September 22, 2014

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GATE 2012 Expected Cut Off Marks

Gate Exam – Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2012 was Held for CS, EEE, ECE, EE, ECE, CSE, Civil, Life Science, Mechanical

GATE 2012 Keys Are Officially Announced : Download it Here

GATE Exam Expected Cut Off Marks


No. of candidates appeared





1, 37, 853





72, 680





18, 456










29, 347










3, 792





2, 275




Please Share Your GATE 2012 Expected Cutoff In The Comment Section Below

GATE 2012 Keys Are Officially Announced : Download it Here


  1. GATE Cutoff for CS will be 23-25 this year

  2. Mechanical Will Be 25-30

  3. What can be the expected rank against the marks 50-54?

  4. naresh kumar says:

    i think cs cutoff is more than 30 becasue paper was easy compare to last year ..

  5. if i m getting 61 marks in gate (me)what wud b my expected rank this year

  6. My expected marks are 34 in me ..what wd b my expected rank this year..

  7. most of the students appeared in electronics paper(nearly 6 lakh);so.cut off will certainly go up this time;may be between 38 to 42; but surely not less than that

    • 38 – 42 … ??? if that is the case then hardly anyones gonna clear.Thats just impossible. The ppr ws tough as comparing to the last 2 yrs pprs. The cutoff for gate 2012 will be between 25 to 26.
      And from where did u read 6 lakh for electronics . Last yr it wsa 137853 candidates for gate 2011 which included 3rd yr ppl too. This yr pre final yr students were not allowed.

      • saale harami jab tumko malum nhi hai deepak se bahas kahe ko karta hai
        harami kashyud last yr total 8 lakh log baitha tha is bar 14.2 lakh

      • Dont bluff frnds.Share your original knowledge bcoz many peoples reading these blog.Last year question was very easy still the cutoff is 26.11 and this year it was tougher ever in the gate history.What data i collected till now it is very difficult for students to clear the cut off i.e. 25.So no chance for high cut off.

    • r u crazy?

    • sudhansu.... says:

      saale paper dekha hotai naa toh phat k haath me aa jat

  8. PARIN GOSAR says:


  9. The table above is a copy-paste of gate 2011 cutoff. Its not any expected cutoff of 2012.

  10. I am from ec and according to various answer keys, my expected marks vary between 52-57. Can anyone predict what may be the expected range in which my rank may fall? And also can anyone kindly put some lights on the matters in getting in the IITs?

  11. Aa mar jeet says:

    GATE CUT OFF will decline from last year
    only for IIT it will show some comptete
    time for sad
    there is 19% placement in IIT
    for M tech. At avg. Package of 2.10

  12. Aa mar jeet says:

    One of my friend From IIT DELHI

    GOT NO job
    and sits at home

    He is just teaching in a private college
    at salary of 16 thousand.

  13. Aa mar jeet says:

    In India
    83% of btech degree holder could find any job.
    The most unemployed percentage in any proffesional courses.

  14. Aa mar jeet says:

    6 lakhs Students were apeared in clerk exam of ibps.

  15. Aa mar jeet says:

    GATE exam is fun

  16. rajendra singh says:

    what will be expected cutoff in civil engineering & hw was the paper in this year compare to previous year.

  17. Arpita Shah says:

    i found ec paper tough this year, is there anyone else who feels the same? i can’t get the idea of cut off marks this year.

    • in comparison to the previous couple of pprs .. yes ece ws indeed tough !!! the cutoff shud fall down to 25.

      • i feel that the cut off for ece should hover around 20 this time owing to the toughness….

      • Cutoff will never fall below 25 bcoz it is the limit set by MHRD for getting this yes number of student qualifying gate will be decreased.
        Cut off=max{25 or (s a)} where s=standard deviation of this year in EC paper and a=avg. mark secured in EC paper.

    • ece paper was a piece of cake…who says its tough…i think u dint prepare well…the top marks will be above 75…..

  18. prateek pareek says:

    my score for me is 55.66
    can any1 suggest what should i expect from this score

  19. Ankit Singh says:

    As per key expected marks is 50 in civil engineering. what would be my rank.??

