September 17, 2014

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TNPSC Group-II A [29.6.2014] Exam Expected Cutoff Marks

TNPSC Group-II A [29.6.2014] Exam Expected Cutoff Marks :

TNPSC – Tamilnadu Public Service Commission Conducted Examination for the Recruitment of Group II A Officers (Non Interview ) Posts on 29th June (29.06.2014) throughout Various Centres of Tamilnadu .

TNPSC Group II A Exam Expected/Minimum Cutoff Marks :

General Tamil was Very Easy Comparable to General English , But General Knowledge Part is Little Bit Tough , Anyway the Cutoff Will be around 160+ / 200

Hello Aspirants , Share your View Regarding TNPSC Group II A Exam in the Comment Section Below !


  1. dharmalingamraja says:

    general tamil moderate gk tough .my view cutoff maybe morethan 165 questions

  2. Cutoff enna frdz

  3. venkatesh says:

    General tamil bit easy. As usual General english was dead per my friend comments.

    GK was tough….Even scoring more than 150 is good score for BC.

  4. dharmalingamraja says:

    general tamil easy gk tough. my view is bc cutoff maybe 165 questions

  5. cut of wil be 150 for bc.
    In Gen tamil we can easily
    But in gen studies its very difficult to get even 65/100.
    So cut off not more than 150 for sure

  6. Evalavu tough irunthalum namma pasanga 155+ vangidranunga so cutoff same as vao

    • omar shariff says:

      don compare vao with group 2 a brother bcos vao is dead easy group 2a gs is bit tough.. namma pasanga flukela adich kooda pathuku mela adikka mudiyaathu 145+ is safer side 155+ confirm job kedaikuum

  7. vijayakumar says:

    nr ias academy group II(A) key below the link

  8. vijayakumar says:

    puthiya vidiyal key general tamil key below the link

  9. hai friends,

    my mark is 140/200. any chance for me.

  10. 138/200.MBC Female …Is there is any chance to get selected?

  11. gr -2 a question paper out in kadalor today flesh nesw for polimer chenal & lotus may be re exam for tnpsc

  12. sir enna solringa gr 2 out pannitangala . eppo cofirm news this?

  13. Is that true….Reexam???



  15. V.Murugaiah says:

    160/200 as per NR answer key. any chance for get the job. Please tell me.

  16. HI TO ALL…
    I GOT
    93 TAMIL
    59 GK.

  17. gt-87 and gs-66 total 153 mbc

  18. gr 2 gk tough so cut off many coaching centre has told 145 + /200 safe 150 confirm. its true boss. nri key 5 -6 doubt. so plz wait few days .

  19. Friends!

    Any chances for 137 , BC ??

  20. thamaraiselvan says:

    friends pls kindly inform, regarding the answers leaked in cuddalore dist.i also saw the news in polimer tv.hope that should not be true.

    • R.RAMESHBABU says:


  21. arun prakash says:

    Dear Admin,
    One kind request, If u add new excel with the parameters like (Group 4 marks out off 200, their community rank in group 4 and Group 2 A expected marks out off 200) it would be more relevant to predict the community wise toppers. Hope most of the people will support it. Thanks in advance.

  22. Khadhar Khan says:

    Hi Friend,

    Kindly share your marks with community…like i am BC (160), MBC (155), BC(M) 135 etc.,, so that we can easily predict the cut off for all communities… Hope you would follow the same going forward.

    However, TNPSC has not released the Key answers….Therefore let us wait for few days.

    Thanks for all TNPSC aspirants.

  23. boopathi says:


  24. RAJASEKAR says:


  25. Krithika says:

    Hi, I’ve scored 156/200. GE-94 GS-62. There was a news(Makkal TV, Sun news) that group 2A question paper was leaked and there is a request for re-exam. Does anyone know about this?

  26. My wife scored 158/200… tamil 86/100; GK 72/100; Is there any chance for BC …

  27. My wife scored 158 / 200. Is there any chance for BC. ..

  28. R.RAMESHBABU says:


    • thamaraiselvan says:

      Dear ramesh kindly explain the issue which was going in cuddalore and how you people confirmed tthat question paper was leaked.whether it was true .pls explain.

    • Krithika says:

      If there is a leak, its highly disappointing n definitely we need a re-exam.

