September 21, 2014

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TNPSC Group I Exam [16.2.2013] Expected Cutoff Marks,Exam Analysis

TNPSC Group I Exam Analysis:

TNPSC – Tamilnadu Public Service Commission Conducted Examination for Recruitment of Group I Posts/Services on 16th february (16.2.2013) throughout Tamil nadu in various Centres.

TNPSC Group I Exam Analysis:

As we all Aware of the Improved Standard of TNPSC Examinations ,TNPSC Group I Prelims (Preliminary) Exam is Neither Easy nor Tough but a Well Framed Standard Question Paper

– Nisha (Chennai)

TNPSC Group I Exam Expected Cutoff Marks:

Based on the High Competition & Fewer Vacancies the Cutoff Will be higher , We Predict that 155+/200 (No of Questions) is Safe to Get through the Prelims

TNPSC group I Exam Answer Keys:

Check TNPSC Official Answer Keys: Group I Answer Keys  (Updated)

Hello Aspirants its Your Time Now ,Share Your Exam Experience,views & Expected Cutoff marks of TNPSC Group I Prelims Exam in the Comment Section Below1


  1. Exam is Very Easy ,May i know when they will declare the Results

  2. Exam Easy ? Ru Drunk ?

  3. Exam is Neither Easy nor Tough an Average Paper :) Eagerly Waiting for answer Keys

  4. Gowtham kumar says:

    Exam is little tough i got 142/200 MBC can i get clear the prilimis.

  5. I think it may good exam please tell me what are the cut off marks for BC female tamil medium any one please

  6. We got 150 – GK questions and 50 – aptitude questions.

    How will the marks be split up?

    Is it 1 mark for each GK Q and 3 marks for each aptitude questions?

  7. i felt question paper was moderate….without answer keys cannot predict cut off…but 150+ no of questions is quite good …. let tnpsc publishes answer keys..

  8. Hi..its difficult to predict cut off without answer keys..but still 150+ questions will be good one…let TNPSC publishes answer key

  9. the question paper was easy . I think cutoff may go upto 160+ for general…………..

  10. hi…….when will TNPSC will publish the answer keys??????????????

  11. Today or tomo answer key will be published

  12. Hi guys TNPSC published keys… be particular about your scores… mine is exactly 130/200…BC male… lets put our scores… reply guys

  13. 110/200 question are correct i think this a low score please about that cutoff for BC female Tamil medium any one please ? ct

  14. i’ve got 127/200 questions correct…BC male…

  15. sureshkumar says:

    Is there any chance to get through for me.135 bc male

  16. Friends,
    Is ther negative marking in prelims of group 1 conducted on Feb 16th?

  17. 120 is the good score in this exam …140 marks will get you a place in is a safe score…130 will be the cutoff…qns are in high quality with tnpsc reputation of some wrong qns and answers….text books alone cannot help to clear this prelims….sharp knowledge with speed is required….all the best….

  18. I got 123/200 General category, i think no chance for me to get through,
    all the best for those who go through .

  19. 118/200 question are correct please tell me any change for to clear prelim’s
    BC female Tamil medium candidate any one reply

  20. I think 2500 will be selected for the mains.So those who are getting above 130 can start their preparation for mains.I can confidently say that 150+ will be a safe score to clear.Even if you don’t clear it will be helpful to you for the next Gr-1.All the Best

  21. my score based on the answer key published is 111/200 BC male
    :) i hope no chance for me. prepared for a year

  22. i hope people above 125 questions can be expected to clear…. 2750 candidates to be selected..lets wait for radian cut off analysis

  23. i got 125/200. mbc female..any chance?? i personally thnk many questions where facts oriented unlike upsc. i dont fancy a chance of getting through..

  24. My score is 135. Is there any chance? pls help me out

  25. Nithya you have change prepare for main exam

  26. wat ll be the cut off marks for sc.. my score is 110..

    • For SC’s i believe the cutoff would be 120+ as per the last year analysis..but not very sure..waiting for Radian cut off analysis..I have got 127/200

  27. My score is 150 belongs to general category.How much will be the cut-off?

  28. When will TNPSC publish the cut off mark in the website.Any idea?

  29. vijay krish says:

    I got 159 out of 200 as per tnpsc answerkey BC MALE, what abt my chance friends, hope i will get select

    • vijay it is a superb score if you are correct…can you share ur preparation method and materials you gone through…if you get more than 150 in this yr group 1 paper you can very well clear the ias exam…REPLY MUST….

      • Vijay Krish says:

        Hi Friends,

        I am preparing for civil services as well and cleared mains, Please do not focus on prelim’s alone,refer previous years main papers of UPSC or TNPSC and based on that start prepare, even if you read small news try to make it in brief and study everything in deeply, while studying record ur voice in mobile phone and listen it while your leisure time or during travel, it will help you to revise your studies, do not waste your time, Success is yours all the best….


  30. Vijay no chance

  31. Vijay no chance you will clear prelim’s

  32. What is cutoff for all category ?

  33. Cutoff mark for all category released by Radiant IAS academy .whether cutoff are correct Please tell me any one
    for Gp -1

  34. Have anyone read notification about negative marks for both unattempted questions and wrong answers..I want details of negative marks..

  35. The exact details are given in the OMR (answer) sheet. In the question paper also they given it implicitly in the instructions(3rd one) as you have to answer all questions.

  36. Hi any one please make comment about main exam sybu. Please ?

  37. Hi within one week result will be released..source:dinamani

  38. Hai friends…
    Group 1 Result will be published with in one week…. Source:

  39. When will they declare results??…any idea???

  40. sir,
    i belong to sc and i m getting 140/200.. is there any chance and any idea about result dates.

  41. guess nobody speaks of group 1 ……so its like old times…results come after months…wen u tend to forget ur reg no…

  42. What are real cutoff & when will they publish group-1 result

    • answering to ur querry on basis of wild guesses ,planner says march as the due date fr results guess v ll ve results tis week…nd regarding cut off any competetive exam around 60 to 65 % ll make us through

  43. Why no one speak about group-1 ? when the result will be relesed?

  44. same can b asked lik chandramugi style ” enpa ni dr thana , result varuma varatha…athu varathuku ethavuthu ariguri iruka illaya”…. lol … guess this coment ll b moderated if no admin s kind…

  45. Hope will come by this month end..everytym they r sayin the same words if we call the toll free…better will prep for UPSC

  46. suresh manivannan says:

    Does any body have detailed syllabus for tnpsc group 1

  47. Exam is not easy .Just return the average level .When the result will announced.Eagerly i am waiting for the result.

  48. when result will be announced.

  49. When is tnpsc group-I prelims results?

  50. Hi,

    Any guess on the cutoffs…Could anyone share?

    Thanks and regards,

  51. vinothini says:

    when is the result?

  52. Karthik V says:

    Aiyyoo muruga porumaiya romba sothikkuranga !!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is very very very shame to our TNPSC organising committee :(

    Atleast for those who get screened Group I and selected in TNPSC committee please try to change this type of activities and make TNPSC as a perfect role model to other competitive exams.

  53. when tnpsc group1 preliminary result?

  54. varum….Aana varaadhuuu….

  55. What is the cutoff for group-1 exam any one? please

  56. do u know. that When will came this exam results?

  57. cleared :-)

  58. Gr-1 exam result are publiced and who are cleared may give your cutoff marks and which category

  59. 1. when is the mains exm?
    2. when will group 1 for 2014 will be notified?

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