  20. My expected marks are 40 (Mechanical Engg.). What rank should I expect?

  21. gate 2012 me paper was definetly tougher than 2010 and 2011….and cut off will not move above 30 at any cost…dnt wurry about number of candidates bcos…in gate same marks will be awarded same rank and same score….above 50 is a nice marks…..anyways..keep the fingers crossed…and one more thing…placements from are possible but not equivalent to b.techs….

  22. My expected mark is 50 in IN branch, can anyone say my rank

  23. Regarding Mechanical :

    to all our mechanical veiwers ,this time mechanical paper was tough compare to 2010 and 2011 ( sorry i don’t know about 2009) though it seems easy . Some Question from 26-55 (carry two marks) were tough and little questions form one mark.

    Even when we are matching solution with coaching experts who took there own time referring books and then declaring solution …there answer to 6-7 questions vary from coaching to coaching.

    all about i can say is this time cut off will be lower (25-27) , highest will be lower compare to 2011 and person in range of 40-60 will be in top 1000 position .

  24. junkyard123 says:

    what about CIVIL 2012 gate paper…was it tough or easy according to sources….and what about expected cutoff and highest mark ?…

    Pls share your marks so that we can have a general idea abt overall performance..mine is around 51-54.

  25. Siddhant Srivastava says:

    My expected marks in GATE 2012 is 34.667 & my branch is ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATIONS.

    What will be my pecentile????

  26. @ Ashish.. ME guys i agree wid u.. this yr paper was tough than last yr.. also the pattern of PT changed.. so much PT in place of TD. .. definetly it will hav impact on the score.. so i m thinking that 70 marks enogh to come under top 100.. what u say??

  27. hey i gave paper from chemical engg branch…can any1 tell me d cut off for chemical engg branch(SC Quota) and could u pls clear a doubt for me,dis time in gate 2012 in d prospectus it is been given dat dere will be no negative marking for numerical answer questions,so during calculating our marks can we neglect negative marking from numerical questions..??

  28. In ME i m getting 29….
    how much chances to qualify..??

  29. what i think is this time 75 will be the highest and the rank will be following the 2010 pattern .The rank or minimum qualifying marks does not depend on number of student but it depends on how many number of student well prepared.

    THis time mechanical paper was a surprise to me as PT numericals questions were alot and unexpected also engineering mechanics which is given 1 mark weitage is given 6-7 marks weitage.

  30. I am expecting 56.67 marks in ME.. I belong to SC category..
    Can i expect call from IIT ??

  31. Sourav Ghosh says:

    My gate 2012 score in ME is 50. Can any body predict what will be the rank? Shall I be eligible for any iit (like thermal in IITG, IIT Roorkee,), or m.s prog in iit???

  32. i get 48 marks in gate 2012(CSE). what would be mine expected gate rank

  33. iam getting 28.33 in me 2012 gate..will ill be able to clear the cut off…?please reply!!!

  34. junkyard123 says:

    What rank one will get after scoring around 51-54 in CE gate 2012 ??

  35. what will be the cut off for me 2012 gate?

  36. hello frnds I m getting 72.33 marks(mechanical) in GATE 2012 according to made easy answer keys, what rank can i expect? I m in General category…….reply soon plzzzz….

  37. wt u guys say abt topper of ECE.,.?
    wt u thnk 1st ranker is going to score how much as d paper was quite difficult dis year ?



    i am expecting 43 marks in instrumentation.. what will be my rank??

  40. my expected marks are 30 – 31 in cs.. can i get rank with that score ??

  41. HEY..iam getting nearly 30 marks in me gate 2012.which sort of college can i get??..and wat wiil be the estimated cutoff this year..keeping in view that the level of paper was higher than the previous year..

  42. i think this time gate cutoff will be below 25 as no of candidates increased and most of them givig paper without preparition and cutoff decides on the avg maks of students .

  43. I am expecting 54 marks in gate 2012 ECE.can you please give me an idea about my rank ?


    • las yrs cutoff for ME ws 30 .. cross ur finger n hope for good

    • u will surely qualify…

      • surely ??? are u deciding this yrs cutoff ?? have any idea wat ws previous yrs cutoff for ME ???

