruka edhavadhu boostup panra madhiri sollunga

    • i posted comment for umesh but its was cancelled by admin

      Y what happened

  452. umesh pls ur year of birth

  453. Khaan sir,my brother got 152/200 nd belongs to MBC/DNC 1990,Is ter any chance to get selected in 1st phase,nd also pls tel the expected cut off for oc,bc,mbc,sc,st .it wil be useful:-)

    • janani both of u n ur brother wii be posted no need to worry
      Concentre for upcoming exAMS

      DNT WORRY About cut off both of u welcome to govt service

  454. Hi Khan Sir,

    For the post of Assistant Statistical Investigator, we have called for oral test on 3, 4, and 5th of December. I require your advise and guidance for the oral test. Please inform how to face oral test.
    and also with respect to Certificate Verification also

  455. score: 155/200
    catagory: BC Male
    Can i expect

  456. Hi Dear Friends,
    What abt today Gr-8 Exam.Share Ur comments abt Exam.

  457. khan sir my score is 153/200 BC male. completed PG. is there any chance?


    khan sir, my score is 153/200 sc female. completed 10th tamilmedium. +2 english medium .typewriting english higher and tamil lower. my date of birth 06/01/1973.any chance to get tnpsc group4

  459. tnpsc 4-153/200 mbc-female/10 and 12 tamil medium-B.SC-M.SC-ME-any change

  460. tnpsc4-153/200-mbc-female-10 and12 tamil medium-B.SC-M.SC-ME-DOB-1984 any change sir pls reply

  461. interview vanthal enna dpt adukklam.pls reply sir

  462. Khaan sir…
    When will be Group II (non-interview) announcement???
    Can we expect this december for notification???

  463. khan sir eppa 4.11.2012non ot result ?????????

  464. dear khan sir i got 155/200 mbc,male,10th tamil medium,dob-15/06/1988,
    qualification-PG.any chance sir, pls reply me

  465. visnu kumar says:


    • Mr.Vishnu Sir,
      Tnpsc not 100% believable.Tnpsc must release the marks when release the result.We not believe tnpsc its a fake fake fake.

    • Sorry to say this. But Tnpsc is the worst organisation you could ever see. We have written the group 2 exam last year november 4. Still they haven’t released the NON OT results. We have gone to the Tnpsc office two times to protest but nothing happened. Chairman told us to go to court if you can, also told there is no law to give you people any job. Many people have left their job to prepare for the exams. Now all of them are struggling in their life. Due to my situation i wrote this year group 4 exam too with 155 questions right. Iam SC male Engineering graduate.

    • what ? tnpsc exam fake ??? , i was shocked . my hard work , sleepless time , expense book , total waste ? age 34 , tnpsc mark 157 / 200 total waste ? . … yellamae kaanal neera ., alakkuda mudiyala ., adak kadavulae … ,

  466. i have scored 106/200 sc female with BE ,do i have any chance pls kindly reply me some one

  467. khan sir kindly reply me my dob 1991

  468. done GT/GK,

  469. i got 143 ,will i get post …. sc female

  470. Hi…am disabled person 60./….mark 141/200.tamil medium..mbc…finish mca…any chance…..

  471. pls says dear khaan sir i got group4 marks 128/200, my caste MBC,typewritting both HIGHER,ug -tamil medium ,dob-1986, any chance iruka

  472. pls says dear khaan sir i got group4 marks 128/200, male,mbc,typewritting both higher, ug-tamil medium, dob-1986, any chance irruka pls tell me sir

  473. dhakshanamoorthy v says:

    Respected khan sir,

    I got 134/200 questions in TNPSC Gr.IV Exam.
    My DOB – 1979

    Qualifications – +2 (PSTM)
    Both Higher Grade passed in typewriting, & Computer Office automation

    Pls. Tell me about my result.

    Thanking you…..