  29. vijayavendan says:

    Hello friend r u playing cut should between 148 to 158 that all don’t make afraid above 160

  30. Dear ramesh
    reexam vaikanum vaipangla
    any news tnpsc side sir

  31. its all reexam.somebody has kept the money himself from tnpsc thats it

  32. Desperately we need a re-exam ,we have a news that the question paper is leaked in cuddalore,Obviously these people those who already got the question paper will score more marks and the opportunity for those who put their full efforts for this exam will be very less.

  33. thamaraiselvan says:

    friends ,.police investigation going on,so after investigation report only we can conclude the cuddalore dont lose hope.believe tnpsc.

  34. my cut off is 145/200, MBC is there any possibility to get job. pls do update

  35. guys keys have been put up in TNPSC WEBSITE CHECK IT………………..

  36. arun prakash says:

    Friends, TNPSC – Group 2 A Official Key has been released. Check it out.

  37. Hi ,,
    I scored 158/200 as per tnpsc key,,Is there a chance to get ..

    Also I have doubts in four answers- 1)which is not the work of ottakoothar-saraswathy anthathy is written by kambar,2 choices matches it. 2) population of manipur,megalalaya…matched order given is wrong. 3)Then in the circle with stripes puzzle figure how to justify the answer given by tnpsc? choice D gives answer with justification 4) Beck is the principal of Aligarh college check it out in google search.

    • manikandan says:

      another one. ms suppulakshmi – art and architecture

      pls send mail to :

    • hello ms.preethi think well for the stripes puzzle figure. alternate modification thats right only

      • In fig(2) ,2 stripes are added, then in fig(3) 1 stripe is added horizontally ,,,in fig(4) then 2 stripes has to be added this is given in choice D.,,,,followed by 1 stripe added horizontally in fig(5)

        There is a 2 1 2 1 increasing order of stripes from 2nd figure

        If there is some other alternative justification can you plz mention it??

        • in fig(1), vertical,, in fig(2), both vertical and horizontal ,,in fig(3),horizontal,,with this cycle ends then commence it from beginning like in fig(1),only vertical change in fig(4),, then in fig(5), both vertical and horizontal thats it

  38. kalaivani says:

    Hi,i score 154/ per tnpsc key.bc female.wil I get

  39. if tnpsc itself released the ans key then there ll be no re- exam right ,pls someone reply me

  40. Hi,i got 145/ per tnpsc.wil I select

  41. I am sc(a) male. got 157/200 as per tnpsc. chance to get job.

  42. i got 159/200 chances for me to get job mbc female

  43. kalaivani says:

    Sir,question paper was out,its true.hundred members waament to tnpsc tocomplaint.if it possible for reexam

  44. I got 133/200 is there any chance sir

  45. boopathi says:


  46. Group 2 A Answer Keys are released check TNPSC site…

  47. gruop 2a 151/200-mbc any chance mr khaansir

  48. Is there possibility for re exam ?

  49. due to leak of question paper …re exam should be needed and also in secure and safe manner …guys try to make a step to keep re exam otherwise those who have money will get job easily…talent person will not get job

  50. palaniappan says:

    if question paper was out we need re exam

  51. If the question paper was leaked the cut off raised and affected sincere students.
    so we need re exam. i agree with u palaniappan sir

  52. after the case investigation we know possibilty of re exam priya madam. if u want full details contact any friend in cuddalore district and share with our friends.

  53. Hemavathi says:

    We need re exam

  54. balakumar says:

    we need re exam

  55. We need reexam. ithu pathi tnpsc ku email yarum panningala.

    • Sarbuthean says:

      Hi @arjun Anybody cant mail,Since the controversial answer key was
      found in Kadalur only those can approach tnpsc with the filed complaint.
      Anybody from kadalur can answer what going on at present.

  56. arun prakash says:

    To those who are keen interested in Group II A Re exam………
    if the question paper had been leaked out before examination it would be really disappointment for all aspirants.
    from my view, TNPSC wont conduct re exam, because before distributing question papers in this exam, invigilators in each hall (in all centre) had taken signature from two candidates / hall stating that”question paper is opened only at the time closing to 10 AM on 29-06-2014 and not prior to that”…..

  57. thank you so much bro i feel so relaxed on hearing this

  58. Yes reexam venum.any news from tnpsc side

  59. balakumar says:

    if true .yes re exam venum

  60. Hemavathi says:

    possibility for re exam

  61. Anybody from kadalore examed person. pls answer what going on at present. (tnpsc gr2a news patri)

  62. guys make a step to conduct re exam .otherwise those who all having will not get job….i think the government will try to hidden this incident …so guys be aware of this….those who having money will get the job easily…prepared students will never get …try to make a step as soon as possible friends…

  63. re exam should be conduct in secure manner…..surely we need re exam…the media and tnpsc are try to hide this … friends we have to take step to conduct re exam…otherwise they will never keep re exam

    • Yes revathy u r rite since then there is no information in media or whats going on about further investigation regarding this question leak….as well as on top of that answer keys are also being released by TNPSC.