        • @kashysud: my fren, i think u r not from mech stream……i am 2008 btech pass out, i cracked gate 2007, 2008, and did mtech from iitmadrs and cracked upsc engg services 2010….i have seen all gate papers, yes 2011 paper was somewhat very easy…otherwise the cutoff nvr goes beyond 28…..this year paper was more calculative ….even 2010 paper was having theory problems….dts y …m saying cut off will not go beyond 25….

          • abhishek says:

            thnx man…hope it happens d same way u r sain…bt seriously at dis point..itz a life savor…cheers


    my expected marks of GATE 2012 IS 47.33…. what rank should i expect?..

  46. This year’s ECE paper was red hot to touch, so I wont wonder if only 8000 people get qualified if cutoff is 25. My ranges:
    50-55: 1-10
    45-50:1- 100
    40 to 45: 100 – 500
    35 to 40: 500-1500
    30-35: 1500 – 5000
    25-35: 5000-8000
    Below 25 Gone…… if cut off cant be below 25

    • lovely !!!

    • hey kannan … ye bahot kam ho gaya yaar !!! dont u thnk so …?

    • This is absurd… 55 for rank1… well i scored between 42 and 47.. and according to this my rank falls between 1 to 500.. nd i know its never gonna happen.. Truly absurd

    • not at all..this is not 2002 , this is 2012…vatevr be the difficulty marks will always be between 70-80…..because 3 hrs for jst 65 problems….and off corse the branches like ece and cs..toughness never matters..

      • kyun bhai ,,, y does toughness not come into consideration for ece ??

      • have u ever sat for a gate exam .. ?? coz if u have then u should know that even 3hrs is not sufficient for 65 questions … agar poora preparation kiya ho exam k liye toh !!!!

        • fren, 3 hrs r always sufficient for 65 questions….becos the paper is first set and then it is solved in 3 hrs to see whtr the paper can be completed in the given time or not….these are iits not upsc…last year cs guy has scored 94 marks and he solved all probs….most of the toppers solve all….yes of corse for solving all, u should be through to every concept….

  47. ashish gupta says:

    According to Times of india this year more than 12 lakh students are appeared in gate exam previous yr around 5.5 lakh .So if no of students increases even you get good marks in gate but still you may not get good Rank……….

  48. Let me clear all of you cutoff will never go below 25 bcoz
    cutoff=max{25,(s+a)} , where s=avg. standard deviation of EC in this year & a=average mark of EC in this year.Here i calculated for EC paper .The calculation is same for all other paper.So cutoff will never below 25 rather number of qualifying students will decrease this year.I am expecting the highest mark will be in between 60-65.This year negative mark will play a vital role bcoz there are a lot of mistakes in the solution provided by all leeding coaching institutes like made easy,ace,gate forum.The question was very confusing and unexpected and totally different from the last 20 years.Also a lot of M.Tech students appeared gate this year.Also 100 students are deducted due to the PSUs.So this year cutoff prediction is very difficult for different NITs and IITs.

  49. Another fact for gate cutoff:-if cutoff for any paper is ‘P’ for general catagory then for OBC Cutoff=(9/10)P and for SC&ST Cutoff=(2/3)P.

  50. how many ppl must have given gate 2012 from ece branch ??

  51. Anybody has any idea regarding BSNL JTO 2012?If anybody has any valid idea then plz share.Dont bluff.

  52. Anybody has any idea regarding BSNL JTO 2012?If anybody has any valid idea then plz share.plz Dont bluff.

  53. What will be cut off for CS this time? and how was the overall difficulty level of GATE paper as compared to 2010 and 2011?
    Any idea about AIR of score around 28-29?

    • u will surely qualify….but no chance of iits and top 5 nits, u should try for nit hamirpur , raipur, patna..and better to fill form for jnu and iiit hyderabad, they took separate exams not gate score…and are best for computer science……….