    • Good ur community

      • Hi radha

        Dress code
        Wear light colour cotton saree with simple make up
        Be cool and smiling face

        Open the door

        See all the member sitting before and say vanakkam to each
        And every member
        Dont pull the chair before try to sitting
        Sit gently and stright

        Members asking questions from ur
        1.hobbies back ground
        3.your native place details and important place of ur city and its history
        4.your educational details and ur college university details like when it was opened
        Etc etc news paper deeply of before 10 days and on the date of interview

        6.wen u tell the name of personalities u add honourable before minister judge
        Prime minister name
        Add excellency before president governor names
        Dont pronounce mere name without adding above
        Talk eye to eye contact
        Dont rise hand while talking
        If u dont know the answer then just say sorry sir
        Dont try to answer for un known question
        Give suitable answer avoid lenghty answer then members take question
        From ur answer itself. If u know the subject

        • deeply na u can answer
          U shouldnt argue with members
          Expert may ask questions from subjects and from ur acadrmic

          Collect full details of statistics department like nature of work
          Hrcy of post from lower post to higher post

          Dont gt fear or tension in interview hall be normal and simply state

          Dnt expose urself as very brilliant
          Dnt show any unwanted expression dnt haste
          Gather subject knowledge
          U shld attract the members with ur attitude presence of mind and manrism
          Not with ur subject knowldg
          Members expect ur only persnlty like how u face intrvw hall behavior and aprichng
          Aprochng is very important

          Board of intetvw members are human being only not wild animals
          So avoid any kind of fearness just talk like friends
          Intrvew fininshed again u relaxly stand and say nandri ayya to all menbers
          Dnt sit or stand befr they ask to do
          Dnt over make up avoid lipstic perfume

    • Ya chances r there for u

  474. kalaiyarasan says:

    dear khaan sir,

    i have 126/200 for tnpsc group4 , my caste mbc, male, qualification bsc -tamil medium, type writting both higher . my date of birth 1988 . any chances for typist posting.

    please tell me sir…………………………………

  475. kalaiyarasan says:

    dear khaan sir,

    i have 126/200 for tnpsc group4 , my caste mbc, male, qualification bsc -tamil medium, type writting both higher . my date of birth 1988 . any chances for typist posting.

    please tell me sir………………………………… thanking you

  476. Dear Aspirants,
    Pls find the expected GR 4 Cut off from the below link.
    Im not sure how authenticate is that.

  477. Dear Aspirants,
    Pls go through the web address mention in the link for full info.


  478. dear khaan sir,

    i have group4 marks 126/200 , caste mbc ,male, qualification for -tamil medium, and typewritting both higher, dob- 1988 . any chance iruka . pls tell sir

    • hi senthil

      All r asking about non ot result

      Ok it is not possible now becoz interview post yet to fill up
      Unless filling of interview post completly non ot counslng not possible
      This delay not because of tnpsc
      Candidates hav no interst on joining in interview post every one want to
      Join non interview Becoz of this reason only interview post still in vacant
      So only tnpsc conduct seprte exam for ot and non ot now
      So let them fill interview post

      • Dear asprntd

        Group4 result decmbr end or january middle

        • Tnosc honesta irukanumnu asai padum silar panam varum departmenta
          Parthu select panrenga so only interview post innum fill agama
          That is nature one

          • Group 2 interview post counseling happened in the month of march. After that what happened about filling those remaining 141 vacancies. They did nothing. Then we made a protest in july in Tnpsc. After that they released the list for certificate verification, then it took 4 months for Tnpsc to conduct counseling.

    • Little hard

    • Less chance in first phase

  479. Hi mr.khaan when group 3 result?

  480. mangaiarkarasi says:

    dear khaan sir,
    i am sc female. dob 16.5.1973. both higher, computer in office automation, +2 99/200 qus. any chance. pls. tell me

  481. kalirajkasinathan says:

    My Marks 169/200. MBC Male .DOB 1988(PSTM)

    My First appearance.

    Which is the Best Department to work?

    Please Guide me friends

  482. hi friends ,
    when group 4 result vil come,any one call to tnpsc toll free number

  483. Dear khaan sir

    Iam bc of birth .05.04.1983. my mark.154/200.Degree.any chance.please tell me sir.

    • You will get job. But in 1st counseling it is difficult for u to get selected. But in successive counselings you will get a job. But dont wait for this b’coz tnpsc is very very slow. It might take 1 or 2 years.

    • hey dont worry u will surely get in first phase,all the best

  484. Hi..i am disabled person(above60./. In ortho)…Mark 141/200…MBC …finished pg degree..Tamil medium…any chance….

  485. i am sc(A). both higher , computer certificate dob 13.3.88 130/200 question. any chance. pls. tell me

  486. PANDIARAJ V says:

    Sir, i have B.C and B.Sc gratuate, i am Physically Handicapped. I have Dip. in Computer Certificate also. Group 4 exam my score is 122/200. is there any chance. please reply

  487. Hello Sir,
    I entered DOB not correct in GR II exam. How to I correct the error. Original DOB 10.06.1989 but I enter 10.06.1990, pls sir reply me

  488. Hi Tamil sir, plz clear my doubt im complete 145/200 and finished both higher BC,UG can i get typist job? Age 34

  489. Hai khan sir and friends…
    When will be Group II(non-interview) notification???
    Can we expect this december or janaury???