    • thamaraiselvan says:

      How you confirm that there is a leak.pls without any confirmation dont claim re exam.

    • thamaraiselvan says:

      as per the hindu paper news ,a piece of paper found at railway station after the exam and accidently it contains the canddidate found that paper and reported to higher official.but with this one cannot confirm that there was a leak because some may be did a answer verification after the exam and leave it in the railway station i think if it happens before the exam tnpsc investigate in that matter but it was happend after the exam so there is no chance of leak.

      • yes i agree with you coz in that slip only ans for 117 th qn had been written that doesnt mean that it has leaked

        • thamaraiselvan says:

          one more thing in a previous 2012 leak issue tnpsc took an immediate action and announced cancellation of exam next day itself ,because that was really one should not simply blame tnpsc and media regarding present issue, if it really happens media and tnpsc wont be silent.

          • hmm right if it had happened all the applied candidates would have appeared for the exam but more than 2 lakhs were absent

      • sarbuthean says:

        Answer checking for 117 question is not possible within a hour
        even after the exams are over(NOT 117th question answer).

  64. balakumar says:

    any one from cuddalore …….tell us wats going .investigation over

  65. balakumar says:

    any news from tnpsc side

    • There is no news from tnpsc or cuddalore administration.They wont hear the voice of the students. Someone has to go to high court.Then only Tnpsc will conduct a investigation.Otherwise they will hide this issue.

  66. Hemavathi says:

    plz some tell will there be re exam

  67. If there should be a re exam then someone has to go to the court.

  68. There is no news regarding investication in cuddalore..if they clear it means .no one will ask questn and blame..thamaraiselvan

  69. There is no news regarding investication in cuddalore..if they clear it means .no one will ask questn and blame.

    • thamaraiselvan says:

      Sheela in my point of view if the leak really happend definitely media wont be silent and tnpsc also cancelled the exam next day itself like previous leak issue.this is my opinion

  70. sarbuthean says:

    See nobody from cuddalore had replied,they
    might have seen these comments but still
    no reply.Anybody from cuddalore please do

  71. thamaraiselvan says:

    friends without any clear picture regarding this issue pls dont claim reexam .it will hurts for those who did the exam well and one who claim re exam pls explain the cuddalore issue clearly.

  72. Hai tnpsc key vitachu vidiyal cuttoff vitachu , group 1 app status adthu g4 notification varapoguthu no chance for reexam

  73. if the government will clear this problem means no one will raise the re exam and blame the government.but remain they maintain silent….no news regarding this issue

  74. I think Tnpsc will try to hide question leak mater for group 2 a :::::sincere student will affect what we do frnds?????

  75. If students go to the high court,then TNPSC will reply in this issue.

    • Sarbuthean says:

      So dharik you are the one to lead first,Its clear that qs have been leaked
      unless strong claim from those who appeared the exam,there wont be any
      question about reexam,since group2a consists of reputed post the question
      was leaked.Remember the same thing happened in 2012 and now it again
      happened.No candidates will oppose reexam since if they have worked hard
      they will be surely disapppointed because of this issue.So thamariselvan
      you opinion is wrong.Sorry if i was rude.

  76. thamaraiselvan says:

    sarbuthayen there is no rude in your opinion.i want to ask onething how you clearly saying that the question paper was leaked. if you know the exact scene behind that issue pls explain it.

  77. thamaraiselvan says:

    bro with this how can we conclude that there was a leak.after the examsome group of students may did answer verification and left it there itself .so bro think on other side.

    • sarbuthean says:

      @thamaraiselvan answer verification for 117 qs in just one hour is
      a miracle though it had happened after the exam,my point is not
      to prove that there was a question paper leak.My argument is
      IT IS NOT possible to do answer verification for 117 questions in
      counting and not in numbers.As you it is not possible.

  78. sarbuthean says:

    As you know it is not possible,moreover a group of people
    however excited and intersted to know the answer key wont
    do in the street without proper reference.