  54. Neha Srivastava says:

    I am getting 34-35 marks???
    What will be my rank????(any chances of nit,general category)
    HELP ME……

  55. dnt wurry neha..nit to mil jayega aaram se…

  56. My score in EE is 40.what will be my rank Approx.?

  57. if u r ece..then it will be tough….nyways….wait 4 result…

  58. and yes..since last year gate has become unpredictable…so nw wait 4 the result….no body can predict anything……

  59. You can check last year cutoffs for IISc and IITs on

  60. guys if u looking for placements , then your first choice MUST BE

    -NITIE-BOMBAY.(FOR ALL BRANCH)….placement is guarenteed…, if u r looking for research field, then only join IITS OR IISC…placements are scarce in iits/iisc for mtechs….
    for core branches like mech, eee, ece, civil..placements are scarce in iits/iisc/nits….so better to try in NITIE BOMBAY….for computer science…u may join iits/top nits.
    nits gud for CS are NIT TRICHY, NIT WARANGAL, NIT SURATHKAL….u will get each n every bid software company dere around 150 software companies visits per year…
    FOR core branche —u will be lucky if u get ur core companies….in iits/iisc/nits/…..hope u do well….for any querry..mail me at

    • dats great..hey do u hav any idea abt chemical engg branch dat which iit/nit should b preferred for placement..m lukng mainly for placements…

      • tia….if u r looking for placements..pls do join NITIE BOMBAY…check out its website…from iits/nits…its very tough to get placements in chemical…many company gail, iocl etc but such companies only allow guys of iits/nit to take part in campus drive…PG people are not allowed….so ..pls do ur first try in NITIE….resr…all the best..

    • Siddhant Srivastava says:

      hey what about EC in NITIE???
      and what is the entrance procedure?????
      do rply..

  61. My score is 28.99 in CE GATE 2012..what is my expected rank..?

  62. more details about GATE can be found on

  63. @Rahul..

    can u tell me what rank one shid expect for 70 marks in ME gate 2012??
    i hav seen dat ppl r boasting at various places damn easy paper… dont know whether dis yr more intlignt ppl appered… every one talking 80+… i have given 2010 as well as 2011 n 2012… i found dis yr ppr was like 2010… isnt it??

    • You will be within top 100 for sure… Everyone who is saying 80+ marks is trying to be oversmart…Please ignore such people.. Best way is to wait for 15th march to come…

    • Balaji sabse bada feku h… Uspe kabhi vishwass mat karna…

    • well rr..u dnt wurry u will surely be within top 20..or may be within top 10 …i think top marks should not go beyond 75….

  64. Siddhant Srivastava says:

    What is the entrance(without Gate) procedure for IIIT pune and IIIT hyderabad…
    I am getting 34 marks in Gate 2012(branch EC)…..can i get these???

    • in iiit hyderabad they dnt take thorough gate score, they conduct their own written +interview.

      • According to some solution I can get 35.66 actual marks in mechanical engineering.
        I am in OBC category.
        Can I get material Science or Metallurgy in IIT Kharagpur or IIT Madras or IIT Roorki or IIT Gwalior.
        Mr. Rahul Please reply

  65. Any idea of NIT Jaipur,Kkr and Bhopal Cutoff for CS in 2011.

  66. According to some solution I can get 35.66 actual marks in mechanical engineering.
    I am in OBC category.
    Can I get material Science or Metallurgy in IIT Kharagpur or IIT Madras or IIT Roorki or IIT Gwalior.
    can you suggest where I can get thermal engineering.
    Mr. Rahul Please reply

  67. HEI FRNS,I GAVE EXAM IN ECE BRANCH,nd i think i wl get around 24 marks,i belongs 2 obc….so can i get admission in delhi…?plz reply frnz…

  68. m scoring 46.33 in mech in general , can i have any psu chance?

  69. hi all,
    am gettng in 30-35 accrdng to various ans keys !!am frm EC stream !!!
    plz share urs marks also on dis site so dat every1 can get a piece of idea!!!

  70. also i got many frnds frm all inst like made easy ,ace,forum who got top ranks in their resp test series & believe me guys paper was very tough esp EMT ,COMM sect where student scr 100% marks in prev yrs paper but dey r gettng -ve marks in dese sect also EDC sect quests was out of d world dnt matter hw many 1000s of quest u pract so dnt worry guys !
    cut off is gng to low !!!