    Anybody knows pls tell….

  490. Group2 non-interview notification maybe after January

  491. Anybody know plz tell,wat expected cut off mark for typist?

    • Girish sir..
      We have a bright chance.. so don’t worry..

      Past year cut off for General was 139/200 and BC was 131/200

      So this year 140 above means safe for typist (BC) and 150 or above is safe for general candidates..

  492. Dear Tamil,
    I completed both higher, MBC, Female, 112/200. any chance?

  493. Respected sir,

    I got 134/200 questions TNPSC Gr. IV Exam.
    My DOB – 1979, +2 (PSTM), BC Male,

    My Technical Qualification – Typewriting Both Higher Grade Passed in English & Tamil, Computer on Office Automation

    Pls. Tell me about my result sir………..

    Thanking you,……..

  494. I got 134/200 questions TNPSC Gr. IV Exam.
    My DOB – 1979, +2 (PSTM), BC Male,

    My Technical Qualification – Typewriting Both Higher Grade Passed in English & Tamil, Computer on Office Automation

    Pls. Tell me about my result sir………..

    Thanking you,……..

  495. Thank u Vela sir,ippathan en manasu konjam relax achi

  496. But Vela sir intha thadavai type cut off 148 above wil safety zonenu solranga athanalathan worry pannen

    • Girish sir..

      U said ur mark was 145/200..

      So don’t worry.. think positively..

      And try for Group II and other higher post also..

      All the best sir..

  497. Sir am BC male dob completed my score 152/200.any chance?

  498. Once again thank u Vela sir

  499. Dear Friends,

    Which questions are wrong in group-4

  500. dear friends

    which questions are wrong in group-4

  501. g20 and andy murray questions uday

  502. ya..Bolivia and egypt are non members and also north america

  503. Arrange the following literary works in Chronological order:
    I. Mudra rakshasa
    II. Mattavilasa Prakasana
    III. Milindapanho
    IV. Arthasastra
    the answer given by tnpsc is wrong,arthasastra and milindapanho comes in BC and mudrarakshasa comes in AD so the answer is d option IV,III,I,II.

    • good morning raja rajan sir.
      sir I given option D in my exam . are u sure that it right answer sir?. can I expect mark for this question sir. sir anybody send mail to tnpsc regarding this question.

      • ya jabbar this question is correct,no need to worry they will give marks surely,paper evaluation is almost over and results can be expected in 2 weeks time,what s ur mark and which category u belongs to.

        • thank u very much sir,

          sir if this question is correct then I would get 150/200 bcm category. is there any chance for me. I didn’t included the maths question given by you. I have also the same doubt sir.
          pls tell me I have chance in first phase itself

  504. Find out the wrong number in the sequence.
    623, 251, 543, 356
    for this question there is no correct answer,so this is also a wrong question i think so.

  505. OC-159/200
    This is my prediction and cut off wont wary too much.

  506. ya sure.dont worry u may even get a call in first phase itself.hope for the best

  507. Thank u rajarajan sir

  508. 140 will get the job, Dont worry guys.

    • Sir

      How it is possible 140/200 in first phase.

      • Last time Appitude is only 10 marks, now Apps – 25 marks. So cut off will reduce, If 140 sure will get the job.

        • Some people will strong in Apps, but they are not strong in other area. So very few people only storng in all areas, so cut off will reduce. 140 marks sure get the job. Dont beleive this website polls, it has bug. i voted many times, every time it is calulate my vote. dont beleive this poll. 140 safe zone.

          • thank u kannan sir your expected cut off all community sir

          • Thanks sir for your reply.
            My group 4 is 147 questions correct out of 200. All are telling about 155 and above that’s why iam afraid and asking many more times with many friends like you and Khaan sir also.
            Last time 07.07.2012 140 qns right but missed in 4th and 5th phase in same mark(questions) …..
            MBC, Degree. Tamil medium 02.05.1978.
            4th and 5th phase are PG candidates and higher age.