  79. sarbuthean says:

    For your kind information it took nearly 5 to 6 hours for
    me on that day to find the answer key after the exams.
    before nrias academy i got about 140-160 roughly
    with the help of internet and appropriate book materials.
    So hope you understand what my point is It is NEVER
    possible for 117 qs answer key in one hour.

    • but there are 4 sets of qn paper na qns ll be varying for diff sets right then how it ll be possible

    • thamaraiselvan says:

      @ sarbuthaen ,we dont know whether that the 117 answers exactly matching with the tnpsc keys.i had one doubt why only upto 117 answers leaked what about remaining questions.whether 117 questions is enough to get the posting?

      • sarbuthean says:

        @thamariselvan, the particular candidate who handed the answer key bit paper
        to the police might wont be a fool to report just in assumption,the intention of
        the person who threw the paper may be to convey some other thing to somebody
        and just to make the public believe that there was a malpractice.and if your
        not ready to believe its upto you.My point is not to prove that there was a question leak.
        Its not a job that was done by a individual candidate who attended the exam.

        • thamaraiselvan says:

          Dear sarbhuthaen i accept your point my opinion is there may be/maynot be a dont confirm it with that piece of paper.intestigation is going on.why we itself unnecessarly claiming that there is a leak.if jnyone from cuddalore explain the current situation it will be helpful to us.

        • thamaraiselvan says:

          dear sarbhuthaen i accept your opinion is there may be/ may not be a leak .so we cant confirm with that piece of dont ask reexam without confirmation. if any one from cuddalore can explain the current status it will be helpful to us.

          • sarbuthean says:

            @thamaraiselvan with that piece of paper only present controversial
            things are going on,if that was not a leak what’s the point of that
            paper being there immediately after the exam(May be one hour).So
            can you say any valid reason for that piece of paper found.As you
            said without proper evidence dont conclude that there was no leak.
            Arguing between us has no point as the concerned officals has to
            say about this.

  80. Yes i accept ths point sarbuthean….and also after examination we having question paper with us we can verify and note the answer in question paper itself.there is no need to write in piece of paper..

  81. And also tnpsc chairman post is currently vacant

  82. sir i get 143/200 BC if any chance to enter

  83. Why TNPSC is silent in this issue even after the students protesting.This shows something went wrong, if there is no chance of leak then why TNPSC is not saying anything about this?

  84. Dear all,

    Kindly visit the below link and post your no of questions correct in GR II A.
    which will usefull to ascertain the cut off approximately.
    and also you can visit sura ias academy website for expected cut off.


  85. thamaraiselvan says:

    @ sarbhuthaen can you say one valid reason why only 117 answers leaked.bro based on assumption we can talk point is dont confirm it.

    • Friend in 2012 erode candidate had only 20 questions and answers with her then why TNPSC has cancelled that exam?Even 1 answer marked wrong will change the chance of getting the job.If TNPSC comes out and clear this issue no one is going to talk about this.

      • thamaraiselvan says:

        friend in 2012 leak issue the erode candidate had 40 leaked questions.that candidate got that question before the exam itself as a model questions.he was shocked to saw that same 40 questions in exam after the exam he reported to higher official. and tnpsc also cancelled the exam immediately and confirms there was a leak with clear this issue it happend after the exam ,so we cant confirm there was a leak and even one has a clear e vidence in this issue definitely tnpsc,media,higher officers will investigate and take a necessary action like before leak issue.till no news regarding this news means i think there was not a clear evidence/ believe tnpsc.

  86. thamaraiselvan says:

    even if that 117 answers were leaked it will not affect the aspirants greatly.because language part is very easy one can get 95+.the toughest part is gk.that 117 answers not sufficient to get high score.moreover we dont know that 117 leak answers fully correct.

  87. @thamaraiselvan.We have hope in TNPSC but why they are silent till now.If 100 answers of GT was on that paper will you accept that it is not possible?

  88. i am expecting 130. is there any chance for me. pls reply someone. i am mbc female

  89. Dear all,
    pls visit TNPSC TAMIL and post your mark there. and also you can see the marks scored by others in an excel sheet.

    my prediction is 150 for gen

    147 for Bc

    145 for MBC.

    pls comment on the above.


  90. no arguments there will be no re exam sure

  91. thamaraiselvan says:

    @dharik .in previous leak issue whether tnpsc remaind silent and tried to hide that they wont do that instead they canceled the exam immediately.tnpsc cant be able to hide the news if it really happend.because the aggrieved person can go to the court with the clear evidence and ask for the present case tnpsc already cleared the issue by announcing the answer means the exam was conducted in a fool proof manner.