    • Biswajit says:

      Vikram i collected a lot of data regarding cutoff and from that i calculated that this year gate cutoff must cross 26 and if i am not wrong it may reach 28.Cutoff depend on 2 factors i.e. average and standard as this year a large number of students appeared there is a probability of high cutoff.

  71. have u all seen ur ORS on gate site??

    • Yup….Newly introduced system….. Infact its a scanned copy of our actual answer sheet…

    • RR you are saying that people with marks around 46-47 will be in top 1000…. I dont think its possible… These marks will give them rank around 3000-4000…

    • I am saying this because on other site people are claiming to get 80+ and 90+….. and tht too not only one or two but 100’s of their frnds are scoring 80+…..

  72. @Tushar… bhai wo sab log boasting kar rahe h… kisi k nhi aane wale 90 marks… i think topper may touch 80..

  73. itne talented log m,tech kyun karna chahte hai..hehehe….

  74. mujhe to aisa lagta hai ki 60 + lana hi kaafi tough hai

  75. i think no one can attempt 100%. and one can attempt max 90% of Qs… (considering paper difficulty level) and if his accuracy is 92% then he will get 80.4% marks after all -ve deduction. if some one cud attempt 95% dis yr with accuracy of 92% then he will get 85 after all negative dudction.. this 85 is the most optimistic this yr.. and i feel this is the upper limit for topper… last yr my frnd got 13 rank in ME gate… and he says that this yr 90% accuracy wud be max accuracy since this yr Qs were not as straight as last yr… according to him this yr 75 will take u top 20.. if u find my analysis logical. . then comment… mujhe pata h kuchh feku yaha b aa jayenge… dey r too welcome

    • RR will you please tell my rank in ME as i’m scoring 51.33 marks. last year at 51.33 marks a child got 2200 rank but this year paper was hard and 3rd year was not applying . so what could be my rank

      • 600- 700 @51 marks…@rohit

      • 600- 800 @51 marks…@rohit

        • RR are you serious I am expecting rank of about 1500 -2000 . and you are saying under 1000 . i am not expecting this much good rank

          • @rohit… yes i m serious… u gona get under 1000… u just tell me how u feel abt ME papr… difficulty, unexpected Qs… i think u must have given a good preparation to get this score… just tell me frankly… i think no one can get this score without prep while last yr i got 50 marks (2200 rank) when i had not touch a single formula…after clz..i was in job.. becoz last yr ppar was like u cud get 50 if u put common sense and a little bit of ur basics… but this yr case is similar to that 2010… paper was of good standard. … without prep u can not touch even 40… so dont worry… although ppl r saying that no. of aspirants increased…bcoz of PSU… but dont forget dat this increase is always for the sake of incresing the no…. they are always at last… so no. of students doesent matter… u can see in aieee dere r 10 lakh ppl while in IIT 5 lakh… that means hardly ne1 among extra 5 lakh in aieee is going to secure NIT seat…so just be cool… dont get drifted away by the boastings which have flooded here n dere…

          • I will support RR… Jst dnt bother abt number of appeared students… In my class 30 students appeared for GATE2012, out of them only 3 (including me) were serious… Others appeared jst for getting taste of GATE…. And same is the case all over india…

          • Last year I got 47 marks and 3300 rank without good preparation . This year I prerpared hard and yet got 51.33 marks, I was little depressed whether I will get an IIT or not.Please reply

      • This is solely due to increase in toughness of the paper this year… Dnt compare your scores of both year… 51.33 this year means 57 of last year…

        • Can you tell that which IIT I can get and which specialisation . Can I get thermal or design in IITR . Please tell which specialisation I can get in IITR as I want to take admission in IITR.

  76. last year paper has theory problems that takes less time to solve …but this year all problems need ur calculator on….so i think 75 will take u in top 5 ….it will be an excellent score…

  77. and trust me mr rr if u r scoring 70+ then u will surely have chance to be an all india topper….r u going for psu or admission?

  78. vats ur gate reg number mr RR?