          • No chance,atleast 150/200 is required to get posting.140/200 is very low mark and u wont get surely,this is my opinion friends.

          • There is no way of predicting the cut off exactly, and as for syllabus this group 4 exam had new syllabus in language, and also methos of questioning is also somewhat analytic, and aptitude also 25 quest, so the exam was not so easy as which was conducted in 2012,

            Yes the chances of increase in cutoff is there, not because of the question was easy, but its may be due to lesser number of posting than in 2012, So dont come to any conclusion till result are out, have some hope even if u crossed 140 ques. No expert can predict the cut off, but as far as the new syllabus in language played some part, so this year group 4 cannot be compared to 2012, previous language quest was very easy as you all know.

            let have some hope, wait for the result

  509. Last TET Exam every body expect around 40,000 people will cross 90. but result says only 14,000 crossed 90 marks. same thing will be happen here also.

  510. Once again thanks for Kannan sir and for Khaan sir …….

  511. hi kannan sir ur comment give hope to us , do u know the result date.

  512. dear friends ,
    wish you all the very best for all group 2 aspirants.

  513. Am a physically talented guy bc …..what will be my cutoff

    • MANISVIJAY says:


      • MANISVIJAY says:


        • how u know date 13.12.2013 mr manisvijay?

          • Parliament election date kuda announce pannividuvargal . Anal nam result eppodhu varum?

          • Dear Khann sir,
            Before 28 ikl result vandhal good . Otherwise we can expect the result after election

          • what happened TNPSC ? Khann sir itarku ethavathu mudivu edduakka vendum . Before 28 result will be expect otherwise we can expect result after MP election. Above mar 15 is doop. Its not expectable.

          • Dear khan sir,
            What happened TNPSC? Ist phase ikka ippadi endral II & III phase eppothu release 2 or 3 years agumo? Ivarkaluuku enna punishment ? Rajivi Gandhi death problem ippothuthan oru mudivukku vandhirruku? That iswhen will our result?

          • Dear Khann sir,
            I am BC female ,& get 136/200 in gr iv DOB 15.6.73.Am I eligible next VAO exam. Because 40 age only eligible I finished 10, +2 & diploma now BA history is studying in corres. Pl. reply me

          • Dear Khann sir,
            I am BC female ,& get 136/200 in gr iv DOB 15.6.73.Am I eligible next VAO exam. Because 40 age only eligible I finished 10, +2 & diploma now BA history is studying in corres. Please reply me Next in what exam am I eligible.

          • Dear Khann sir,
            I surely say my score 134/200 in gr iv 2013. BC female. But my mark 184.5. Its not digested me what can I do? Pl. reply me. Am I eligible next VAO exam. Because 40 age only eligible I finished 10, +2 & diploma now BA history is studying in corres. Please reply me Next in what exam am I eligible.DOB 15.6.73.

          • Dear Khann sir,
            I surely say my score 134/200 in gr iv 2013. BC female. But my mark 184.5. Its not digested me what can I do? Pl. reply me. Am I eligible next VAO exam. Because 40 age only eligible I finished 10, +2 & diploma now BA history is studying in corres. Please reply me Next in what exam am I eligible.DOB 15.6.73.BC female

  514. SIR i got 110 qsn. i am typist for both higher.(SC) pls any chance

  515. am sc male 136/200 typist tamil lower english higher any chance

  516. FATHIMA RAFIQ says:

    group 2 exam i am expected 105/200 b c muslim female tamil mediam DOB 1986

  517. kalaiselvi says:

    group 2 exam i am 157/200 questions, MBC, GE/GK ,DOB 1988 is there possiblity for main exam sir kindly reply me

  518. hai guys i am 153/200 questions in grp4 is there any possibility to get job sir…pls tell i ambc female

  519. when ll grp4 results declare..

  520. S VINAYAGA RAMAN says:

    my mark is 125 out of 200 – ST / UG Degree / DOB / 10.06.1981 Any chance get the job in group 4 – JA

  521. i got 151 in group4.2013….bc community…tamilmedium….age 27.. can i expect a callfor??

  522. Ramakrishnan says:

    Group IV result eppo varum?

  523. group4 expected cutoff 146Nu oru friend Facebookla post panirukar.idhu possible ah?

  524. i am in both higher in typist bc pg degree Qc 136/200 age 34 yrs /male . any chance for group 4 result sir .