    • Friend you still did’nt answered my question.Will you accept it is possible for one person to answer all the questions in GT correctly?Incident took place in cuddalore immediately next day candidates made a protest opposite to collectorate.Why do hundreds of candidates made a protest without any reason.

  92. thamaraiselvan says:

    friend we dont know that leak answers are fully correct.tnpsc answer key released after 3 days only,so how can we said that 100 gt was correct.maximum students can mark around 90+ answers correctly.if cuddalore students any one can explain that 117 answers exactly matching with tnpsc answer key with a strong proof,then we can say there was a chance of leak.

  93. Hi sir wife 141/200 BC is any chance to get in gr 2…….

  94. Hi sir my wife 141/200 was right BC is any chance to get in gr 2…………

  95. hi frnds any possibility for gr 2 reexam pls reply me

    • Friend TNPSC can only answer for this question.As of now there is no chance of re exam because it will spoil the good name of the government if re exam is kept.

  96. kalaivani says:

    Its true answer key were leaked, I came to know two days before only by two unknown talking with mobile,when they spoke ,its very clear that question paper leaked and those who got the paper were in room( house arrest )not to leak anywhere,two days they were in Bhanroti before the exam they came out. but just like that he said this issue,
    really for me it took 5 hours to find the answer with materials, without material NO ONE CAN NOT FIND the answer even who prepared very well.
    the man who wrote the exam with leaked paper very confident about question paper leak issue but the another one were don’t know he was very happy that he wrote well compare to vao exam, the second one was very strong because no issues in public,and media.

    true ……..people behind this issue want to hide,,,………………….
    the issue….. i am really very disappointed so nambikkai ,,,vidamuyarchi …ellamme waste……………always money makes the world ……
    so we must fight for our rights……But even includes myself we won’t come forward to do this….. all must try to combine everyone and fight agaist this issue ,,,being an citizen of this country we have rights,, but one hand clapping never makes any souind so we all must come in one point that

    IF REEXAM will be conducted,then
    the paper who missed in station help the hard worker and sincere aspirants without his knowledge

    • But why media’s are not taking care of this important issue

    • Suresh Pandy says:

      Hai Kalaivani,
      Dont blubbering . No one knows actual situation about this issue. Simply dont blame others.
      Do you know actual time when he found the piece of paper ? dont spread rumor with evidence of newspaper news on that day. Do you believe all the news are correct ? they simply publish the news what they are heard. But without strong evidence, no newspaper will publish this rumor continuously.
      thats y , no newspaper and media did not publish this news again and again. Even Dinakaran, SunTV, Kalaiger Tv.

      Bcos they know, if they publish this news without proper evidence, they will face consequences.
      So Friends, Be prepare for Next Exams. all the best.

    • Friend at present there is no sign of re exam from TNPSC side,Investigation was ordered and no information from that also,so they will keep quite for some days and everyone will forget this issue.

    • He didnt miss that paper in station,he wantedly did that.May be
      he could be fooled in fool proof manner as said above.Also make
      a note this time media didnt show the photocopy of the answer keys
      as they did last time(2012).

  97. But why media’s are not taking care of this important issue. even a single question correct wrong also decide the job

  98. without proper evidence we people having good marks dont want to waste our marks and hardwork by asking for reexam

    • thamaraiselvan says:

      @ ashwini i agree your poin,t why we itself unnecessarly asking reexam without any proper evidence and spoiling our hard work and tnpsc organisation.think positively .

  99. dear sir,
    my score is 142/200…i am sc candte…any chance is their to…get the job reply

  100. question paper leaked in cuddalore at those who got the paper prepared at bunroti,so we all must do something to conduct re exam.

    Friends we should not be quite for this issue because we the candidates prepared for exam with all our effort so y should be quite ,,plz…………….


    THose who r in cuddalore dist,,,…. forward the message whats going on there………what about the investigation………………..

    make it as soon as possible,,,,,,, give some valuable message

    Mr. thamaraiselvam do u thing the paper was not leaked ….without any confirmation we should not blame tnpsc ….i accept but why the MEDIA and TNPSC r kept QUITE about this Issue ………… many unwanted issues were focused in MEDIA all the time BUT y the won’t care about the effort of CANDIDATES (FOUR LAKHS)……

    • thamaraiselvan says:

      @ kalaivani and vanitha.why media was not silent in 2012 leak issue because there was an clear evidence so it was the duty of the media to show the truth before the aspirants at that the present issue it is not the duty of media and tnpsc spoil the aspirants confidence in government exams without clear you said leak was true and also in banruti some persons are in house arrest ,one thing opposition parties channel like mawkkal tv,kalaigner tv etc can make this issue greatly but too they remain in silent because there was no clear evidence .so media is not interested to disturb the aspirants who believe tnpsc.