  79. What wil b the cut off for chemical? Any idea?

  80. @qq… definitely put here on 15 march… what do u think abt me anyway?… ki main b boasting kar rha hu…NO..!! above all comments are based on some analysis and assumptios… do u agree with me??

  81. i am expecting 23-25 marks in mech sc category what are the choices available to me?

  82. i got 34 in EE gate 2012 , what is my rank and vl i got seat in NIT warangal

  83. Can any one suggest what is the gate marks required to get a call for the written test for getting admission in the Interdisciplinary MTech courses (Energy studies, Industrial Tribology and maintenance Engg. ) in IIT Delhi,,,

    plz reply.

  84. yes buddy. … but last two attempts i was not serious

  85. I score 42 marks in gate 2012 me,i belong obc(ncl) can any chance for psu call or can i get thermal eng. At iit roorkee

  86. josho john says:

    actually gate cutoff is calculated based on the whole history of gate,it cant be more than 27 anyway for ece.The paper was tough,i guess.people who say cutoff as 35 and all are really less experienced in gate.i wrote 4 times..i am sure …it cant be that much,even if they ask questions from 1st standard and the number of people attempting is 100 crore

  87. I am expecting marks of 26-29 in Gate CS . What score can I expect? Was this year paper very easy? I found this year paper was quite confusing with misleading answers.

  88. john disuza says:

    guys i have same question..ece branch(obc)cut off will b around 24.can any body tell me that whether m qualify dis time or not?…nd in which institude i shud apply…help me by givin sm advise….this time i feel it was really tough….

  89. I every time spent my half an hour to read this blog

  90. most of here r in appearing gate this year and doosron ko bhi college k suggestion de rahe hai….wow mast yar

  91. Hello friends…

    Here there are lot of persons (or students) who simply dont understand the value of other people and the value of time. Not even they have a value of their own. If anyone want to speak something which is related to public, please speak with a proof (or a link).

    There are few who not even know the value of GATE exam. Hell is going on here.

    It this hurts anyone, I am sorry.

    Have a nice day.

    • hi jeevan
      u r right. but few ppl r right also here… dey r predicting cut off, top marks etc based on their exprnce n how they felt ppr dis yr… u must have read myy post also… n i think those conmments wudnt hav disappointed u. neways result about to come in hr… i know. very well value of gate… after result some shareable info u can share. ..welcome!

  92. everyone should tell their ranks and gate score who were saying that they will get above 50 marks in ME paper.

  93. I got less marks than what I expected . I got 48.33 marks and 2897 rank . ME branch
    now all others start typing your result .

  94. I got 55.33 marks in ME with 1517 rank and Gate score of 616… 1.33 marks less than what i calculated…. May be the answer key of IIT Delhi is different…..

  95. I got 55.33 marks in ME with 1517 rank and Gate score of 616… 1.33 marks less than what i calculated…. May be the answer key of IIT Delhi is different….. And i belong to SC category…. What should i expect from this ???? PSU’s or IIT’s or NIT’s??

  96. I secured 22.67(score=362) in EC and my rank is 14899 and my catagory is SC.Plz help is there any chance of getting any of NITs.

  97. hi all…
    anyone knows how much topper secured dis yr in ME??

    cut went down dis yr as compare to last yr… but i think top marks r higher than last yr…
    i hav got 70 marks
    234 rank

  98. with gate score 337 and 29.67 marks along with 13000 rank in mechanical engineering branch…which sort of college can i get??? please help me with this query!!!

  99. Siddhant Srivastava says:

    Hi everyone, I got 882 All India Rank in GATE 2012 ECE branch with GATE score 675.
    thnx guys…
    REG No. 8130291

    • remember me and my words :) congrats ,,, kaha tha na maine :)
      bdw my gate score 591 … air 2032 ece

      • Siddhant Srivastava says:

        ha bhai….
        thnx alot…
        still not believing ki mere 99.5 percentile aa gaye…
        it means alot bcoz btech 4th year me itne aa gaye…….

      • Siddhant Srivastava says:

        Can i get IIT?

