September 21, 2014

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General Awareness For IBPS RRB Office Assistants Exam

This is Guest Post by Mr.Suresh Kumar (Who Recently Cleared SBI PO Exam)

IBPS Is Gonna Conduct Examination for Recruitment of Group B Office Assistants (Multipurpose) on 28th & 29th September 2013


General Awareness (GK) Section of RRB Office Assistants/Clerk Exam :

Q : How to Prepare For General Awareness Part of RRB Assistants Exam?

This Strategy is Based on Previous RRB Exam Question Papers .

Few Years Before Aspirants Used to Buy Bulky Manorama Year Book / Competition Success to Brush Up Current Affairs / General Awareness Part of Bank Exams . But the Trend is Over Bye Bye to those Bada Bada Books . Current Affairs Lost its Importance in Competitive Exams (Not Completely Ignored , But its Importance is Declining Nowadays) .Then What We Have to Study ?

To Get a Descent Score , Lets Says 40+ out of 50 in General Awareness Part (In RRB Exam) Try Out this Strategy

Important Things to be MUG UP   Study :

Definition & Figures of Current Bank Rate / Repco Rate / CRR / SLR etc..

Banking Basics (CTS / NEFT / RTGS) Browse RBI Website for Pakka Datas

Recent Govt Yojanas /Schemes for Rural Employment/Empowerment etc (Like : MGNREGA)

Nowadays Questions are not Directly From Current Affairs But Derived From it

eg : TATA Opened the First White Labelled ATM named Indicash (Current Affair)

Few Years Back they Used to Ask :

Who Opened First White Labelled ATM?

Name of 1st White Labelled ATM ?

But Nowadys they DONT Wants Freaking Facts instead They Expect the Concept

What is White Labelled ATM?

1. An ATM Machine Installed in Rural Areas

2. ATM Maintained By NBFC

3.ATM which is White in Color (Lol :) )

4. All the Above

[So Dont MUGUP Facts , Learn the Basics Associated With that]

Gothrough Budget / Economic Survey

Browse RBI Website for Latest Updates : Get it Here

MISC / Trivia :

Awards / HQ of Organizations / Sports / Author of Books

Dont Waste your Time on MISC / Trivia Type Preparation Bcoz  Memorizing all these Facts is Impossible (We Need 1TB External Hard Brain Memory to do tat :)) and they have Low Priority in Exam . Say 90% Questions are Basics / Concept and Only 10% are From the Trivia/ MISC Type . So Give More Emphasis on Concept Based Preparation . [Im Not Recommending to Completely Ignore MISC Type Qns]

Some Recommended Books For General Awareness Section :

  • Economy – Key Concepts :  Best Book for Economy/Finance/ Banking Basics . [ I Used this Book During my Preparation , and I Strongly Recommend this to Freshers . Book Written In Simple English by Mr.Sankar Ganesh IRS , Presents the Concept in Layman Style]
  • Indian Economy – TMH Publications : By Mr. Ramesh Singh
  • Economic Survey


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