  101. kalaivani says:

    YES I agree vanitha ,,, Y the MEDIA also QUITE IN THIS ISSUE ,,,so everywhere money speaksss………….

    Mr thamarai…. have u seen the bit paper which found at railway station ……in the HINDU tamil paper….

    We have many discussion regarding this but who will answer for this ,,,, its only TNPSC….

    HOPE for the best RESULT >>>>>>> RE_EXAM….

  102. its true question paper leaked in cuddalore…… so we need reexam

  103. Anyone from cuddalore have any updates?

  104. TNPSC should break the silence in this issue otherwise they are going to make candidates in trouble because Supreme court recently disqualified the Group 1 exam held in 2001 and TNPSC is suffering to handle this issue.Who ever it may be LAW is above all.
    Transparency is important in such exams otherwise it shows something going wrong.

  105. cuddalore students itself being quiet, why you people are very eager for the reexam if you want means wait for one year

    • thamaraiselvan says:

      Yes friend i think we should change the topic. regarding this we discussed lot of thing.please discuss general topics.mudiyala evlo naal than itha pathiye pesrathu.

  106. Suresh Pandy says:

    Hai Friends,
    Radian IAS academy released VAO and Group-IIa cut off mark . What about ur opinion friends ?

    • Radian cut off is 149 / +3 or -3 for BC for group 2,Yes it is a close call.Original will also be around this range only.GT and GE both were easy according to many candidates.

  107. I think more candidates will be in the range 150-155..In all cut off they put the range + or-, so we can judge whether it will go up or down

  108. again started huh

  109. sivaganesh says:

    Any idea abt call for group 4.

  110. 138 BC any chance

  111. Kannan_A says:

    நண்பர்களே! .

    டி ஆர் பி மதிப்பெண் பட்டியலை வெளியிட்டுள்ளது. இதனால் வி ஏ ஒ மற்றும் குரூப் 2 ஏ கட் ஆப் குறைய வாய்ப்பு உள்ளதா?. தங்களது கருத்துக்களை கூறலாமே!….

  112. s.sureshbabu says:

    my mark group 2a 126/200 any chance for me

  113. as per my view cut will be around
    in all category female means reduce 2 questions. this cut off is above vidiyal prediction and below radian prediction. comment on this .

  114. hi visnu,
    i got around 124/200 bc female.any changes me or next level phase any changes.please reply me

  115. balamurugan says:

    i got 141/200 MBC. any chance? pls reply.

  116. boopathi says:


  117. From where you heard abt the group 4 notification
    wil be in nov-dec!!! and how do you know the number
    of vacancies??Any reliable source??

  118. punniakotti s says:

    I’m serving in Indian army.I ‘ll discharged in next few months.I’m completed MA History for distance examination from annamalai university.Tamil medium.

    How to I join your academy?

  119. நண்பர்களே tnpsc குரூப்4 rank லிஸ்டில் இதுவரை community wise எவ்ளோ members செலக்ட் பண்ணி இருகாங்க யாருகாவது தெரிந்தால் ப்ளீஸ் post பண்ணுங்க . for ex sc and bc community ல இதுவரை எந்த rank வரை போயிருக்கு . reply……

  120. friends if any re-counselling for group 4 2013 pls reply

  121. Friends can anyone tel me Saraswathi Andathi was the work of kambar or ootakuthar,pls reply me friends.

  122. Hi friends,can anyone tell me saraswathi anthathi was the work of kambar or ootakuthar,pls reply friends.

  123. dear friends if any group4 4th phase for JA post details pls reply

  124. guruvasanth says:

    Dear friends :

    any one pass in tnpsc group 4 and tet .pls sir inform to your dept sir because most friends wait in second list in group4 sir .

    so pls infoam to your selected deptment

  125. I have 142 in group2A MBC male any chance for me plz tell?

  126. I got 147/200. Do i have a chance of getting selected in group2a??? And plz tell me when will the result gonna get published????

  127. No..No.. Minimum 140 and Maximum 173(State First Rank) in all category candidate enter the group II A postings. My wifes is scored 170(SC category).

  128. 123/200 bc tamil medium any chance

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