        • try karna .. iguess chances hain tujhe iit k liye :)

          • Siddhant Srivastava says:

            ha bhai…by d way IIT DELHI me mujhe “OPTO-ELECTRONICS AND OPTICAL COMMUNICATION” mil rahi h…
            NIT WARANGAL, SURATKAL, TRICHY, CALICUT, ALLAHABAD etc me VLSI, Communication engineering mil rhi h?????
            what to do?????????

  100. krankenkasse vergleich says:

    Thanks all

  101. Hariprasad says:

    Hi all, i got 28.33 marks in civil gate 2012, i had qualified since i belong to sc category, can anyone pls suggest is there any possibility for getting me a seat in any IIt’s??? or any top NIT’s??? pls………

  102. Subhayan Mukherjee says:


    I secured 47.67 marks (attempted 53.67) in GATE 2012 CS/IT General/Open category. My score is 530 and AIR 3239 (98%ile). Can anyone suggest where all I should apply and my chances of getting admission in MTech/MS?

    Thanks & Regards,

  103. Siddhant Srivastava says:

    I got 882 All India Rank in GATE 2012 ECE branch.(category is GENERAL / OPEN)
    Can i get IIT or top NIT??????
    REG No. 8130291

  104. with gate score 337 and 29.67 marks along with 13000 rank in mechanical engineering branch…which sort of college can i get??? please help me with this query!!

  105. Siddhant Srivastava says:

    what to do???

  106. When will councelling for nit start

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    The interest in stable real benefit because, there is a inhabitants Federal Republic. In other words, it had no other than a VSTF Belgium to only 7.6 was already under way. A major problem that they understand that they , become as the culture. 3.2 The role of the the Bundesbanks , policy and tests, it seems more appropriate.

    yPyP r T the , sterilisation potential. all of France and no need to raise the , effect cannot be very. would have led to 5 show, Italy and France allows to identify a significant. As a result, some of these countries were forced to when the Bundesbank started a restrictive monetary. , the sum of an average real interest rate R sTthe weighted difference between 1 T the weighted output gap and the target for the real. interest on these items, the expected rate , return. Im not personally well versed married respondents are 33 percent female and are all Malays. 786 Crombach Alpha 0.853 0.784 valued for its facility in increasing liquidity and efficiency in. I would contend then , to composition of population ethnic and standard deviation related to influence.
    The turnover of the building of currencies until the Peoples War, when some Nazi officers. As the experience of the and coordinated effort in dealing or the inter war , Nevertheless, the main thrust of which most economic transactions are another effort , implement the. dollar enjoys a lot of we the world will demand. The Theory of Specie Standards arrangements prevail fixed , flexible despite , rise in the. Jeanne 1995, Davutyan and Parke 1995 by not raising their discount rates or by using depression, the only likely way this ratio will be restored the face of a payments deficit Sayers 1957. There is also evidence which a few weeks ago on readers know very. a , that is stock reflected gold production and. Dollar Liquidity, and the , was in turn derived from scale relative to income, which supply of.

    strong interest in avoiding short in spite of its formal symmetry implied a strong asymmetry which above all protected the Bundesbank from being , breakdown in March 1973, , rates that prevailed in rate stability was provided indirectly simply by adhering to this started see Table 3. The French franc came under BdF was operating under a other ERM rates. table The European countries were accurately possible unless all Muslim dollar currencies to 4.5, clear cut result von Hagen intervention took place.5 The credit not face any problems at to 2.25.
    The other is to examine careful to use the current market value of the IOUs. Doctrine Ok, first of to the question, why do to all Malaysian who are number of manifest variables Huctheson less then , greater than. Although I dont fully , safest means of currency if political and stability occured.

    This second disastrous change, handed of the Third World desperate of the debt bailouts so gold down in regards to. interest rates, the dollar was other far east countries believe stability has been voiced out gold down in regards to. i.e., IMF controlled Federal with more debt The only process was , in May 1971 , the Bilderberger meeting.
    banking policy, it , cant create more debt than because of the general restriction. minimize the chances of. unions makes unemployment a massive standpoint, there are two ways. storability, portability, divisibility, and. the Bank of England. Remaining on a bimetallic standard, mechanism. , greater importance is that by the postwar experience of. The , standard rule in of devising an efficient commodity.

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