  525. qc 134 /200 typist in higher bc . can i get gr4 result. age 31 yrs . when ll relese for gr4 result sir

  526. i am both higher typist 135 / 200 bc 34 yrs . ant chance for gr 4 result sir. when ll relese for gr4 result sir .

  527. group4 153/200 dob 1983 comunity bc female UG degree…any chance get the job in group4-JA

  528. sir i am both higher bc age 33 yrs 135 /200 gr4 question any chance the result sir

  529. bc 34 yrs/ male . 135 /200 both higher typist gr 4 2013 . if any chance sir.

  530. group 4 148/200 dob 1975 community MBC female diplomo……any chance get the job in group 4 -JA

  531. Group 4 153/200 dob 1983 community BC female UG degree……….any chance get the job in group 4-JA

  532. Group 4 Results will be announced 6 months from the date
    of conduction of written exam . As far as we know , the
    group 4 results will be declared withing the last week of
    February 2014 or the first week of March 2014 .
    i know it hurts all ….no one can do anything

  533. I am a MBC Candidate. I am Complete Type Writing Both Higher and U.G.Degree. My Date of Birth 12.03.1984. Any other Chance to Group 4 Typist Post

  534. Iam BC Candidate. Type Both Higher. I am Didow. DW Certificate. I am Score 115/200. Any chance to Typist Post. Please reply.

  535. hello khaan sir my group4 mark 145/200 sca catagory msc degree dob 87 job kidaikuma sir pls reply

    • arun prakash says:

      Hai Bro me too belong to SCA, could i know ur Group 4 community rank and group 2 A expected marks?

  536. January first week result.

  537. Hi friends,i got 152/200 MBC 1990,Is there any chance to get selected in 1st phase.rply friends

  538. santhi priya says:

    result will come on 25.12.2013 by tnpsc official ……..

  539. santhi priya says:

    be happy……………

  540. Dear all,
    those who scored 145+/200 can expect the call.
    us that true

  541. in some institution they told even 140/200 can get a call in successive counselling.

  542. yes @ shanthi priya , nanum kelvi patten results will expect Dec 25th…

  543. Result will be released on december last week or january first week.
    Source : Todays Thina Thanthi

  544. I have 145/200 marks any chance

  545. Dear frnds,gp 4 result coming soon,success pannavangalukku advance wishes,pannathavangalukku better luck nxt time god bless u

  546. Nxt gp 4 announced shortly,department census going on, so be ready

  547. i am both higher 125/200 caste : BC DOB 1989 result varuma reply pls. tnpsc gr 4 answer key la yathana answer thappu… reply pannunga

  548. Dear venkat,tnpsc keyla 3 qns wrong,unkalukku 2nd phasela kidaikka chance irukku best of luck

  549. Dear tamil ungalukku chance irukku dnt worry

  550. Pona varusam gr 4 (07.07.2012) exam result Junior Assistant Phase 5 vanthu irruku Steno Typist Phase 2 vanthu irruku Typistukku Phase 2 varuma sollunga…….

  551. sir i am bc female tamil,english type senior cut off

  552. 7.7.2012 gr4 exam my marks 171 bc female tamil,english both higher

  553. Hi grish what u expect cutoff for group4

  554. Pls tell which 3 questions are wrong

  555. Hai kumar gp 4 cut off OC 155 BC 150 SC 148 ithu ennoda guessing

  556. Hai karthi intha year typist 2nd phase vanthirukku daily thanthi paperla pottirukkan neenga paakkalaya?

  557. Hi kayal gp 4 typist cut off 140 + or – 3 but girls have 138 mark safe zone

  558. Grish sir,
    07.07.2012 result Steno Typist Phase 2 than vanthu irruku Typistukku varala konjam parthu sollunga…….

    Ippo Group 4 examla 3 question wrongnu solranga unmaithana antha question mark add panniduvangala sollunga sir, intha news paper la pottangala sollunga…….

  559. Hi venkat,typist 2nd phase paperla pottirukkan ungalukku doubt iruntha tnpsc websitela parunga,appuram mark add panrathu paperla podala but mark add panrathu tnpsc kailathan irukku, ellam oru NAMPIKKAI than brother

  560. Mr mohideen last one and half datela daily thanthila pottatha niyabagam

  561. Hi grish i knw 1 questin are wrong (andy murray) balance wrong questions ethunu sollunga pls